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Marty Sklar Spent Fifty Four Years At Disney The First Ten At Walt S Side, And Accumulated A Lot Of Stories As Marty Tried To Answer The Most Asked Question On His Book Tours When Are You Writing Your Next Book He Mined His Memory For Stories He Hadn T Told Before In This Fresh Volume, Marty Continues To Regale Readers With Fascinating Tales From His Storied Career Spanning The Globe, Travel Along And Enjoy The Truly Fascinating Life Of This Fascinating Man

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    This kindlebook that is Travels With Figment by Marty Sklar drew me in for multiple reasons even though I am very much psychically and rationally aware that my life purpose career destiny involves being employed outside of the Disney career umbrella However, one of the factors that piqued my interest is that the auhor Marty Sklar had been employed with Disney for a significant portion of his life, an achievement that even I obviously know is significant deal even today because it is common knowledge that some companies andor career employment roles are conducive to long term continuous employment of at least close to andor longer than 20 years compared to others Additionally, I have only finally intuitively and rationally realized within a certain timeframe ago that I prefer to be discreet about that for my own career path, I must look at which particular career paths swing open the most for me to help me decide my long term career plans from among a selected number of options I prefer to be discreet about for valid reasons Additionally, I intend to give myself time to wisely and carefully think and plan my career money goals through because I am a seasonal employee who is lucky in both my personal and professional life though even year round jobs related to my current employment are highly sought after not just by other seasonal or year round employees who might have experience andor charisma though also by other former seasonal or year round employees who left the company for whatever reason though might also want to return to the company for multiple reasons Marty Sklar s kindlebook Travels With Figment On the Road In Search of Disney Dreams also is a source of fascination to me because from the details in this kindlebook he appeared to concretely be certain of some ideas of what he wanted in his long term career and he shares some details on what he set out to do to accomplish some of those ideas Some of the other details in this kindlebook some of his favorite travels, the author s feelings on when he was making the ten minute drive from the Hollywood Hills to the UCLA campus in Westwood compared to when he was an undergraduate student in the 1950s, the information that the author includes on The Walt Disney Family Museum, chapters 8 and 9 feature discussions quoted to multiple professionals employees with the Disney company and other places, different pictures of the author at multiple events and multiple people, for instance one of the photos features Marty Sklar at the 116th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade, another photo is of Sklar at the Tokyo Disneyland ceremony, another photo features Marty Sklar and his wife Leah when he was being honored for Themed Entertainment Association s Thea Lifetime Achievement Award, a photo of the author with Neil Patrick Harris and a group called the Dapper Dans at the Walt Disney Family Museum in 2016, a picture of the author with Bill Evans and John Hench at the tenth anniversary of Walt Disney World s opening, pictures of the Sklar family in one section both including both their kids and grandchildren, photos involving the Epcot community opening, Euro Disney and .

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    As someone who contributed to the book, I am biased in it s favor Having said that, there are many insightful and useful passages contributed by fellow Imagineers that I enjoyed, taking the book beyond Marty s quintessential storytelling I relished Sklar s funny anecdotes about the world s fair, some I had not heard before and as someone who knew him, that was refreshing More than anything, the letter Marty posthumously wrote to Walt, shows the deeper connection that existed between those who worked closely with Disney It was than a job.Eddie Sotto Former Imagineer

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    I loved this book I enjoy reading books written by interesting people and this one was very interesting It was fun reading about Mr Sklar s time with Walt Disney and with Imagineering.

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    Good book, great story, interesting read