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Best Book, Gawayn And E Grene Kny T Author Unknown This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Gawayn And E Grene Kny T, Essay By Unknown Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I d been attracted to this poem for years and years, but somehow never read it tiptoeing round it like a gentleman too dignified to display his blood gorged book lust The title itself attracted me the name Gawain and the idea of a Green Knight evoked plenty of mental imagery greenery and silver clashings in fecund fairy tale landscapes I also like the way Tolkien s name looks and sounds evocative of tangled teeming forests clearly delineated so I dipped into his version a while ago, but it seemed stiff and wooden, even opaque, or something, so I didn t pursue it Then along came this version, translated by a fairly young English poet, Simon Armitage, with a back blurb by John Ashbery a favorite poet of mine , so I gave it a whirl.All of these old books should be translated by young poets What freshness What verve and bounce I cantered right through it like a glossy horse over tight green turf This is a remarkable poem its literary sophistication tempered by rustic intemperence, striking imagery, bejeweled descriptions of gracile angelic maidens and boar hunting gore, and mysterious castles and the Woodwose or Wodwo the Wildman of the Woods I m sure scholars have taken issue with Armitage s obvious strayings from literal translation, but who cares The point is to keep these old texts alive, and Armitage does that in sprightly spades Instead of dead paper this book should ve been printed on live leaves.It s a fairly simple and well known story, so I won t go into its details, but I must mention the overall chaste yet pan sexual sexiness of it Gawain is one of the great androgynous heroes in literature, but then the Middle Ages were filled with the likes of him dandies with blood smeared swords, lithe curvy athletes in bright body hugging armor and his mild, ambiguous undoing in the poem is his acceptance of a green silk girdle proffered to him by a temptress The author momentarily lingers over his description of this silk garment worn beneath his shining armor, emphasizing the muscled curves The girdle will protect him from harm the harm being his accepting as part of a deal to be beheaded by the Green Knight the Green Knight allowed Gawain to behead him at the beginning, before trotting off with his green head under his green arm Mutual beheading Green silken undergarment and a sword There is some dense pan sexual coding in that scene But the sword merely knicks Gawain s extended neck, and he s allowed to return to Camelot lightly shamed, with a fast fading scar. I didn t know where to post this so I think this is a good place It remains me of my Literature professor, in a good way of course Contains the greatest OH FUCK moment in medieval literature Sir Gawain and the Green Knight listed here as written by Unknown, though I believe it may have been penned by that prolific Greek author Anonymous is a classic tale from Arthurian legend in which the code of honor attributed to chivalry is heavily ensconced There are many interpretations of the poem s meaning, and historically speaking it s often dependent on the reader s bias For instance, Christians latched on to the sex aspect and pagans saw a Green Man parallel Me I just see it as damn good fun, just as I ll wager the eagerly listening common folk heard it told by their smoky peat fires so many hundreds of years ago. Enchanting translation that made me love words again The cadence and rhythm Armitage employed gave life to the modern English rather than direct translation The Introduction laid out precisely what he would do and why he made the choice he did to preserve the beauty of the poetry, both the alliterative Anglo Saxon and the breakout stanzas of continental rhyming And I fell in love with language again I found myself speaking aloud or mouthing them to feel the words tumbling out For that joy, I am grateful again As a selection for my Yuletide reading, I was most fortunate The tale itself is quite simple, but filled with so many tidbits It is a heroic story as Sir Gawain is tested The similarities between the Green Knight and the Green Man mythology was one of the most interesting to me But, the amalgamation of Christianity and pagan beliefs is fascinating I m going to ignore the misogynistic aspects of Christianity and women as the downfall of man when it is clearly their own decisions at play or here specifically, at the behest of another Yes, please continue to abdicate personal responsibility Thus, I found the judgment at the end interesting Sir Gawain got off lightly, and I concur with his interpretation of his actions over those of the Knights of the Round Table The poem itself might be only a four star read, but how it made me feel bumps this to five stars, easily.