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The rousing Kent family saga continues as Philip Kent fights for his new country alongside the greatest figures of the Revolutionary War The engrossing follow up to The Bastard finds Philip Kent standing as a Continental solider at the Battle of Bunker Hill In a bold move Kent has taken up arms for the future of his new family Spirited and unwavering in his dedication to his adopted homeland Kent fights in the most violent battles in America’s early history As the Revolution rages Kent’s story interweaves with the trials of a vivid cast of characters both famous and unknown The result is a tautly plotted epic novel that transports the reader into the thrilling adventure of a man’s fight for a new life This ebook features an illustrated biography of John Jakes including rare images from the author’s personal collection

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    It's really tough to put this series down It's fast paced a bit of a historical soap opera with a fantastic look at America's history for another couple of years of the Revolutionary War In this book we're introduced to another major character get great glimpse into the lifestyle of Virginia We're still keeping up with Philip Kent Boston the ArmyThe sacrifices the men in the Colonial Army made were incredible Poorly led supplied far away from their homes families these men stuck through incredible hardships Lack of food clothing boots training medical care that made even a minor injury life threatening Their families had to fend for themselves the mail was iffy so they couldn't even keep track of what was happeningSlavery in VA the westward expansion into Kentucky Clark the western frontier were also covered No great detail but a few glimpses of the folks that lived traveled there did a great job of giving me some perspective on the times people George Clark makes a few appearances tooAnother interesting note was book piracy Apparently everybody did it even though it was illegal but the financial penalty was so small it wasn't worth the time to prosecute for most Our hero is plans to start his book selling business by republishing Thomas Paine's works He doesn't plan on paying for them just getting his hands on all the pamphlets he can printing binding them nicely Imagine thatOn to the next The Seekers

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    A very moving powerful tale and epic follow up to John Jakes is the American Ken Follett The Rebels picks right up after the events in the introduction to the Kent Family Chronicles in The Bastard Taking place in the 1770's Phillip Kent now a soldier fighting the British in the American Revolution participating in the Battle of Bunker Hill in Charlestown Massachusetts alongside Henry Knox and George Washington at the time General of the Continental Army in the war before becoming the first US President Kent also meets Gilbert du Motier from France Gil for short who he meets very briefly in the beginning of The Bastard when he has a much smaller role Gilbert also an officer in the Revolutionary War fights alongside Kent in the Battle of Brandywine And we're also introduced to History Figure Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben who serves as Inspector General of the Continental Army in teaching the soldiers the essentials of military drills discipline and tactics to better prepare them during battleHenry divides his time fighting the war and being at him with his newlywed Wife Anne and his newborn son Abraham KentThe secondary main character and new comer of The Rebels is Judson Fletcher a hot headed drunkard and a womanizer living in Virginia on Sermon Hill second son to ruthless Angus Fletcher who is at odds with his son who defends the black slaves working under his father much to father's disapproval After going to far Fletcher is abandoned and shunned by Angus Judson's brother older brother Donald who is a Virginia delegate to the Second Continental Congress who was able to fulfill his duties offers Judson to take over for him which he does along the way meeting Thomas Jefferson at the time of his signing the Declaration of Independence John Adams and Benjamin Franklin Very moving and a great History lesson all at the same time I could go on forever Tomorrow jumping into Book #3

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    This is the second book of the Kent Family Chronicles the seuel of The BastardI wasn't so enthusiastic with the plot of the second book of this series since Phillip has some childish behavior regarding missing his wife while he is fighting in the battlefieldsIn spite of this I'm still a big fan of the Maruis of LafayetteI must point out that the best books on the American Revolutionary War are Jeff Sharaa's 2 book series Rise to Rebellion and The Glorious Cause which are much better than JJ's series accurate historical facts less romance and much better plot engaging the reader during the whole book

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    John Jakes has become a favorite author of mine This is the 3rd book I’ve read of his Great storytelling from historical accounts of the Revolutionary war And great character development You can tell Jake’s loves what he writes about I’m in the middle now of two of his series

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    Every book written by this author seems to have a violent rape scene not a fan

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    These comments address The Kent Family Chronicles the entire series of eight books in audiobook format All books are narrated by Marc Vietor The entire series is approximately 125 hours of listening Shortest book is 155 hours longest over 26 hours Vietor does a good job with narration although the uniueness of male voices is problematic Most significant you’ll have little difficulty determining who says what to who Tempo and pacing fine albeit the narration is a bit slow for my taste bumped it to 125The entire series is a broad spectrum history of the United States from just pre Revolutionary War through the 1890s and a chronicle of the Kent family through this time Beginning with Phillip through the generations to the children of Gideon a great great grandson Members of the clan fight in the Revolutionary War the War of 1812 the Civil War are at the Alamo the California Gold Rush the Great Chicago Fire the Johnstown Flood and much The author skillfully intersperses vignettes of imagined and factual history For example two of the fictional characters of the series are sheltered for a few days at the home of the Lincolns in rural Kentucky a baby is part of the family young Abraham One of the fictional characters is counseled by Benjamin Franklin Fiction Phillip’s childhood friend is Maruis deLafayette non fiction deLafayette’s role in United States and French military The series is rife with this type of paradigm but it is not difficult to determine what is true and what is fiction All the instances that involve the Kents and John Jake’s other fictional characters are products of his imagination Much of the rest is a fun methodology of conveying historical eventsThe stories are very listenable I found no need to re wind or fast forward; no segment boring or irrelevant Theses books are not ‘love stories’ in the typical sense albeit familial relationships the crux of The Kent Family Chronicles must include love stories n'est ce pas? In those areas where a sexual encounter is defined it is relevant to the plot and tastefully written This does not occur often but the clan does proliferate A word to the prudish there are a couple of rapes vividly describedVery typical of the time written the 1970s writing is a bit verbose Several of these books were adapted for television mini series popular at the timeJohn Jakes is a terrific historical fiction author recommended Enjoy

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    Maybe even better than the first in the series Took a me a while to read due to travel and life getting in the way but I enjoyed it

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    Philip Kent nee Phillipe Charboneau would much rather be at home caring for his pregnant wife Anne But after he was forced to kill his murderous half brother in self defense Philip has gone all in for the cause of the rebels against British rule Thus it is that on June 17 1775 Philip finds himself on Breed’s Hill near Boston waiting for the order to fire on the advancing Redcoats Too soon Philip will discover that the price of liberty is steep indeedFar to the south in Virginia young wastrel Judson Fletcher dissipates himself with strong drink and other men’s wives Denied the woman he truly loves and disgusted with the system of slavery that gave his family wealth but too weak to stand up against it Judson dreams of the West but does not have the courage to goNeither man knows it but destiny will entwine the fates of these rebels who never meetIn the mid 1970s America’s mood was pretty glum We’d lost the Vietnam War Watergate had done a hatchet job on trust in the federal government and the economy was not doing at all well But we did have an important anniversary coming up the Bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence generally treated as the birthday of the United States Two hundred years of freedom or less was something to celebrate and thoughts turned and to that period in our history as 1976 drew nearOne of the most successful tie ins to the Bicentennial was this series of books “The Kent Chronicles” a sweeping saga of one family’s fortunes during the first century or so of the United States of America Extensively researched and well outlined the family tree in this volume indicates which family members appear in volumes that hadn’t been published yet the series was well received and at one point John Jakes had three volumes of the series on the New York Times bestseller list at onceThe story is told in tight third person from the viewpoints of the two men except for a brief section where Anne Kent is the viewpoint character Philip and Judson both meet many historically famous people while never uite making it into the history books themselvesPhilip serves the Continental Army in several important battles and behind the scenes actions It helps that he’s close friends with the Maruis de Lafayette A series of hard knocks musters him out before the British surrender but some wise investments by Anne allow him to start his own printing businessJudson acts as a substitute delegate to the Continental Congress for his ailing brother Donald even helping to craft the Declaration of Independence Unfortunately his alcoholism and inability to keep it in his pants rob Judson of the chance to sign the document He then has an even worse failure of character before his last chance at redemption comes up His old friend George Rogers Clark needs men for a expedition in the West Beset by some of the worst luck a man can have will Judson arrive in time?There’s plenty of exciting action but it’s interspersed with lengthy sections where Mr Jakes catches the reader up on events our protagonists weren’t there for but read about in the papers This is historical fiction with an emphasis on historyThere’s the expected period racism sexism and anti Semitism Violence abounds and a couple of characters commit suicide just off screen I had forgotten since I read the book as a teen just how much rape there is tooRereading this book after forty years it’s pretty clear that the enormous popularity of the series was at least partially because they were the right books at the right time They’re very much a product of the Seventies made for 1970s America That said a blast of nostalgia every so often doesn’t hurt

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    Picking up where The Bastard ended Philip has joined the Continental Army and is fighting alongside George Washington and the Maruis Lafayette Anne remains just outside of Boston with her father A new character Judson is introduced; a Virginian plantation owner’s second son he is struggling to find his place in the world while constantly arguing against his Tory father Will Phillip survive the Revolutionary War? How will it affect his life with Anne? Will Judson find his place in the world?This is an action filled novel that follows the tumultuous colonial life during the Revolutionary War It brings the struggle of the average Continental soldier to light as well as the conditions in which they fought Judson’s storyline takes this novel out of the northeast and into the southern “colonies” bringing their concerns and lifestyle to light as well It is a well written easy to read historical novel Reading about how Phillip’s life has changed alongside with the “Colonies” state of existence is interesting I really enjoyed this novel and would definitely recommend it

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    Philip Kent fights for his new country during the Revolutionary War in the historical family saga Philip Kent standing as a Continental solider at the Battle of Bunker Hill In a bold move Kent has taken up arms for the future of his new family Spirited and unwavering in his dedication to his adopted homeland Kent fights in the most violent battles in America’s early history As the Revolution rages Kent’s story interweaves with the trials of a vivid cast of characters both famous and unknown The result is a tautly plotted epic novel that transports the reader into the thrilling adventure of a man’s fight for a new life My husband his aunt and I read this whole series during the 1970's when they first came out all three of us would read them in less then a weekend and couldn't wait for the next one to come out They were so very good you felt like you were right there living the story with them