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Against the backdrop of the harsh and unforgiving American frontier Abraham Kent seeks to build a life and identity of his own Continuing the saga of the Kent family John Jakes turns his masterful eye to the settlement of the untamed American West Abraham Kent the son of Philip Kent and Anne Ware fought valiantly on the frontier only to return home to Boston and a life he doesn’t want Determined not to live in his father’s shadow Abraham and his young bride join the wave of pioneers carving out farms in the turbulent dangerous West But life on the nation’s frontier soon becomes than their fledgling family can endure Furthering his reign as the living master of American historical fiction Jakes unfurls the epic of The Seekers This ebook features an illustrated biography of John Jakes including rare images from the author’s personal collection

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    Book 3 of the Kent Family chronicles is my least favourite so far With the exception of Jared Kent the family members introduced are either undeveloped or simply unlikeable Two story lines from the previous book converged in the third instalment but you are left feeling as if the characters and storyline has been wasted This instalment is disturbing than the first two Rape is a recurring theme in the books but it is disturbing in this instalment as it deals with children

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    As much as I enjoyed The Seekers my only complaint and my prevention of giving it 5 stars was the talk about rape and some of it involving children that just made me sick to my stomach anyone who molests children should have their balls cut off and left to suffer sorry to be so overly graphic but it's how I feel I swear I'm not a violent person Anyway all in all another great Historic taleIn The Seekers we are introduced to the second generation of the Kent Family and the first half of the story revolves around Abraham Kent son of Phillip Kent and Elizabeth Fletcher stepdaughter of Phillip and blood related daughter of Peggy Ashford McLean Kent Phillip's second wife and former flame of Judson Fletcher who appeared only in The Rebels The story opens in 1794 with Abraham fighting in the Battle of Fallen Timbers alongside Meriwether Lewis and William Clark the future leaders of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and a very brief appearance of future President William Henry Harrison After returning home from the battle Abraham is at odds with his father who wants Abraham to take over the Family business of Kent and Son in Boston when he passes but Abraham wants to make plans of starting his own family with Elizabeth who he is very attracted to also Abraham's stepsister and who is strongly disliked by Phillip Abraham and Elizabeth fall in love and travel into the Northwest Territory where they purchase a small strip of land and have a baby boy named Jared The Second half of the story revolves around Jared Kent still in his early boyhood years living in the household of second son of Phillip Kent Gilbert married to Harriet LeBow an aristocratic woman from New York her and Gilbert have their daughter Amanda Kent who is close to Jared's age and who Amanda is very close to much to the dismay of Harriet who strongly disliked Jared believing him to be just like his mother who was very hot headed just like her father who she never knew After a series of unfortunate events occur Jared and Amanda embark on their own journey That's all I'm going to say I don't want to spoil everythingA great installment in this Family Saga wonderful new characters and I'll also mention that at time future President Andrew Jackson appears along with his wife Rachel Jackson which I found very cool and fascinating He was one of my favorite studied US Presidents because I'm aware he was not one of our classier Presidents HAHA My Mom shared with me about Jackson and his supporters holding a crazy drinking party in the White House because Jackson was known for his booze And once again George Washington John Adams and Thomas Jefferson appear and their Presidencies are briefly mentioned off and on throughout the story PS there is a very brief mention of Abraham Lincoln as a boy

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    An excellent edition to the series but it's a lot darker than the first two Still it was realistic enough Jakes drops plenty of historical facts through the characters' eyes Well done I need to take a break to read another book but intend to continue re reading this series soon

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    Volume 3 of the Kent Family Chronicles starts out with Abraham Kent and then moves on to cover his son Jared Kent and his adventures with his cousin Amanda Kent This work of historical fiction cover the late 1700s and the early 1800s Jakes does a good job of weaving a page turning story in with the history of what was going on in the United States at the time I am looking forward to reading Volume 4 The Furies

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    I'm a big John Jakes fans and this was the most disappointing read of any of his books Too much rape and I had too little sympathy for the characters involved I'm not sure if Jakes took on too much in the 1970s trying to compete this series during the bicentennial this felt rushed and even the historic figures seemed to just show up for no good reason other than to name drop instead of the lead characters being at the right place in time I hope this isn't how the rest of the series goes

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    An excellent book maybe the best in the series so far I want to read

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    This isn't a bad book in fact it kept me turning the pages the same way the first two books in the series did But I can't say I enjoyed it which is disappointing No one is happy in this book ever And nothing good happens to them at all I understand putting your characters through the proverbial ringer but you have to have an emotional breather in there once in a whileI also didn't like how drastically changed the character of Phillip was at the beginning and the raised as brother and sister but not related by blood marriage creeped me out The author tried to temper it with them being apart for a few years during which she grew from a girl to a woman but still ickI'll keep reading the series there was a shred of hope left for the characters at the end of the book so I am hoping that some happier times are in store for them in the next one

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    I enjoy the Kent Family chronicles but this was a sad read; Abraham was an interesting character and I hated to see his story as it played out would have like to have seen him on the stage a little longer Phillip is much different than his character in the first two books and it is sad to not see any of this story really from his character's point of view The remaining story is interesting well researched and vividly depicted; historical figures weave their way into our main characters' lives history of the young United States also is woven into the story and yet there is also pretty graphic depictions of sexual violence that are excrutiatingly detailed and presented If you like the series you have to read this but steel yourself for rough passages

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    Volume 3 of the American Bicentennial Series The Kent Family Chronicles deals with the second generation Kents and a new and ever growing country Westward expansion and the men that legends were made of color this fast moving and engaging novel Many may find the actions as brutal as their perpetrators are beastly but that was the west The settlers moving westward tamed the country and made it into a nation In John Jake’s fashion figures of American history are brought to life and intertwined with the lives of his creations Like the book’s predecessors the dry facts of history are transported into a gripping tale that will remain with you for years to come

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    Added 51112I have read the first 2 volumes of the Kent Family Chronicles This is the 3rd I started this one on or about 6101272930 I finally finished reading this book It was an enjoyable read even though I wasn't able to give it the time it deserved because I was busy with other things Nevertheless each time I returned to it I was immediately engaged in the story Jakes knows how to tell a good storyOn to Volume 4 The Furies