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Have you ever really wanted to be a super hero? Dave Lizewski has and he's not willing to let it stop with simple daydreams Designing a suit for himself and taking the name Kick Ass Dave decides to make his dreary existence exciting and maybe even help some people in the process But with no special powers and outmatched by New York City's most hardened criminals Kick Ass might be in for a little than he bargained for With his super hero secret identity gaining fans due to a popular viral video and other masked vigilantes beginning to make their presence felt in the city Dave knows that his extracurricular activity is dangerous maybe even stupid but he's got the itch and it ain't going awayCOLLECTING Kick Ass 1 8

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    A 83% | Very Good Notes Very Itchy Scratchy it's nuts a salty teenage fantasy with heart beneath its blood and guts and rollicking vulgarity

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    Re Read 2016My 16 year old son wanted to read this which made it easy for me to have another go at it and see if I still thought it was a fun bit of savagery It wasPoor idiot kidI could totally see this shit happening to me if I ever decided to put on a wet suit and fight crime PS My kid loved it He even made me go back to the library to get Kick Ass 2 and Hit GirlOriginal Review 2011Wow I'll admit it I really thought I'd hate this one I'm of a violence lite kind of girl and Kick Ass definitely does not go easy on the gore Never in million years would I have thought I'd enjoy seeing a 10 year old ninja girl carve up mobsters like a psychotic Cuisinart But I did So there Now I'd like to say that there was some strong underlying social commentary that was woven into the fabric of the story That way I could at least pretend there was a morally superior reason that I liked it Sadly there's not Don't get me wrong the story was great but it's not going to make you want to be a better person or anything Yep it's pretty much just evil brain candyYum

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    I’ve got to be one sick puppy Only a twisted individual could find great entertainment in watching a pre teen girl slaughter gangsters while wearing a costume and cursing like a sailorAs a bonus I’m now scared of my niece She is about that age and she does gymnastics and dance so she’s got all these crazy flippy flip moves Thanks to being raised with video games she’s also got reflexes like a fighter pilot God help us all if she goes dark sideBut while I loved the movie version of Kick Ass it left me a little uncertain about what it was trying to say At times the story of a nerdlinger who puts on a costume and gets beaten like a rented mule on a regular basis seemed like an indictment of trying to live in a comic book fantasy but when Hit Girl and Big Daddy go ballistic it seemed to be all about celebrating the Woo Hoo factor of splashy over the top violence After reading the comic I know that Millar meant it to be about fan boys who took their comics too seriously getting a hard cold dose of reality Maybe the changes were necessary for the movie to even get made because it almost didn’t happen and it’s still a great flick But the comic has a consistent vibe and deliberately stripped out all of the Hollywood cool that you find in most books and obviously in the movies So if you’re like me and don’t have a problem with watching or reading about a young girl acting as a foul mouthed killing machine then enjoy both the comic and the movie If you think that it’s wrongwell I can’t really argue but uit looking down your nose at me

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    It's happened I've turned into a comic book nerd I was one when a child and now I've gotten sucked back into that abyssand I like itThis book was pure awesomeness Dave is just that nerdy kid He reads comic books and hangs out with his friends when not fantasizing about his biology teacher His mom has recently passed away and his dad works long hours at night Dave realizes it doesn't take trauma to make you a super hero just loneliness and despair So he suits up Dave does not have an easy time with the whole superhero thing He gets the crap beat out of him A whole lot Poor kid He tries to hang up the crime fighting hat but then along comes a guy dressed up like a superhero named Red Mist that kinda pisses off our Kick Ass hero so he dons the suit again and they team up Now this book is violent as shit You have a 10 year old girl who cusses than I do However this book is one of my favorite comics that I have read so far whispers read this

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    This comic book really kicks butt LEARNING ABOUT IT I hadn't read the original comic book story until later having watched the film adaptation In fact right after watched the movie it was like Oh my God Why the heck I haven't read that?So I bought then the TPB since sadly I guessed that it was gonna be impossible to get the single issues of the miniseries already too late after publicationBut I guess fate favored to the real fans since some months later between two local comic book stores one still active another which closed some time ago I was able to get the single issues and even in ridiculous low prices sometimes even under printed original price and that not only made me uite happy for having that jewels of the comic book universe but also helping me to increase the average value of my comic book collection ; THE WRITER BEHIND IT I was already fan of Mark Millar as writer thanks to works like Superman Red Son and The Ultimates Years 1 2 luckily too in single issues but definitely Kick Ass was the icing of the cake it was the title that really puts him in my book as a Top10 writer in the genre of comic books to me Later I got TPBs of other stuff by him like Civil War and Wanted and he always delivered Always something superb to read KICKING IT Writer Mark MillarIllustrator John Romita Jr Kick Ass is the story of the young Dave Lizewski who after reading just too much comic books asking himself the big uestion Why the heck nobody had tried before to be a real super hero in real life? So Dave got into a costume adopting the codename of Kick Ass and meet the dangerous world of crime Soon enough he knew why the heck nobody tried to to such insane taskBut even with severe setbacks in the beginning in the moment less expected he found out that indeed there were real superheroes out there and they were THE REAL DEAL Enter Big Daddy and Hit Girl And the universe of comic books was never the same it got better Kick Ass is indeed a smart tale where people can realized how would be in real life trying such daring feat of becoming a costumed crime fighter all its greatness but also all its dangers and bloody conseuences This story isn't shy of showing how the grim real life with sadistic mobsters and corrupt cops can smash the naive Dave Lizewski and his fantasy of a world with heroesBut in the middle of a fire of sadness an unlikely friendship will be forged and the world will tremble

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    What’s entertaining a murderous gun toting foul mouthed raccoon or a murderous sword wielding foul mouthed little girl dressed like a superhero? Frankly it’s a toss upDave Lizewski is a bored depressed comic book reading teenager who goes beyond just reading and fantasizing about superheroes He dons a costume sneaks out of his house and fights crime And promptly gets beaten up Comics have come a long way from romanticizing super hero exploits The notion that someone could get dressed and effortlessly pound thugs and super villains and not get scratched or bruised is antiuated This series takes a further step back and examines what would happen if your average Joe Citizen becomes a costume wearing vigilante It’s not pretty Aside from the adulation you might get on social media sites and being able to boost your ego and self worth a little getting sliced diced and broken seems like a steep price to pay And Dave Lizewski continues to pony upMillar creates a thoughtful look at the allure and ultimate realities of being a super hero My one uibble would be with the art I’ve never been a fan of John Romita Jr but using his cartoony art instead of someone whose style is realistic I would assume further separates and anesthetizes the reader from the ongoing violence and goreHighly recommended

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    Doing a re read with these new editions out from Image Millar and Romita take a real world approach to what would happen if a teenage comic book reader actually put on a costume and tried to fight crime They'd get their ass kicked repeatedly Romita doesn't pull any punches either Every punch is illustrated in full bloody pulped glory My one gripe is Romita draws all the teenagers and kids with huge heads They look like bobbleheads Then Millar throws us a curveball with Hit Girl Here is this little girl who is slicing limbs off left and right It's fantastic even if the real world approach is suddenly left by the wayside I found myself rooting for this crazy little nutjob especially since Dave is a real douche with no redeeming ualities whatsoever The book may be called Kick Ass but Hit Girl is the true star of these books

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    I laughed my ass off at this Everyone in Perkins thought I was a crazy person

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    There’s a great line in Kick Ass the film adaptation where comic book nerd turned vigilante superhero Dave Lizewski proclaims to his friends “Jesus guys doesn’t it bug you? Thousands of people want to be Paris Hilton and nobody wants to be Spiderman” Dave’s uery cuts to the core of Kick Ass still the film which beneath all the flayed limbs and gored bodies is about doing the “right” thing about standing up for what’s right and trying to make a difference The superficial pleasures of Paris Hilton’s life aren’t something to be aspired to – helping others is and that superhero lore often doesn’t correlate with the real world is something Dave will have to learn along the way through his foray into vigilantism A similar line is featured in Kick Ass Mark Millar’s graphic novel but it’s no longer so great Mark Millar’s Dave Lizewski isn’t the same naive altruistic hero but a self absorbed loner whose ascent into superherodom is guided solely by the power trips and ego boosts he gets from running around in a mask at night He isn’t in it for the “little guy” he’s in it for the Myspace friends and press coverage and says as much several times throughout the book Dave would rather be Spiderman than Paris Hilton not because he wants to help people but because shooting web is “cooler” than putting out sex tapes He fumes when the media find a new vigilante to follow; he gloats about how great saving a cat will be for his reputation Millar’s graphic novel is the piece of nihilism critics unfairly derided the film as not that there’s anything inherently wrong with that Much of Kick Ass is an examination of the delusions of fanboys the obsessive loners who find solace and refuge from insecurity in the tales of superheroes It’s also an exploration of what superheroes would be like in reality not guided by near un human levels of altruism but by the same insecurities fantasies and psychological issues the rest of us suffer from While this may not be as feel good as Matthew Vaughn’s approach in the film it has the potential to be a much thoughtful work Unfortunately Millar makes it uite clear from the off set that besides a few brilliant moments he’s content reveling in the gutter Millar jumps from one bloody altercation to the next at breakneck speed which is a shame because the real interest lies in the characters and the idea Entire months of the storyline are condensed into a line or two but the final battle extends for a good sixth of the book This reads like a blueprint to the film at times rather than a developed story in it's own right There’s no sense of character beyond Dave no sense of story beyond the most basic outline and no aspirations beyond mindless violence and shock humor that could have been relegated to any number of lesser ideas The constant gore is tiring as well as the lame attempts at shocking by any means lets have a 9 year old say the c word and Millar’s fetish for testicular violence is just strange taken to the point where there’s even a character named “Ball Buster Bobby” Kick Ass the film has Dave go after a mafia king pin to atone for the conseuences of his superhero shenanigans Kick Ass the comic has Dave go after a mafia king pin to avenge his balls I know which one I prefer

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    Like a a lot of people I had seen the movie before reading the comic and thought it would be redundant but that was nicely far from the truth It's very similar to the movie but there were enough differences to keep me engaged Tale is about a high school kid who becomes an actual superhero but finds himself mostly getting beat up as he tries to protect people His first incident is so bad he ends up in the ER But somehow he keeps going and inspires other people to later become superheroes and there's this craze that takes place Just like the movie there's a lot of gore and swearing but unlike the movie this one has some explicit sex scenes The ending for the love story is far vague and tragic than in the film The artwork had some nice touches I was uite impressed the comic drew me in even after I had seen the movie Most novels couldn't make that claim STORYPLOTTING B plus to A minus; ARTWORK A minus; CHARACTERSDIALOGUE B plus; WHEN READ mid February 2012; OVERALL GRADE B plus to A minus