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Brilliant. In Football, Numbers Are Everywhere From Touches In The Opposition Box To Expected Goals, Clear Cut Chances To Win Loss Ratios In The Modern Game, These Numbers Help Provide The Narrative, The Drama, And The Conversation They Are Scrutinised In Order To Justify Results And To Predict Future Outcomes They Even Dictate Transfer Policy And Drive Clubs To Achieve The ImpossibleBut When Did The Numbers Become So Important And What Do They Mean In Outside The Box, Duncan Alexander Looks Back At Twenty Five Years Of The Premier League And Beyond, Uncovering The Hidden Truths And Accepted Myths That Surround The Game Using The Archives Of OptaJoe And Never Before Seen Data, We Discover Why Liverpool Have Gone Years Without Winning A League Title And Why Lionel Messi Is The Best Player In The Game S History Or Is He Insightful, Wry, And Hugely Entertaining, Outside The Box Is An Enlightening And Accessible Account Of Football Across The Decades, Analysing Data From The Some Of The Greatest Seasons, Players, Teams And Managers Excellent Top stuff Factual and funny. Very enjoyable Not a dry book by any means a jocular very light hearted read that goes through each season of the Premier League and also looks at other wider issues in football history, some even predating the birth of football in 1992. Great book Great stats. Thank you