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Y is none other than unemployed escape artist Yorick Brown his father was a Shakespeare buff and he's seemingly the only male human left alive after a mysterious plague kills all Y chromosome carriers on earth But why are he and his faithful companion the often testy male monkey Ampersand still alive? He sets out to find the answer and his girlfriend while running from angry female Republicans now running the government wannabes that include his own sister seemingly brainwashed and other threats The Vertigo team of Brian K Vaughan Pia Guerra and José Marzán Jr have given us a great readCollects Y The Last Man issues #01 #05

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    In typical comic book male centric fashion this series wonders what life would be like if all men died spontaneouslyexcept for one I suppose if we're trying to put ourselves in the head of an early nineties comic book reading teen this might feel innovative Unfortunately I find that innovative in the world of comics is pretty much Iron Age for the rest of literature How does Vaughan manage to make a series with gender issues at its center so bizarrely sexist? Example In a world where all men are dead except for one and the death of that one man will mean the end of humanity VIOLENT CULTS OF FEMINISTS SPRING UP TO TRY AND HUNT DOWN MEN AND MALE SYMPATHIZERS What is the motive here? There sure isn't one written into the plot other than the one speech about social ineuality between the sexes and how the only way to escape this ineuality is to KILL ALL MEN Characterwise I was exceptionally not impressed Even the main character has vague motivations As for the women pretty much none of them function as anything but placeholders the token love interest the sister who has gone astray the protective mother IN A WORLD WHERE ONLY ONE MAN SURVIVEDapparently the world still revolves around that man And here's where the cultural rant startsThis is a symptom of thinking that is still prevalent in most of popular culture although not to as great an extent in literature F'rinstance lets talk about movies movies are a great medium for making political statements Statements about social injustices such as the way that women are objectified sexualized expected to live up to some bleached shaved makeup smeared surgically modified yet waifishly thin ideal that has been developed over centuries of patriarchal societyand how this objectification upon women is psychologically damaging to men This poor guy above has been so mentally warped by Hollywood and advertising that he's incapable of developing a physical attraction to any of the normal girls he knows in real life Let's take a moment to pitty him Okay we done? Good Fortunately a blonde porn star moves in next door and immediately falls for him even though he's intensely dorky because you know it's what's on the inside that counts But I'm not just cherry picking films here I could point to this oneAnother example of an attractive woman with a cough cough career who ends up with a loser whose only redeeming trait is that he's willing to raise the babyif sleazy frat boys without jobs can be said to raise babies But surely this is a phenomenon in teen comedies?Well look at romancesHere's a fairly recent romantic comedy where a successful relatively well balanced woman who is portrayed as HORRIBLY DESPARATE for being interested in a neighbormeanwhile the character played by Gerard Butler mudwrestles with models on television and has no interest in anything but one night stands yet this is understandable because of his childhood This is a ROMANCE Aren't these supposed to be geared towards female audiences? It really bothers me that I'm bothered by this film than any women I know End rant Okay BUT regardless of how inadeuately this comic deals with gender issues it at least TRIES to grapple with them and it does a better job than any of the movies mentioned above Perhaps by the end of the series the author's portrayals of gender issues will become interesting and sophisticated This was an entertaining comic and I plan on continuing it for at least a little longerbut I'll admit that I'm highly confused by the acclaim it has gotten

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    Ok so maybe it's just me but I found this series to be incredibly chauvinist I know I'm gonna get flamed for it so many ppl rave about it I APPRECIATED IT but the premise and execution and what the women were doing boy oh boy I'm gonna shut up and not review this Check box'd

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    So there's this thing that happens in post apocalypse stories that I need to talk to you about You know how in a zombiepocalypse story we occassionally receive hints that it might be better for the women to stay safe so they can make babies? Usually it's only hints and the male characters don't seem to want to offend the post feminist sensibilities of the women so instead the women tote guns and put their wombs at risk of becoming a zombie buffet But everyone gets along ish and there are usually plenty of women and men so it doesn't seem like fertility is the most important concern Or you get the big bad group of fascist men trying to turn some poor girl into a breeder for the new human race but she tends to rise up spank their patriarchal asses escape with her girl power intact and hook up with some nice guy with whom she's fought for survival And in the bleakest of apocalypses there's no hope anyway so who gives a shit about procreation? Everyone's dead or dying cannibalism is running rampant society has failed and humans are doomed to extinction The best the survivors can do is keep hiking down some road to whatever is further down the road with the world as nothing but the roadBut I've totally fucking had it now that I've read Y The Last Man This book really pisses me off to no endI'm fine with the ian self mutilators I can buy an angry post apocalyptic group of violent women I am willing to suspend my disbelief that Yorick and his monkey make it through the manpocalypse as the only surviving Y chromosomes I'll yawn and tolerate the Yankee setting of yet another apocalypse I'll cringe but cope with yet another bad ass dreadlocked African American woman who's the most capable and violent person around I'll even believe that spindly little Yorick can pass as a woman as long as he has his gas mask on But what I won't believe what I won't buy where I won't suspend by disbelief where I am not fine is with the idea that Yorick would ever EVER be allowed to wander around the winter of homo sapienism with one body guard risking his testicles for some stupid pointless selfish idiotic search for the love of his life and his sister His sperm and Ampersand's would be the most important substances known to womankind not because he is a man but because of sheer practicality He would be protected whether he liked it or not He would be imprisoned His sperm would be used to impregnate It would be used to find an immunity for future boys It would be used for the survival of homo sapiens Period I heard this book was really great a must read graphic novel At best it is okay if you look past the idiocy of Yorick's wanderings his insufferable smarminess that stupid fucking monkey and the poorest characterizations of women you're ever likely to see Why two stars then? Because it isn't uite as bad as the Luna Brothers' Girls though it is damn close

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    Yorick Brown is that guy who can't hold down a job Plays with magicand he is the last man on earth Something has killed off everything male on the planet He and his pet monkey are all that's left Now gangs of women called the s a bunch of Republicans and his brainwashed sister Hero are all wanting a piece of Yorick Either to kill him or mate him He just wants to find his fiance in AustraliaThis was a fun book I thought it was going to go very political but uickly became a fun book

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    Well I get why everyone LOOOVES this book but some of it just rubbed me the wrong way Like I don't understand why the entire world just stops functioning completely Are there no female engineers or scientists or electricians in the entirety of the world?

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    I discovered this series randomly while looking through graphic novels on Hoopla I had never heard of it before but recognized the author The premise sounded interesting view spoilersomething kills all but one man on the planet hide spoiler

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    This book is such a neat concept but there's 4 things I'm stuck on1 it's a book about a world run by women after all the men die yet it's still told from the POV of a man because conveniently one survives I think I would have loved this if we were given a story of a world with just all women because heaven knows we could survive without that one man 2 This book was way way way way political than I was expecting it to be The mother of the MC works in Washington so a lot of this concerned the government and what to do once a bunch of the male politicians died and that was cool for a few pages but got old really fast? I'm sure this will get interesting throughout the next books but it was a bit repetitive 3 I feel like this just feeds the negative image and stereotype of radical feminists One main antagonist in this book is a group of women called the s who burn sperm banks and basically celebrate the end of men which I think is farfetched and a bit inappropriate Even if some women did this I don't think they would play as major of a role as they did in this book and I think this misleading depiction could rub off wrong on readers and make feminism seem militant than it actually is 4 One of the first things I thought of when I started this was the topic of trans men and how they would be treated andor react to this situation I think it would have been awesome to spotlight a trans man navigating this new world However this book handled it so poorly The one mention of a trans man is to tell the reader that he was murdered by the s because they didn't think any men should continue to live Additionally a slur trnny was used to address this person AND he was misgendered and called a she whenever his death was described This book was writtenset in 2002 so I anticipate some of those flaws and the political incorrectness may derive from its outdatedness but I still couldn't get over those few thingsBut other than that I had a great time reading it The art is nice It's funny It's easy to follow and one of the only graphic novels i've read in a while that I'm eager to find the seuels to immediately

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    In the summer of 2002 a plague of unknown origin destroyed every last sperm fetus and fully developed mammal with a Y chromosomean interesting premise and a solid start looking forward to the rest of the seriesY The Last Man Vol 1 Unmanned is about the only man The Last Man to survive a mysterious plague that wipes out every other male of all the species on the planet every mammal with a Y chromosome

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    I haven’t read a comic book since I was a child saving my measly allowance for Archie and his friends Once I discovered my mother’s Harold Robbins novels I never went back to comicsuntil nowA number of my Goodreads friends enjoy graphic novels as they are called now so I became curious and asked my friend Kemper for a recommendation Y The Last Man was perfect for me to start with I love post apocalyptic stories and wanted some light easy reading between school booksA plague that destroys the world’s male population except a young man and his monkey s who want to rid the world of the last vestige of male oppression A model who disposes of corpses A mysterious agent who knits Republicans with guns Humorous dialogue great illustrations fun characters and a fast paced story made me gobble this up in one sitting Looking forward to

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    The story started out so well fast paced intriguingI can see it's a dude comic the main character ends up being the last man left on a planet full of allll kinds of women No matter what kind of an ugly twat you might wanna be some woman will want you YessssI see half naked blonde beachy style woman some ex models running around army women special op women scientist women That's ookayyy with me It is a dude comic after all no?Then came thisYorick main char I'm not afraid of the worldI'm fraid of a world without you I mean it Beth I really feel lost when we're apart Beth I know I've missed you too Yorick I was just thinking about the time we were on the roof in the rainYorick But it's not just that I mean of course I miss that butYou're my best friend Beth You're brilliant and funny and your favorite movie is Miller's Crossing I didn't even know there were women like youLater the main char hereafter referred to as Twat says to his motherTwat But I don't want to sit here and be aa stud for however many anonymous women you expect me to inseminate Not when the girl I love is out there He blankly stares through the windowNo man NO Don't do this to meSo much for the dude comic OkSo next we see Twat encounter a woman that seems to be picking up dead bodies and driving them in a garbage truck in order to exchange them for canned food I won't even go there but what I wish to point out is the following remember Jill from Resident Evil 3? I was always pissed that she's fighting infectious zombies half naked when her priority is to shield herself from their bites at any cost? I'd armor up Now this tschik seems to do the same She's an ex super model trying to lift the male dead bodies of 80 100kg each and toss 'em into the garbage truck There is no way she can do this alone without getting in heavy body contact with half or nearly rotten dead bodies Did I mention that it is also nighttime?Moving on What appears next seems to be the development of Twat's character where we see that he's not only a gentle lover but also momma's boyAnd anyway what could POSSIBLY be worst than the dreadful terrorists that seem to be aiming straight and only at America?pause for dramaOkay Leave that be I won't even go into the topic where the women in power state how the dead men's Constitution doesn't apply any because it is their constitution and that it's time for something NEW FuckyeaSo we come to the main problem It's manpocalypse and the President decides that the last left man on earth being as they're apparently too late to grab hold of the sperm banks is being sent on a journey with a Godspeed to you both and whatever you dodon't fuck this upimage error