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The second book in the trilogy Goes up to Gwen and Arthur s 10th anniversary and Mordred s arrival at court She and Lancelot have declared their love, it it hasn t been consummated Morgause has been killed, Accolon has challenged Arthur, Tristan and Isolde, Elaine of Astolat Kevin returns as a priest Leodegrance dies Saxons defeated at Mt Badon Gwen abducted by Maelgwn Merlin dies, having taught his skills to Nimue.Incorporates major aspects of the corpus and adds the twist of Gwen being a pagan Celtic queen, but nothing new Doesn t really move me. Guinevere tells of her early married life with Arthur 450 550AD Battle of Badon Hill was King Arthur s greatest triumph, the Celts over the Saxons This almost total defeat of the Saxon invaders brought about an extended period of peace to Britain may have occurred at Bath Hill.All invading Germanic tribes are referred to as Saxons, although the northern settlers were predominatly Angles and those in the south included Jutes and Franks The britons called them all Saxons.Saxon gods lived in the sky Celtic gods lived under the water.Albion was the ancient name for Britain.Anastasius Bowl, a silver tray found in the Sutton Hoo ship buriel.The silversmith mark comes from Constantinople.Center of the basin depicts a woman s head.Cerne Abbas Giant, figure cut into the hilside near Dorchester,the 60 meter tall Cerne giant and the Maypole mound above his head have marked a fertility power place since ancient times The deep trenches cut into the chalk rock of the hillside outlining the giant s form have been maintained by generation after generation of local inhabitants since at least the 2nd millennium BC.Historical eveidence that there was a King Ambrosius Supposedly, Merlin was his illegitimate son.Defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the early sixth century and unification of britain, the first since the downfall of the Romans.Lady of Shalot Elaine of Astolat is the woman who dies of unrequited love for Lancelot Mordred has become the villain in the Arthurian legends Described as nephew of King Arthur by some, and by others as the bastard son of King Arthur by his half sister Morgause.In legend, Uther Pendragon was brother to Ambrosius and became King of Britain on his brother s death.Vortigern could have ruled Britain during the early to mid 400s, having grabbed the British throne from Constantine, the father of Ambrosius Aurelianus and Uther Pendragon.Geoffrey of Monmouth, Archdeacon of Monmouth and later Bishop of St Asaphs, first popularized King Arthur s story, around 1136, in his History of the Kings of Britain Though he was writing some six hundred years after Arthur s death, there is no reason to suppose that Geoffrey s history was made up.He claimed he had taken most of his information from an earlier British source he referred to it as a certain, very ancient book written in the British language ed , unknown to us today Sir Thomas Malory s 15th century work, Le Morte d Arthur is better known than Geoffrey He took their stories and retold them with an epic unity, creating the Romantic Age of Chivalry With one stroke of his pen, he transformed Arthur s Court from Dark Age obscurity to the height of medieval pageantry Being written in English and printed by William Caxton, Le Morte d Arthur was instantly available to the masses, and it remains highly popular, even today, as a classic work of literature Malory s work, however, is just that a work of literature There is little history left amongst his pages.King Mark of Cornwall, his wife Isolde and the hero Tristan The legend of Tristan and Isolde is one of the most influential medieval romances, which was about a love triangle between the hero, his uncle and his uncle s wife This page contained full story from the Tristan and Isolde The story of Tristan and Isolde that takes place during Arthurian times This romance is a fascinating Arthurian legend The tragic love story of Tristan and Isolde has been told and retold through various stories and manuscripts It takes place during medieval times during the reign of King Arthur.Isolde of Ireland, also known as Isolt, Isold, Iseult, or Ysolde, was the daughter of Angwish, King of Ireland She was betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall King Mark sent his nephew, Tristan, to Ireland to escort Isolde back to Cornwall.Before leaving Ireland, Isolde s mother gave a love potion to Isolde s handmaiden, Brangraine, with strict instructions to keep it safe until they reached Cornwall It was then to be given to Isolde on her wedding night Sometime during the voyage, Isolde and Tristan drank the potion by accident and fell forever in love Isolde did marry Mark of Cornwall, but could not help but love Tristan The love affair continued after the marriage When King Mark finally learned of the affair, he forgave Isolde, but Tristan was banned from Cornwall Tristan moved to King Arthur s court and later went to Brittany There he met Iseult of Brittany also known as Iseult of White Hands He was attracted to her because of the similarity of her name to his true love He married her, but did not consummate the marriage because of his love for the true Isolde After falling ill, he sent for Isolde in hopes that she would be able to cure him If she agreed to come, the returning ship s sails would be white, or the sails would be black if she did not agree Iseult, seeing the white sails, lied to Tristan and told him that the sails were black He died of grief before Isolde could reach him Isolde died soon after of a broken heart Iseult regretted her actions after she saw the love that the two had for each other. In A Country Still Reeling From The Collapse Of The Roman Empire, The Young King Arthur And His Wife Guinevere Struggle To Keep The Barbarians At Bay Even As They Establish The Fellowship Of The Round Table The Spirited And Outspoken Guinevere Skillfully Combats An Accusation Of Planning To Poison Arthur In A Country Simmering With Unrest And Scandal But Guinevere S Greatest Battles Are Dangers Arthur Cannot See Ones She Ll Have To Fight On Her Own And All The While, She Must Reconcile Her Thirst For Freedom With Her Duties As Queen, And Her Growing Love For Lancelot With Her Loyalty To Her Husband Vibrantly Human And Touchingly Real, Guinevere Reigns As A Woman Poised To Discover The True Peril And Promise Of The Human Heart escolhendo a trilogia da autora Persia Woolley sobre a Guinevere para o tema do desafio liter rio de mar o, que pede livros sobre uma esta o ou com uma esta o no t tulo Como eu j gosto de vers es da hist ria do Rei Arthur e a trilogia foi indicada por uma amiga minha, n o tinha muita d vida.A trilogia chegou a ser publicada tamb m em portugu s, mas est esgotada e agora s procurando muito em sebos.Apesar de eu ter achado o primeiro livro da trilogia interessante, mas deixando a desejar em alguns aspectos para detalhes, leia aqui , resolvi ler os demais livros da s rie E valeu a pena O segundo livro, Rainha das Estrelas de Ver o em tradu o livre , bem mais interessante que o primeiro em termos t cnicos Ainda n o uma obra prima liter ria, mas a leitura incomoda menos com rela o aos problemas do primeiro volume Mas aviso que o livro tamb m em primeira pessoa, para quem n o gosta desse estilo j ficar sabendo de antem o.Al m disso, aqui Guinevere j rainha, e j est se mostrando mais esperta nas quest es diplom ticas da corte, apesar de cometer uns deslizes de vez em quando, como qualquer pessoa Alguns com consequ ncias maiores, outros menores nesse volume que ela desabrocha como mulher, rainha e personagem, ganhando mais profundidade e finalmente surgindo passagens bastante cl ssicas nas lendas arturianas Como a quest o entre Artur, Guinevere e Lancelote E, eu n o sabia que era uma passagem cl ssica, mas descobri na introdu o do livro, a quest o do rapto e desfecho desse rapto de Guinevere como eu n o sabia, vou supor que outros tamb m n o sabem e manter o suspense.Diversos outros marcos militares est o nesse volume da trilogia, e nesse sentido o livro n o entra em tantos detalhes justamente porque o ponto de vista da hist ria continua sendo da Guinevere, que n o participa pessoalmente das grandes batalhas, apesar dela testemunhar algum grau de viol ncia, claro Outra op o da autora pelo cl ssico, a forma como ela retrata a Morgana das Fadas, que n o lembra em quase nada a famosa descri o da personagem em Brumas de Avalon.Nesse sentido, a quantidade de personagens femininas m s me incomodou um pouco Apesar do livro ter l a sua leva de personagens masculinos maldosos, na maioria das vezes eles s o violentos ou conquistadores de terras, n o exatamente maus Com uma grande exce o que talvez compense o desequil brio final das coisas Pelo menos at o final do segundo livro da trilogia, vai que no terceiro as coisas voltem a se nivelar No mais, a leitura agrad vel e tem passagens de grande suspense que n o d para parar de ler, o que sempre um bom sinal num livro A escrita melhorou, apesar de ainda ter algumas quest es, especialmente os erros de digita o, que eu n o sei como est o nas vers es impressas ou traduzidas, visto que li no kindle. The Guinevere in Queen of the Summer Stars takes on the role of a bridge between the young girl, innocent version of Guinevere from the first book and the Guinevere who is involved in the downfall of Camelot Given that role, this Guinevere is worldly and mature than her predecessor She is actively involved in political discussions with Arthur and his men She comes into her own as a lover, queen and a friend, as well as deals with issues of motherhood We really see her relationship with Arthur grow into something much solid than their early marriage showed We see her torn between love and duty something that is much strained as she identifies her relationship with Lancelot.I have to say that her relationships with Arthur and Lancelot were different than how I had imagined them prior to this book I always believed that she belonged with Arthur and hated her for running off with Lancelot in the legends but Woolley creates the relationship with Lancelot from the bottom up You really get a sense of why she could be torn between these two great men and the emotions and decisions that impacted both Lancelot and Guinevere I am very happy that Woolley took time to carve out Lancelot s character this allows the reader to identify with him The relationship between these characters felt like it developed naturally and by the end I was moved to their side This book is certainly much emotionally developed than the previous book in this series and very much appreciated by this reader When the narrative isn t focused on Guinevere s relationships it shifts focus to the politics of the time and there is a lot of it here Arthur is striving to bring together many different people and bring them under one law We get to meet many of these groups of people and understand the difficulties in doing this.The one story thread that I now really want to explore is the story of Tristan and Isolde Woolley brought their story to the forefront for a short period and I loved reading Guinevere s reaction to their forbidden love I am now looking forward to Book 3 Guinevere The Legend in Autumn releasing in November 2011 than I was for Book 2 Queen of the Summer Stars is an overall better read in my mind than Child of the Northern Spring and I hope that Book 3 continues to build on that trend.This book was received for review from the publisher I was not compensated for my opinions and the above is my honest review. This review first appeared on my blog, Laura s Reviews at of the Summer Stars is the second book in Persia Woolley s Guinevere series Guinevere and Arthur are the young recently married High King and Queen of Britain Arthur has a dream to unite the Kingdom and Guinevere is an efficient Celtic Queen who works hard to keep the dream alive King Ban s son, Lancelot, joins the round table He quickly becomes Arthur s right hand man, but exhibits coldness towards Guinevere Slowly, the two become friends, and realize that they have feelings for each other beyond friendship Will Guinevere risk it all for love as her friends Isolde and Tristan did Or will she remain a true Celtic Queen and stay with Arthur I love, love, love the Arthur Guinevere Lancelot love triangle I ve never seen it written movingly then in Queen of the Summer Stars Arthur is Lancelot s best friend, a man he genuinely respects and cares for Loving Guinevere is heart wrenching for him, but even so for Guinevere Guinevere loves and respects Arthur, but has come to realize that he will always care for Britain than he will for her They have a good relationship, but are missing the intensity of true love Guinevere and Lancelot are kindred spirits and love each other, but can t act on that love for their mutual love of Arthur It is a gripping read and a truly wonderful love triangle.I also enjoy that this story is told from Guinevere s perspective Guinevere is no silly, fickle queen as portrayed in other versions of the legend She is a strong queen who is very much a co ruler with Arthur She also gets her hands dirty, be it helping out in the kitchen, or getting different castles set up to live in or host visitors Persia Woolley writes the Guinevere trilogy in a historical fiction setting Her novels are very well researched and are set in the period after the Romans have occupied Britain There is a power void in Britain and Arthur has stepped in to fill that void and bring the various people of Britain together to fight against invaders Her writing is superb and gives one a real sense of being in Britain during the early middle ages.I love Arthurian legends by Mary Stewart and Marion Zimmer Bradley, but Persia Woolley s Guinevere trilogy is my favorite version of the legend I wish Starz would have made this trilogy into a series rather than their quite terrible Camelot series Overall, Queen of the Summer Stars is a wonderful book with a great historical fiction background and a very romantic love triangle It is quite simply, the best version of the Arthurian legend that I have read. Most King Arthur stories tend to have the main character be it Arthur or Guinevere or Merlin or Mordred or Morgan or anyone of the regulars standing around, rubbing temples in exasperation, moaning about being surrounded by barbaric idiots.Here it is Guinevere playing the part of only sane one here, but not doing a lot about it, probably because she realizes there isn t much one can do.The book covers a solid ten years, but there s no sense of time passing That, and with the amount of name dropping and character pairing on and off, it feels very much like the kind of soap opera where nothing changes season to season and people standing around talking about all the other characters and gossiping about who s dating who.Um, Gwenny, don t you have, like, western civilization to save Are we still talking about Tris and Issy Oh dear I was becoming a little dubious by the end of book one but I am completely sure at the end of book 2 that I will pass on the final volume of the series Too many historical errors and anachronisms, poor characterisation that actually got worse in book 2 or maybe I became less kind and a simplistic style of writing that seemed aimed at YA not adults even though apparently this was not so After reading Gillian Bradshaw s really excellent version of the Arthurian story, this paled by comparison nay, it dwindled Drops book 3 back to the library Avendo deciso di leggere la trilogia tutta in una volta la prima cosa che posso dire che qui vediamo la naturale evoluzione dei personaggi Avevamo lasciato Ginevra e Art poco pi che adolescenti, due ragazzini con delle responsabilit enormi e quella forza di volont tutta giovanile che, un po , deriva anche dall inesperienza.Il sogno di Merlino che era ancora in maggior parte il suo sogno invece che la causa di Art.Ginevra pi incuriosita dal marito che dal suo popolo.Quasi due bambini, in retrospettiva.In questo libro li ritroviamo qualche anno dopo, pi adulti, pi maturi, cresciuti nei loro ruoli Art , il Grande Re, l uomo con una visione che riesce ad ispirare il meglio negli altri, e la sua regina, simbolo di bellezza e di virt Entrambi forti e capaci nei loro ruoli, entrambi soddisfatti e apparentemente appagati.E poi si cominciano a notare le prime piccole crepe, vuoti che non si possono riempire ma in cui puoi mettere uno scalpello e, se non distruggere tutto, fare molti danni.I primi capitoli del libro traggono in inganno il tramonto di Igraine, madre naturale di Arthur, amante e moglie di Uther Lei muore, e lascia a Guinevere un racconto di a e rimpianto, l ammonimento su quale prezzo si pu pagare per la passione Una cosa che sembra cos lontana, cos remota e solo alla fine capisci quanto ha influito, e influisce, su tutto bambini lasciati senza madre.Morgan e Morgause esiliate, sole a coltivare la rabbia, l ambizione, la voglia di rivalsa verso il figlio di coloro che per avere tutto le hanno buttate via.Arthur e la ferita dell abbandono mai del tutto affrontata o guarita, che lo rende cos vulnerabile ai tradimenti delle sorelle Un uomo incapace di lasciarsi andare completamente, che ha eretto dei muri che Guinevere, pur con tutta la volont e l a possibile, non pu abbattere Costretta ad accontentarsi di quello che il marito riesce a darle e che, nei momenti peggiori, non abbastanza il sostegno di Arthur dopo la violenza di Maelgwn pare limitarsi a un tranquilla, non ti ripudier Quello per la maternit mancata completamente assente lui non vuole figli e non si sforza di capire il dolore della moglie, n prova il bench minimo interesse per la successione nel regno di Guinevere, il cui governo passer al vicino nemico storico se lei non avr eredi naturali.A questo si aggiunge che Gwen perfettamente consapevole del fatto che Arthur dovr sempre dare la precedenza alla Britannia, e non soffre per quello soffre perch non sembra che per il marito questo sia un sacrificio qui, in queste piccole grandi crepe, che si insinua Lancillotto l idea di una vita dedicata al compagno, di essere al primo posto e di poterlo mettere al primo posto, ha un attrattiva enorme per la regina eppure un sogno senza speranza, perch entrambi amano Arthur e non riescono a tradirlo, non anche loro.Ho apprezzato come stato reso il famoso triangolo, in modo cos umano e cos triste non ci sono buoni o cattivi Arthur non un uomo o un marito malvagio, Lancillotto non un traditore e Ginevra bloccata in una situazione impossibileSono cos irrazionali nei loro sentimenti Lance che scappa sperando di dimenticare, Gwen che non riesce a lasciarlo andare pur sapendo quanto ingiusto trattenerlo, ed Arthur che non si accorge di niente o fa finta di niente.Ma non c solo l inizio del famoso triangolo, in questo libro Persia Woolley un autrice che, pur avendo optato per l ambientazione storica, cerca di inserire pi storie possibili dei vecchi miti E quindi ci sono Gawain e Ragnell, dove la donzella a capo di una trib nomade e viene percepita dalla corte come rozza e brutta Elaine di Astolat rivisitata in un modo originale e tristissimo non poco per una che si lascia letteralmente morire d a , ed Elaine di Corbenic non completamente negativa c da dire che su di lei il punto di vista non parziale.Tuttavia il premio Personaggi Secondari spetta a Tristano ed Isotta.Ho sempre trovato interessante che nel ciclo arturiano si trovino due triangoli cos simili, e mi piace quando nei retelling se ne tiene conto qui Lancillotto e Ginevra guardano ai due amanti come ad un monito, ci che rischiano di diventare se non riusciranno a controllarsi Oltre al fatto che la risoluzione per la loro storia molto innovativa, ed Isotta cresce tantissimo inizia che la vorresti battere contro un muro, e finisce che nessuno l dentro la merita tranne forse Palomides.Ma non solo tristezza e dramma ci sono le feste, c la gioia dei personaggi per aver costruito qualcosa, ci sono le epiche amicizie, c la grande battaglia contro Cedric, c Nimue che cos discreta che ti coglie di sorpresa quando ti rendi conto di quanto ti sta a cuore, c l esilarante momento in cui a Ginevra portano le dame di compagnia e lei si aspetta delle mezze bambine e si ritrova con un gruppo di adolescenti in overdose da zucchero e ha una reazione in stile OMG cosa ci devo fare con loro E c Mordred, negli ultimi capitoli un bambino che Ginevra vede imprigionato nella stessa rete che ha distrutto sua madre e il resto della loro famiglia, e che vuole disperatamente salvare Il bambino che avrebbe dovuto essere suo, e che Arthur assolutamente non vuole.Ovviamente il libro, per quanto mi sia piaciuto da impazzire, non esente da difetti il primo la linea temporale mancano i flashback folli del primo volume, ma quasi impossibile capire quanto tempo passi tra un evento e l altro, e alla fine sei quasi stupito quando ti rendi conto che sono passati poco meno di dieci anni dalla prima pagina all ultima aiuta molto che dicano chiaramante che Mordred ha quasi undici anni quando entra in scena, ed stato concepito circa un anno prima del matrimonio tra Arthur e Guinevere , e la gestione di Morgan non mi convince del tutto capisco da dove viene e perch fa quello che fa per un po troppo relegata sullo sfondo per i miei gusti.In compenso Morgause fantastica one scene wonder alla massima potenza. This is the second book in Ms Woolley s Guinevere trilogy Sourcebooks is reprinting them and I, for one am very glad These books, unlike most that give us the Arthurian legend, tell the story from Guinevere s point of view.It is just so very refreshing The second book picks up with Guinevere settled into her marriage and while maybe not feeling like a Queen of her peoples, starting to feel less like that Child of the Northern Spring She and Arthur are compatible and have even fallen a bit in love with each other The book opens with the death of Arthur s mother Igraine and Guinevere learns the backstory of Arthur s birth She begins to understand the family dynamics.Arthur and Guinevere travel around the land making alliances, getting to know the people and attending the wedding of a very young and appallingly spoiled Isolde to and old King Mark Arthur s knight Tristan has fetched her and we all know what will happenThis book also delves into Lancelot his past, his personality and how Guinevere interacts with him From his cold manner at the start to her love for him at the end But this book ends with her hiding that love setting up the third book and her downfall at the hands of Arthur s son Mordred a character I never liked.The book is very well written as was the first It is a revelation reading such a well known tale from a feminine viewpoint I have to admit that I like it The small details that don t occur when Arthur is the main focus the accent on feelings, on atmosphere adds a new depth to the old legend Ms Woolley s writing style flows easily from page to page and she draws you in to time and place so that you don t want to leave I will look forward to the third book but not to the end of the trilogy.While I know the end of the story I am looking forward to seeing how Ms Woolley tells it through Guinevere s words Camelot was, after all, inhabited by than just the Once and Future King.