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The most talked about and successful miniseries of 2004 the story that has created ripple effects throughout the DC Universe for many years to come is now available in a stunning hardcover volume New York Times best selling author Brad Meltzer GREEN ARROW teams with artists Rags Morales Michael Bair WONDER WOMAN and cover artist Michael Turner SUPERMANBATMAN to deliver an all too human look into the lives of super heroes and the terrible price they pay for doing goodWhen the spouse of a JLA member is brutally murdered the entire super hero community searches for the killer fearing their own loved ones may be the next targets But before the mystery is fully solved a number of long buried secrets rise to the surface threatening to tear apart and divide the heroes before they can bring the mysterious killer to justiceBonus features include extended commentary by Meltzer and Morales the rest of the creative team talking about their favorite moments a look at Morales's sketchbook and

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    This is one of my favorites and to me it still holds up after multiple re readingsWord of warning People seem to either love it or hate itObviously I'm in the Love It section but that doesn't necessarily mean you will How many of you out there know who Elongated Man is? Better yet of those of you who know how many of you care what happens to him? Thought so Well if you read Identity Crisis you will find yourself caring not only about him but his wife Sue as well As it turns out they have a great love story all to themselvesOne that I had never even heard about before I read this book which is what makes the opening pages even heartbreakingSadly the story begins with Sue's murder Naturally members of the Justice League from all over spring into action trying to hunt down her killer and prevent anyone else's loved one from becoming a target Secretly though several members meet in private to discuss past sins As the story unfolds we learn that there is a secret League within the Justice League And like most things in life their story is neither black nor white Identity Crisis tilts everything you know about the DC universe on its axis by asking a simple uestion How have the costumed heroes kept their identities a secret for so long?

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    Solid story and a personal favorite I bought this in its single comic book issues but I chosen this TPB edition to be able to make a better overall review This TPB edition collects Identity Crisis #1 7Creative TeamWriter Brad MeltzerIllustrator Rags MoralesCovers Michael Turner HOW FAR YOU'LL GO TO PROTECT YOUR SECRETS? Superheroes at least many of them depend of the privacy of their secret identities but some time to time it's unavoidable that some supervillain would find out their real identities putting at risk the lives of all their loved onesSo with their personal life and their families and friends in deadly perilhow far they'll willing to go to protect them?Because it's not only their own personal safety but the security of their close onesAnd if some of their fellow hero friends would find out what they did to protect their secretswhat they'll do about it?How far they'll go? When they'd pass the line? Is there a line? Identity Crisis is a powerful story where heroes make hard calls and they have to live with the conseuences of them since what is at risk is just too precious to them VILLAINS AND OTHER WORSE THINGS Spouses and other relatives of the Justice League are starting to die and they have to do anything to stop this deadly pathElongated Man's wife is killed in too horrorful way and seemingly impossible way and the whole Justice League is out for blood since they won't stand that some of their own would be hurtVillains are in the run generating in a case one of the most epic fights that you'd find in a comic book about super heroesHowever not only villains are able to hurt super heroessadly in life there are worse things that a super hero have to faceShattering hearts along with the inner trust of the teamleaving in tears and pieces the Justice LeagueThis is one of the comic book events that I have enjoyed the most to read since definitely it's a brave and bold tale where you can see the heroes beyond the costumes showing them as men and women who can do a lot of good but also a lot of bad in the name of the safety of their loved ones where at the endthey can solve it with super punches and power boltsThere are crisis that just there isn't an easy way to deal with

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    Do you remember 2015's Viral image that broke the Internet? Blue and Black for meIdentity crisis is the graphic novel euivalent of THE dress I went through rating reviews of my GR friends and there was scarcely any 3 star review It's either five or four Majority like Blue and Black and then straight to one or twoWell that's odd Premise Remember Elongated man AKA Ralph Dibny of Justice League? No? Well neither do anyone Let's just say he is revised and reintroduced in Identity Crisis as one of the important and cool member of the Justice League Tragedy strikes early in the series with the brutal murder of Sue Dibny Ralph Dibny's wife This event shook the very foundation of the superhero community unleashing all their collective effort to track down the killer The first rule of solving a crime You need to find out who benefits Batman Yes this is a complex murder mystery But then again the story is much than thatWhat makes it one of the near perfect graphic novels is the tale's layered storytelling that portrays heroes in a new light by exploring their shortcomings vulnerabilities The Human vulnerabilities to be specific It's not always black and white as one perceivesBut What keeps this from achieving the status of a great story at least for me is the absolutely shocking lack of female narrators and moments In the funeral scene of Sue Dibny which is very moving Diana gives the eulogy as she knew her better And then not a peep from her except for a minor scene where she uses her lasso of truth This was branded as a DC Universe event and the lack of a strong female superhero makes it sound a bit hollow Another aspect I despised was view spoilerthe death of Jack Drake It made no sense to kill him off as our villain's goal was already achieved A murder for tragedy's sake just doesn't work hide spoiler

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    This book just sucked the life and joy out of me while i was reading it i like dark but that's halloween dark the fun stuff but this comic book is just not that dark but a drag Did they try to make a realistic story ? may be this was the goal ? as far as realistic goes all the realist writers put great amount of humor in their books cause life has humor in it and they don't want you to feel terrible when you read their book but this book had no humor it was straight out joyless humorless lifeless a piece of crap which makes you feel terrible This crap ruined my whole day when i read it The end was so terrible Superman hears what he wants to hear and Batman knows what he wants to know my ass They should have punished the secret league in the league for all the crap I felt so terrible reading this book This book stabs you and then turns the blade to hurt And What was the point of it ? I don't see any point There is something very evil about this book I couldn't figure it out yet but nothing ever made me feel so terrible Only this evil piece of crap story achived that

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    “Identity Crisis” is probably one of the most baffling event books I’ve ever read By turns it’s unintentionally funny confusing and ultimately pointless At its core it is a deeply cynical story and seems to be DC’s attempt at Watchmen ifying the DCU and utterly failing It opens with two unfamiliar characters speaking atop a rooftop Elongated Man yes that really is his name and Firehawk a pair who look like the most generic superheroes ever created They are failing to blend in with the scenery but aren’t spotted despite Firehawk being on fire at night watching an alley with a box in it 2 gangsters and a “super” villain who are somehow all connected Sue Dibny Elongated Man’s wife is preparing a surprise birthday for him so he’s put on his tights and headed out into the night to give her room But it’s not going to be a happy birthday as she is about to murdered Sue it turns out is the first in a line of family members of superheroes who are being targeted for some reason This first chapter I think I could write an entire dissertation solely on how stupid this chapter is First off – Elongated Man Does anyone know who he is let alone his wife? Does anyone care? His wife’s dead – so what? We’ve just been introduced to these characters Maybe you’re one of the Silver Age readers who might remember these characters but I’m guessing most people coming to this book aren’t and I’m definitely one of them But the response is hilarious EVERYONE in the DCU mobilises as if their entire world is shook up Sue Dibny is dead? SUE DIBNY? The correct response would’ve been “who?” but it seems she meant a great deal to everyone in the DCU despite not being a superhero and being the wife of a superhero called yes Elongated Man The worst name ever created for a “superhero” Was “Distended Man” taken? This is where DC begin ret conning like crazy Elongated Man tells stories of going out on patrol with Batman – I’ve read a lot of Batman comics and not once have I seen one mention of this character Hell in all the DC comics I’ve read I’ve never seen a single mention of this guy But whoever he is he’s suddenly important because otherwise this book has no impact on the reader so DC make up a whole bunch of stuff about this couple you’ve never heard of to build them up as some kind of massively important characters on par with Superman Wonder Woman et al when the truth is Sue Dibny is an easy character to kill off because nobody remembers her The response is so overblown and melodramatic that once you realise this is all for a character called Sue Dibny the wife of a superhero you’ve never heard of it becomes really funny Green Arrow at one point says “Clark and Bruce may be the bricks but Ralph and Sue they were the mortar” which just made me laugh partly because he’s so solemn when he says it and partly because it’s so untrue And then the funeral takes place You’ve never seen such an outpouring of superheroes – for Sue Dibny The superheroes act like this is their 911 At this point I wondered if someone had made “Who the fuck is Sue Dibny?” tshirts and that I should buy one – seriously DC it’s one thing to insist the reader cares so much about this unknown couple but to have literally every superhero in the DCU breaking down over her death? It’s so ridiculous This leads to the hunt for her killer who is judged to be an unknown villain called Dr Light with no evidence To recap so far the wife of a superhero neither of whom anyone has heard of before is killed by an eually unknown “supervillain” whose power is being able to light up like a lightbulb Oh dear The Dr Light connection leads to some baffling revelations and the explanation for the title Dr Light a seemingly harmless loony manages to break into the JLA’s moon headuarters somehow because it’s never explained while they’re all away Wandering about – for no reason You’re never told why he’s even there in the first place – he meets Sue Dibny And then rapes her Here the laughter is replaced by an uneasy feeling that DC are now actively channelling Alan Moore After half a minute or so most of the JLA appear and stop him beat him up etc Then out of the blue they decide to wipe his memory using Zatanna and then go further changing his brain so his personality is altered It should be said that Superman Batman and Wonder Woman – the Big 3 – are absent but it’s implied that this has happened many times before and as they were involved they must have had a part in this But for the purposes of this book the ringleader is winner of the curviest goatee ever seen in comics Green Arrow who in this book at least manages to win over Barry AllenFlash Hal JordanGreen Lantern and Carter HallHawkman and together they watch as Zatanna does the deed In a book of really strange goings on this is perhaps one of the strangest reasonings I’ve ever read in a DC comic Going waaaaaay back to 1960s Silver Age comics they single out an issue where a magic box switches the identities of superheroes and villains momentarily While the villains are in the superheroes’ bodies they unmask and find out the superheroes’ secret identities Aghast the superheroes once returned to their bodies fear for their loved ones as they will now become targets for the villains So they decide to wipe the memories of the villains to ensure their secret identities remain secret This highlights one of the biggest problems DC and Marvel for that matter have – going back to the past and rewriting it so it’s “darker” It’s like they’re embarrassed of their history So those silly Silver Age stories that were aimed at and written for kids? DC have decided to go back and rewrite them to suit where they are – in the 21st century – as a company creatively They want things to be “real” and “dark” and “gritty” First of all if you’re reading superhero comics and want realism – STOP READING SUPERHERO COMICS You’re reading about a guy who can move so fast his can vibrate his molecules and pass through solid objects and a billionaire who dresses as a bat not to mention the alien who can fly – and you want them to seem “real”? What a nonsensical complaint The good news is that there are lots of “realistic” comics out there so you can fill your boots but if you’re picking up a DC or Marvel book then you’re choosing to put aside realism and indulge in pure fantasy Second why can’t DC leave well enough alone? Those Silver Age comics were written for a younger less sophisticated readership compared to the comics audience of the 21st century which is predominantly adult Those stories in the 60s were silly but that doesn’t mean you have to address the many bizarre stories that were printed and then find ways of explaining them so that there are “real” reasons behind their existence They were just innocent stories for kids designed to be silly – there is absolutely no reason to have to go back and pillage the past to suit the current DarkModern age of comics I’m just getting so sick of this revisionist crap writers who can’t come up with something original so they go back and “spin” something old It’s so uncreative How about a new take on Winnie the Pooh? Hey you know why Eeyore is so down? He was molested as a young donkey Yeah he’s on a ton of antidepressants And speaking of drugs Tigger? He’s on crack All the time hence his energy And Piglet man she is such a whore the things she does with Pooh in his trailer So that’s the “identity crisis” of the book – superheroes performing immoral acts on immoral people I don’t know why DC felt they had to come up with an answer to the uestion of “how do superheroes maintain their secret identities so long?” especially as if that’s a valid uestion how about “how can Flash move so fast? Isn’t that kind of speed impossible for a human?” etc Once again if you’re picking up a superhero comic uestions of realismlogic – these shouldn’t be valid as they’re not applicable And then we’re back to the murder mystery story of Sue Dibny except now there’s another body and once again this victim is someone you don’t know nor care about Tim Drake’s dad I don’t even remember his name that’s how unmemorable he was He was Robin’s dad that’s it To recap again two unknown and inconseuential characters have died and superheroes have been revealed as morally bankrupt Why is this considered to be a “great” book again? So finally we get to the end as Dr Mid Nite figures out just as Bruce Wayne does who the killer is And on the subject of Dr Mid Nite he’s been performing the autopsy on Sue Dibny since her death basically the entire book The events in this book take place between one and two weeks Which means Dr Mid Nite’s been performing an autopsy for over a week Don’t these things take a day or two? He’s got to be the worst “doctor” of all time to spend this long autopsying a corpse And who is the killer of two unknown inconseuential characters? Only another unknown inconseuential character The Atom’s wife Who? Yes the superhero you kind of know about or might not at all the Atom is a guy who can shrink himself down to the size of an atom In this book he’s been going through a divorce with his wife – who left him – and despite the fact that she could get back together with him at the drop of a hat – he repeatedly reminds the reader how much he’s still in love with her – she concocts the most convoluted plan to get him running back to her Which he already was So how does Atom’s wife do it? Well I have no idea I’ve read and re read the seuence and am no clearer She finds one of his tiny costumes in a box one day and then in the next panel she has acuired his powers and is able to shrink to the size of atoms Um Then for some reason she decides to try out her new power by going into Sue Dibny’s brain and playing around in thereErBrad Meltzer I’m not following Then she loses control Sue Dibny dies Atom’s wife tries to hide it by torching Elongated Man’s house fake a murder attempt and then kill Tim Drake’s dad That’s right this is the most nonsensical resolution to a non story I’ve ever read Before I finish and congratulations if you’ve made it through this elongated rant eh? I will say that the book contains one of the best fight seuences I’ve read all year Normally I’m against superhero violence as it’s so inane two roided out dudes in tights punching one another – it’s dull right? But the seuence when Deathstroke takes out the group of Justice Leaguers minus the Big 3 was genius It wasn’t plain fighting it was tactical it was clever it was well choreographed it was a perfect example of how superhero fights should be and so freuently aren’t That and I just like Deathstroke this is the one part of the book that is faultless Rags Morales is the other reason this book gets 2 stars instead of 1 His art is as always fantastic and despite the far too many scenes of costumes crying his work only elevated the book So that’s “identity Crisis” A story featuring nobodies important in the DCU killing one another while the superheroes hover around the edges awkwardly trying their damnedest to pretend it matters Brad Meltzer manages to craft one of the most poorly constructed “mysteries” I’ve ever read while also smearing crap over DC’s superheroes for no reason whatsoever This entire book is pointless partly because the characters who died didn’t matter in the first place It is a disasterpiece of modern comics a cautionary tale for future writers to avoid making superheroes “real” “Identity Crisis” doesn’t make you think differently about superheroes it just makes you wish for the kind of stories that are reviled in this book The ones that don’t try so hard to be “dark” and “gritty” and focus instead on creating original stories that have a balance between drama and levity the kind of comics a kid would want to pick up “Identity Crisis” it just sucks

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    This might be one of my favorite comics I've ever read from DC I can see why some might not like it It retcons things it changes the past of characters and it's far darker than most DC comics When Elongated Man's wife is murdered every superhero well almost every goes on a hunt to find out who it is This is when we begin to dig deep into the past of the JLA The main characters of this series or event I guess are Green ArrowWallyTim DrakeBruceClark They get the most attention anyway They are all effected the most by the events except for Elongated Man because obviously his wife died However the events that happen here truly hit the characters above the most Green Arrow being the narrative of most of the story and now most can see why I LOVE Ollie He's good in nature but logical in others and sometimes he has to make tough choices other heroes can't This is a murder mystery Besides a Badass fight with Deathstroke and small one with Boomrang this event has very very little fighting WHich is why I love it so much I enjoyed Infinite Crisis alot for it's over the top fights and pacing but this is much slower and calculated and honestly I LOVE the pacing in it So be prepared this is a slowburn but it's worth the payoff What I liked Love seeing the League deal with morally difficult decisions Especially in the past Thought the ending was really well done if not sad and I didn't guess the killer at all when I should have and that's a good twistreveal The fights while small are amazing Which brings me to the artwork which is top notch and some shots made me stare just at the page for a minute or two Looking at you funeral shot I also thought the narrative and pacing was also interesting and using Ollie was a great idea What I didn't like I loved just about everything Yeah the retcon was a little off and some old school fans might hate but that's about it Overall this is one of the books to come out and surprise the heck out of me I know it's old but glad I read alot of DC before this It made me feel for all the characters at some point and it hit me harder This is a great book that I'd suggest AFTER you read a good amount of DC A 455

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    Not my favorite It has some serious problems like the Dibneys mistreatment of female characters and the mystery And although I found myself getting excited for the mystery the big reveal was pretty lame Firstly Who the hell is Sue Dibny? I think it's safe to say the average reader doesn't know who she is I can't remember ever reading about her and I've only seen the Elongated Man worst superhero name ever by the way a few times in various events and crossovers In my research I discovered the Dibneys go back to the 60s with Elongated Man in various teams from the 70s to the mid 90s Unless you've been reading comics for thirty five plus years it's unlikely you've had much exposure to the Dibneys And Meltzer calling them minor characters is laughableClark and Bruce may be the bricks but Ralph and Sue they were the mortar I actually laughed at this uote Revisionism much? There's absolutely no justification for this statement Hal Jordan Barry Allen Diana Prince Ollie ueen They're the mortar So many others are ahead of the Dibneys for being the mortar The fact that the entire emotional premise of this book is based on our recognition of and sympathy for Sue Dibny is a terrible choice on Meltzer's part Not to sound heartless but I don't care about her It's like when you read about strangers' deaths in the news there's emotional distance you want to care you do care on some universal level but it doesn't hit you like a friend or family member would I don't know if Meltzer chose virtually unknown characters to do something different to make them known again and immortalize them with their own story not an event or crisis in any sense of the word but it failed me as a reader We'd never seen anything like it Even at Arkham Right the JLA has never seen a rapist before I've lost track of how many comics murder and rape their female characters because art imitates life and life is tragic and men are evil and women are the weaker sex Frank Miller and Alan Moore love to do this And Brad Meltzer does it too I think it's lazy and disgusting writing As a writer in a brand new world you've created in the reader's mind where you can do everything differently women still get murdered and raped And the rape was totally unnecessary Murder isn't bad enough so let's make it even horrific with rape and perpetuating this terrible social norm and instilling even primal fear into our female readership Good thing female readership is so low among comics anyway because I could see some feminists getting pretty pissed off by this And the biggest bother yet was the mystery I'll admit there were some clever twists and great misdirection although I'm not a mystery reader so I'm easily fooled In the first chapter we're told the killer's identity Which pissed me off because what a way to diffuse the mystery Good thing they were wrong And wrong again Then the JLA is sent scrambling because and lives are put in danger and things get really crazy And I was guessing until the end and was shocked by the big reveal Again I'm no mystery reader so maybe it was obvious than I think But after the shock wore off I thought what the fuck? That's the big reveal that's the motivation? What a cop out That's borderline Scooby Doo Sorry gang Old Man Weathers was just plain 6s and 7s That's it? So there's really no logical explanation for what happened Obsessiveness and incident are responsible for three innocent lives And what about Tim Drake? Is Meltzer just obligatorily fulfilling every Robin's destiny? The I write about this the angry I seem to get Which is weird because post Sue I was getting into the mystery and flipping pages to find out what happens There are some pretty good fight scenes arguments and dialog Villains like Deathstroke gained of my respect for their ruthlessness And the artwork is very well done But Meltzer's choice of the Dibneys the murder and rape and the reveal sort of ruined what small enjoyment there was And Tim Drake? Terrible and unnecessary This is about what I expected unfamiliar characters bad things happening to good people a mostly unsatisfying story Essential reading? Nope But if you're really bored I guess there are worse things to read

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    Elongated Man's wife is murdered and the search for her killer opens up a whole can of worms involving super villains having their memories erasedThe best comics are the ones that are about something Starman is about stepping into your father's shoes Sandman is about stories The Watchmen is about how power corrupts This one is a mystery that raises a lot of ethical uestions Meltzer's writing is really good and Rags Morales's art is the perfect fit Having Green Arrow being one of the main characters gives the reader a good view of things If you're looking for a super hero comic that's than just two guys in costumes punching each other pick this up

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    One of darkest and best DC comics I've ever readThe death of an hero's wifeThe death of idealsThe death of a dreamThis and much in this amazing murder mistery tale and the ending is going to shock you for good TwiceNever read about Elongated Man before buying this hardback in a comics buying rampage at a convention here in Rome last month but in a few pages the author made me love poor Ralph and Sue ok she was another DC woman in refrigerator plot device like Kyle RaynerGreen Lantern's girlfriend but a real well made one Dibny before punching hard and low this readerLoved how the Trinity was just in the background while things and League crumbled down strong in their mythical auraLoved the brutal badass fight of Deathstroke against everyoneThe perversion of Dr Light here was a real shock for me so different from the one in Teen Titans Go cartoons I use to watch with my little daughterMichael Turner's covers were just awesome and I'm not going to forget that look on the face of Tim Drake for loooonng timeA gut wrenching surprising readIf you are a fan of Watchman give a try to this one too you are going to like it very much

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    Bullet ReviewVery decent I saw in a friend's review that it felt a lot like Watchmen and I concur For whatever reason all the elements worked for me; in particular I grew really fond of Green ArrowOllie It's also overdramatic and pretentious as hell but there's worse out there