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Fun read with a lot of mathOne of few original takes on the lithographs and cultivation world stories Interesting way of telling the story too, the author is not afraid to skip the monotonous parts and that is great.The gaming stats are presented is a lot of detail which can get cumbersome if you decide to focus on the details, but I tuned them out for the most part and paid attention to the summaries which were frequent and well done. The over all story is pretty interesting, I m not used to encountering Idle game style stories Which gave it some bonus points.That said, the reasons its 3 5 instead of 5 are as follows The writer is very unclear in the beginning as to what idlers actually are It took me quite a while to realize that they re basically construction units for building queues Due to how long it took for me to realize this simple thing, I did not gain any immersion whatsoever until he hid the first town.After that, whilst I gained immersion, the whole thing felt a bit like a summary with snippets of text in between It read like a sort of fanfiction of someone who does not really know how to write character interaction I don t mind that at all actually, but I do miss the in the moment stuff that got replaced by summaries such as He goes continuous bear hunting for two years Which of course makes sense that you don t write it all down but it becomes and summary like as you progress in the story.That said, I liked the story for its originality and concept. There S A Single Ambition No Man Can Reject ImmortalityFor John, Death Was Merely The Beginning Transmigrating Into A New World Granted Him An Opportunity To Change His View On LifeWith Power And Immortality As New Goals, He Is Willing To Pay Any Price Unfortunately, There Are Those Willing To Take Advantage Of Him And His Unfamiliarity With A New World Shadows Behind The Curtains, Unwilling To Reveal Themselves, Will Trick Him Into Doing Their BiddingNow, John Faces An Entire Kingdom On His Own Deceived Conned They Don T Care His Actions Carry A Sin None Of Them Are Willing To ForgiveWith The World As An Enemy, John Will Fight To Accomplish His Goals His Path Will Be Stopped By No OneRead This Novel To Enjoy A Journey Of Self Discovery, Ambition And Revenge Inspired By Classical LitRPG, Xianxia And Fantasy, Idle System Is A New Take On These Genres If You Ve Enjoyed Novels Like Ready Player One, Main Character Hides His Strength Or Dodge Tank, Then You Re Bound To Love This Book Wow This book is something else Seriously I haven t done a decent review for a long time, but this is stronger than me You may wondering what am I talking about Bear with me and I will give you a hint It starts with sharing one paragraph Word for word John was full of confidence right now What s that old quote again The world is against me It wouldn t be fair otherwise.John smiled and charged straight into the middle of the mass of soldiers He clothesline all the people in the straight line and came out behind the army Spinning, he turned around and went a different direction doing the same trick His arms were just that powerful He was taking the head off of each person he crossed He did this in different directions and after about ten minutes most of the army has scattered John was picking them off as fast as he could Another ten minutes and John had killed all 7 hundred thousand people He left one of the leaders of the army alive, specifically to question him Ignoring the story line content itself, let s focus on simple logic 700.000 people killed by one admittingly quite powerful man with bare hands in 20 minutes That is 1200 seconds That is on average 583 rounded down people per second People that are scattered and running in different directions 583 people killed per second By one person With bare hands People running away from that person Decapitated by hand Spread your hands, run around and remove heads of 700.000 people.Let it land.Yes, that is a lot of heads.Let it sink.With this speed and spread arms, one would think that such a man could fly off the ground But no, that would be ridiculous Seriously.What can I say If you want to know the reason behind this epic maybe even legendary battle and what had the leader of the army told to John oh, you will certainly like that part , please get the book and read it I will not reveal Aren t you intrigued No I am telling you, you are missing a great adventure. Refreshingly differentI enjoyed the math somehow the rational approach worked and I wasn t bored After a while, I tried to see if I would have done anything differently Only found one spot where the math was done backwards I get it, who wants to read a book about stats and leveling etc Thing is, the story was interesting, our MC kind of fun, and the path he took was fun in its own way The author succeeded, I think, in writing something unique and true to its form I enjoyed this And, if you are deciding if you might, I d say give it a shot. Good story here, and a rather unique skills progression set too If you like the ais running the game sto be snarky, you ll like this one, and if you just enjoy a fresh look at skills and progression, you ll want to read this one too, I really like the progression in this one, though it seemed a little odd at first, I got used to it quickly enough, and while there is a bit of the overpowered hero in this one, killing everything in sight, it s used as a plotline device than most books of this type tend to use it for, Rather than just getting powered up as quickly as possible for no particular reason, this story shows the main character actually thinking about and using his progression to accomplish specific concrete goals, and that makes all the difference Most LitRPG fans should enjoy this one, but if op characters irritate you, then this one may not be to your liking, even though it does contain a decent storyline to go with the character development. Different takeThis tale was about a man who was killed and transported to another world about 30 years younger His life depends on him getting stronger and try to make his way in a world that tries to use him Unfortunately, a little difficult to understand the idler system so it detracted a bit Also, consistently writes lied down when it should be lay or laid Characters, backstory and world building need detail However, the concept is interesting Await the next book. A little bit different LitRPG I have to admit, even with a great explanation of the idle system, I could not fully grasp it Loved the story, how it was written, the characters For me, the idle system explanations were used a little too much I probably feel that way because it was just beyond my understanding The story sure made me curious about idle system games And I want to see what happens in the continuing saga, thanks for the chance to read your story Pegaz. Different but greatAfter having read a lot of books this was a little different than what I would usually expect out of a litrpg but it worked brilliantly the balance between action story development and time skips make this a great read This feels like a book written by an engineer or statistician The author spent a lot of time thinking out the mechanics of his system, but not much for anything else He lampshades the lazy location naming, his avoidance of giving other characters names, and the like but it doesn t change that those things aren t there or aren t very good.There s also a lot of lazy writing techniques used This book is absolutely riddled with time skips and lazy explanations instead of a standard narrative This is unlikely to get better, as this book was limited to a 6 year time span, where future books could have than 10,000 years to skip through.Worse, though, the MC John is a complete psychopath He s the very definition of a DD murder hobo, quickly getting to the point where he wants little than to murder humans on mass He also seems to have no personal interests beyond those murders and getting stronger I don t think I m going to continue this series.