download books The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of ClutterAuthor Margareta Magnusson –

D St Dning, Or The Art Of Death Cleaning, Is A Swedish Phenomenon By Which The Elderly And Their Families Set Their Affairs In Order Whether It S Sorting The Family Heirlooms From The Junk, Downsizing To A Smaller Place, Or Setting Up A System To Help You Stop Misplacing Your Keys, Death Cleaning Gives Us The Chance To Make The Later Years Of Our Lives As Comfortable And Stress Free As Possible Whatever Your Age, Swedish Death Cleaning Can Be Used To Help You De Clutter Your Life, And Take Stock Of What S Important Margareta Magnusson Has Death Cleaned For Herself And For Many Others Radical And Joyous, Her Guide Is An Invigorating, Touching And Surprising Process That Can Help You Or Someone You Love Immeasurably, And Offers The Chance To Celebrate And Reflect On All The Tiny Joys That Make Up A Long Life Along The Way

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    A very sensible little book, making valid points about the burden we put on our friends family after we die, regarding dealing with our possessions I had already begun thinking about it, after clearing my own late mother s small one bed flat, with no garden, and she was a fairly minimalist person I was astonished how much stuff there was to deal with in such a tiny flat, which had lots of unused space in the cupboards and wardrobes My own house is crammed full This book has focussed my mind on why I should only be keeping those things I really love and need to use She makes the point that this process can take years, and I feel that by starting now, aged 66, it will be easy for me to gradually ease down on the possessions from now on Highly recommend this book, along with Marie Kondo s Magic of Tidying, which gives inspiration and techniques for the practical aspects of doing it, though hers is a faster system months rather than years.

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    An excellent and intriguing book Only a short book which took around an hour to read in one go, but very informative and educational, and made me rethink the clutter in my house Would recommend for anyone wanting to clear out some of their junk or as a gift for a relative you may one day be worrying about having to clear out for as awful as that sounds , to encourage them to begin the process for you

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    This is a thoughtful and thought provoking book with some good ideas and a rationale, dispassionate but sympathetic approach to a difficult subject I enjoyed it but be aware that it is actually very short and I felt a bit short changed for the cost.

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    No strategy, structure or tips for death cleaning Just very gentle ramblings barely interesting anecdotes To be honest I am sadly very disappointed with this book.

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    Returned this as I got it from the library quicker than this arrived, glad I did.I found the book very self absorbed and very much about the author and of a autobiography, that s fine but not what I was expecting at all and didn t really help me with what I wanted to know.I feel a much shorter book could be written in a self help type guide and would be easier to read.

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    Really opened my eyes to what happens when you are no longer here to clear up your own stuff, give it away or sort it out for disposal, I really don t want my son to have to sort stuff that would be meaningless, this little book has really got me to look at what I have and what I actually need

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    Also short and sweet Clearing the decks of a deceased loved one can be brutal There is kindness in cleaning up before you go yourself.

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    Have reached that stage in life where all my junk is being threatened by my boys to end up in a skip No way, and this will help me sort out the good my opinion