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Princeton University Psychologist Julian Jaynes S Revolutionary Theory On The Origin Of Consciousness Or The Modern Mind Remains As Relevant And Thought Provoking As When It Was First Proposed Supported By Recent Discoveries In Neuroscience, Jaynes S Ideas Force Us To Rethink Conventional Views Of Human History And Psychology, And Have Profound Implications For Many Aspects Of Modern LifeIncluded In This Volume Are Rare And Never Before Seen Articles, Lectures, Interviews, And In Depth Discussions That Both Clear Up Misconceptions As Well As Extend Jaynes S Theory Into New Areas Such As The Nature Of The Self, Dreams, Emotions, Art, Music, Therapy, And The Consequences And Future Of Consciousness

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    Some of the articles are redundant with one another and with The Origin this is unavoidable, though, due to the specific questions of Jaynes work The symposiums at the end, particularly those with Dennett, and Jaynes own articles on the history of psychology are the most interesting sections of the book.I m not sure I d recommend the book to someone not familiar with the bicameral theory The Origin itself would be the best starting point, but for those already interested in Jaynes it s a nice reference work.

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    This book deepened my understanding of Julian Jaynes s theory It was also very interesting to read Jaynes s ideas on areas not covered in his book, such as the development of consciousness in children, the mentality of tribes, and the nature of dreams and the self This is a must read for anyone seriously interested in the bicameral mind theory I ll be coming back to it again and again.

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    Best is the essay on pain Illuminating some the discussions Very redundant though Nice, but no new insights unfortunately.

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    Yes, I ve just started this book, BUTIf Julian Haynes is as pivotal to your life as he has been to mine you ll understand.I ve been wondering for years if there has been work that is relevant to Jaynes.This book answers my questions complete with many many references.If you are interested in Julian Jaynes, this is a book you will want.So far every page has been a mind bomb.I will add to this review as I progress through the book.f