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Een Engelse Kolonel Houdt Zich In Bezig Met De Wederopbouw Van Het Gebombardeerde Hamburg Hij Krijgt Een Woning Tot Zijn Beschikking, Die Zo Fraai En Groot Is Dat Hij De Eigenaar, Een Duitse Architect, Met Zijn Dochter Een Paar Kamers Laat Gebruiken Dit Is Tegen De Zin Van Zijn Commandant N Aanvankelijk Zijn Vrouw Die Na Drie Jaar Met Hun Zoon Eindelijk Naar Hem Toe Kan Komen De Bevrijder Hoort Niet Samen Te Leven Met De Vijand De Deels Op Ware Gebeurtenissen Gebaseerde Roman Laat Zich Op Twee Manieren Lezen Als Een Historisch Document Dat Een Speciale Kant Van De Inspanningen Om Een Stad Weer Uit De As Te Laten Herrijzen Beschrijft N Een Boeiende Roman Over Liefdes Relaties Van De Hoofdpersonen Warning contains mild spoilers I ummed and aahed about what rating to give this I settled on 2.5 stars, then remembered you can t do half stars, so ummed and aahed a bit and opted to round up to three stars.This book was a bit odd for me I love history, particularly World War Two and after I also love historical fiction This book seemed to tick both those boxes for me, so I was sure I d really like it.And that is the strange thing I did like lots of things about it He s a good writer, it s an interesting story in an interesting setting I found the book made me want to continue reading, and I finished it pretty quickly, at least by my usual standards I don t have the huge commute or sleep disorder which enable some people to read anything at a rate of knots.The story wasn t in any way unbelievable, there was no credibility stretching stuff in there I also felt like it did a very good job conveying the horrific mess of Hamburg in 1945 or, accurately, Hamburg post the terrible bombing which killed so many people.So, despite all of that, why only 3 well, 2.5 stars It just felt a little superficial to me It was as if the author had painstakingly plotted out the environment his characters would inhabit, and the relationships they would have, yet had paid not enough attention to developing these relationships over time.So, for example, we go from a situation where and there s a spoiler here the main female character in the book goes from a frosty resentment of the German in whose house they are living, to having an affair with him in what seems like a matter of a day or two We go from mistrust and animosity to passion in one jump without passing through any intermediate stages Not only that, but the affair could be spotted pretty much from the start, it was that predictable.I also felt that some of the characters were pretty cartoonish The creepy intelligence major and his social climber wife felt particularly cliched to me The scene with the Russian, American and French military representatives felt to me like it was straight out of the Big Book of National Stereotypes, 1945 edition I didn t really see the point of Lewis s interpreter at all The character really went nowhere.The ending of the book felt somewhat like a case of I ve got nothing to write here, so I ll knock it on the head , as if a convenient way to wrap matters up had been found, and even then, it didn t really seem like a particularly good or conclusive ending It just felt like the book had run out of steam.A shame, really, I had really wanted to like this book, and although I have read far worse books than this so far this year, this was pretty disappointing stuff. Great novel indeed IN WAR, NOBODY TRULY WINS I have history with this booksince I knew about it since almost it was published and even I bought itbut as many of us, readers, happens, we put the book in a boxand later you forgets that you have to read it When I found out that this book was adapted into a film soon to be released , I ran to look out for the bookand finally read it Yep, it was a great reading indeed Hamburg, 1946 The Allied forces USA, England and Russia have got each a part of Germany, and while some are reconstructing, some just are enjoying the spoils of war, and even enforcing strict laws agains the surviving Germans.Yes, Nazi party was truly evil, but if you beat them, and later you are treating unfair to the defeat oneshow noble and honorable, the victors truly were The vicious circle of evil shoud stop at some point and instead of doing circles, you have to go forward Since after all, almost any major power in history have done unspeakable actions in war against other nation, the ally of a time it s the enemy of another You can t live in the past, yes, never forget to avoid falling into the same errors, but at some point you have to start the process of forgiving.A British Colonel is in charge of Hamburg, and he s assigned a house to live with his family, a house that was still occupied by their rightful owners, and the usual action would be to take them out to go to some temporary shelter, and even the wife of the British Colonel would be just happy with that, since she lost one of her two underage sons due a Nazi bombbut the British Colonel can t do that, and he offered a discreet deal with the owner of the house to remain in the upper section of the mannor along with his underage daughter, who is pissed of having to share her home with invadersso tension of both sides will make not easy to live all together under the same rooffor not saying an eager British Intelligence Officer like a hawk looking out for anyone, not matter if ally or foe, whom may be not following the new rules of occupation.Not only the losers in a war must learn from their wartime actions, but also the victors should learn too from the experience.If we really ending wars, the hate must end along with them. As a fan of historical fiction, I knew this book wouldn t have to work hard to win me over However, I didn t know how easily the characters would draw me into their lives into a world of motherless children and childless mothers, a world trying to live again amongst the rubble of broken buildings, bodies, and spirits Brook gets every nuance of grief just right, without sentimentality, but with hard truths He shows us how life is born from death, and how the broken seek and ultimately find a way to rise again. Alguna vez hab is visto el tr iler de una pel cula y sentido la necesidad de leer el libro Yo no Lo reconozco, no soy mucho de pel culas Pero siempre hay un primera vez y me alegro que haya sido con este libro La pluma del autor es embriagadora, como si de alguna manera pudieras beber un t y un vaso de whisky, al mismo tiempo La historia sensual, dura, realista, hermosa.