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In , Julian Jaynes Hypothesized That As Recently As , , Years Ago, Human Beings Were Non Introspective Jaynes Said That While We Are Acculturated From Infancy On, To Understand Our Mental Life As A Narratized Interior Mind Space In Which We Introspect In A Ceaseless Conversation With Ourselves, Our Ancestors Were Acculturated To Understand Their Mental Life In Terms Of Obedient Responses To Auditory Prompts, Which They Hallucinated As The External Voice Of God Although These Bicameral People Could Think And Act, They Had No Awareness Of Choices Or Of Choosing Or Of Awareness Itself Jaynes Claimed That One Could Trace This Cultural Transformation Over The Course Of A Scant Millennium By Analyzing The Literature Of The Hebrew Scriptures Old Testament, OT Jaynes Himself, However, Was Not Skilled In Hebrew Or Cognate Languages, And Was Forced To Rely On Translations And Secondary Sources This Project Tests Jaynes S Assertions By Examining The OT Text In Hebrew, As Seen Through The Lens Of The Documentary Hypothesis And Modern Critical Historical Scholarship Examination Shows That The Writers Of The Oldest Texts Had No Words In Their Cultural Lexicon To Correspond To Our Words Such As Mind Or Imagination Or Belief Translations Into English That Employ Such Mentalistic Words Are Shown To Be Incorrect And Misleading By Sharp Contrast, In The Later OT Texts, A Lexicon Of Rich Interiority Appears The Writers Have Become Acculturated To Experience Mental Life As A Rich Introspective Consciousness, Full Of Internal Mind Talk And Narratization, And Perceiving Their Own Actions As The Result, Not Of Obedience To An External Voice, But Of Self Authorized, Internal Decisions This Study Includes Observations About Emerging Understandings Of The Neurology Of Auditory Hallucinations, And Supports Jaynes S Idea That While The Brain S Structure Has Changed Little In Three Millennia, Culture Can And Will Determine Whether A Child S Mental Life Is Bicameral Or Introspectively Conscious

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    In this short book, Rabbi James Cohn takes Julian Jaynes s theory of the bicameral mind and applies it in depth to the Hebrew Bible Very readable and fascinating, too.

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    Excellent and necessary compliment to Julian JaynesExcellent and necessary compliment to Julian Jaynes The origin of Consciousness and the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind Rabbi Cohn structures the rudimentary Jayne s content into fundamental social, political, and religious blocks that answer the hardest questions Find your answers here.

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    Some excellent, trenchant applications of Jaynes thought to religious history.