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There's a secret organization somewhere in England created to defend the ueen and country from monsters of all sorts Yes it's hard to believe in this day and age but really isn't this the true age of monsters?Enter Hellsing an agency long in tooth with the experience know how andereuipment to handle the problems that arise when vampires ghouls take on these dark forces What euipment? you may say How about another vampire and a big pistol loaded with special silver bullets? That oughta do the trickHellsing the long awaited manga is finally in America thanks to Dark Horse Comics and the folks at Digital Manga and you're gonna love it Come get some smart ass gore and action as only Japan seems to produce in that crazy non Western formats the kids seem to love And nice and thick at over 200 pages

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    Last chapter to read Chapter 20I was having some second thoughts if I should continue this series I love the plot but the art I find is not that great maybe I've been spoiled by other manga artists I might check out the anime though because Alucard is life

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    The plague of my high school grades I read the first volume and then watched the original anime After the character designs of the tv show the art in the first volume made me nervous but not nearly as much as I was dissatisfied by the ending of the tv anime So when I realized that the manga followed a completely different storyline after the first book I was devouring the chapters online The art style is so uniue for manga so gritty and mecha while still being so sensual and raw And not to mention absolutely crass tastic What I would expect from a vulgar ero mangaka otaku like Hirano The storyline is incredibly researched for being so farfetched True Dracula fans will fangasm at the beautifully illustrated nods to Stoker's original story But I had many interesting nights on wikipedia thanks to Hellsing from pages of the occult to Schrodinger's cat The OVAs certainly do it justice for Hellsing fans who are by loyalty patient They are usually released every 2 4 years More years for the dub But the manga certainly stands distinct and is worth a full read

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    Tonight I'd just watched this REALLY INTERESTING video about the artwork of Hellsing opinion on the Hellsing series one of the best vampire manga out there

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    I read the first eight volumes of this some time back—between one and four years ago—and the other day I noticed that volumes nine and ten were available picked them up and concluded the seriesI suppose I have a love hate relationship with Hellsing and for two very obvious reasons On the side of love are Sir Integra Wingate Hellsing the titular heroine of the series a no nonsense hard as nails woman whom singlehandedly runs an organization devoted to keeping England free of freaks and monsters and her primary servant Alucard That's Dracula backward for a reason Alucard is a shameless monster bound to the Hellsing family and acting only at the behest of his master—and taking great delight in the destruction of freaks ie lesser vampires He's as amoral and cunning as Integra is driven and dedicated and together the two of them make me fangirl with gleeOn the hate side of the coin however we have four little words Nazi werewolf vampire cyborgs I wish I were kidding Really Hirano? Really? That was the best you could do? I swear I have a minor aneurysm every time I think about itFalling somewhere in the middle are Integra's improbably impressive butler Walter he who designs the outlandish guns that Alucard and Seras use; Seras Victoria the police girl that Alucard makes into a vampire and his servant at the beginning of the series and who serves as fanservice bait for the majority of the run; and then of course the oft incomprehensible pages and pages of black and white splash art in which there are presumably fights occurring beneath the motion lines and blood splatters Happily while such scenes are plentiful they are nicely counterbalanced by the odd brilliant beautiful pictures such as one of Alucard sprawled out in a chair looking utterly debauched while surrounded by numerous empty bags—formerly holding blood The parallels to an alcoholic surrounded by bottle of bourbon were deliberate evocative and altogether strikingSo while there's a lot here that sounds terrible there's a lot that is wonderful and I highly recommend the series It's a fantastic antidote to the sparkly vampires we're getting socked with these days and hammers home the point pun intended that only a human can defeat a monster

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    I absolutely love Hellsing a little less by the end than in the beginning but still five stars worth It is dark gritty gothic and just this side of insane The baddies are bad but the hero is even worse Alucard is a psychotic blood thirsty vampire with a wry sense of morbid humor He truly revels in the carnage he creates Sir Integra Wingate who by the way is female is my favorite type of woman—strong flinch less and in complete mastery of an overpowering mythical force not to mention an assassin cum butler and an international 'peacekeeping' organization Granted Hellsing does take some getting used to It's a manga but set in England the body count is extremely high and there is enough blood to drown it But if you like dark manga it is worth reading

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    Mhmm This manga is something Apart from Alucard I didn't really care about the other characters honestly The art was a bit messy But I kinda enjoyed this However I'd recommend to watch the anime than reading the manga

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    Overall Rating Manga AOriginal anime series BNew anime series A Summary Hellsing is a manga series by Kouta Hirano Hellsing chronicles the efforts of the mysterious and secret Royal Order of Protestant Knights Hellsing as it combats vampires ghouls and other supernatural foes who threaten the kingdom of England The main character Alucard Dracula cleverly spelled backwards is used to kill other supernatural creatures and makes Seras Victoria a cop he shoots to kill another vampire into a vampire early on in the series and we get to watch her deal with her new life as a blood drinker with some hilarious and sometimes creepy resultsI love vampires so it's not much of a surprise that I like Hellsing a series based around vampires and supernatural organizations So why does the series get three separate ratings? It boils down to the fact that the first anime series is a lot different than the manga and the second series I was first introduced to Hellsing with the original anime series which was based loosely on the manga At the time roughly 2002 or 2003 I thought it was amazing Unfortunately the end of that series is extremely weak on plot and feels rushed It's like the people involved had a brain storming session over a pile of coke had a bunch of cool ideas but couldn't figure out how to bring them together into a cool ending Not to mention the fact that the concept for the final villain Incognito is kind of racist from the Dark Continent ends up wearing little than jewelry and is pretty fucking lame when compared to some of the other villains introduced earlier in the series Later I found out that only the first 6 episodes or so were based on the Manga and the rest of the series was made up for the anime That explains why it felt so rushed because it was So I decided it was time to check out the manga to see if the plot held up longer in it The manga blew away the anime and now I have some trouble watching the old series In the manga you get detail and character development and characters For example Alexander Anderson is introduced in the the old anime series but we don't meet the other members of Iscariot Nor is there any hint of the Nazi organization Millennium I could go on but the point is that the manga kicks the anime's ass If you've seen the anime do yourself a favor and check out the manga If you haven't checked out either then get your vampire loving ass out to your local comic book shop or wherever you buy manga and pick it up If you don't love vampires then I hate you Ok maybe not hate but seriously what's up with that shit? The new anime series on the other hand is completely faithful to the manga and definitely worth watching The production value is a lot higher the creator is behind the series and overall it's simply kick ass My suggestion is to read the manga volumes 1 7 are out now and volume 8 is scheduled to come out in early July then watch the new OVA series Hellsing Ultimate and then watch the old anime It's all good but the manga and the Ultimate series are a lot better It's like watching the season of Angel where he gets fat and then going back and watching season 2 or 3 of Buffy No one likes a fat vampireFor manga and anime reviews please check out Hobotaku

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    This is a review of the entire seriesThere's a secret organization somewhere in England created to defend the ueen and country from monsters of all sorts Their secret weapon? The most powerful monster in the world What better way to deal with monsters than to send an even bigger threat their way?Vampires vs Nazis vs Catholic Extremists vs Secret Agents of the ueen of EnglandHellsing is pure carnage following a twisted cast of characters that know how to take pleasure in the unfettered chaos that war brings Alucard is a high class vampire that hunts down supernatural beasts Alexander is a priest fueled by bloodlust and an unhealthy love for God Major is the second coming of Hitler Integra is the granddaughter of Van Helsing himself and that's only a few of the main players The premise of the plot and the characters playing the game of war make for an absolutely ridiculous and bloody fun timeAgain the word that comes to mind here is carnage and carnage is what is delivered in a very cunning and charming fashion The plot may indeed be insane and a bit silly but Hellsing takes pride in its crazy premise and has a badass sense of self awareness that makes it a cut above the average pulp fiction escapadeMy Social MediaMy Instagram Account Wattpad Account YouTube Channel Twitter Account Facebook Account

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    I don't found it engaging Anyhow completed Maybe because I don't like blood gore and the plot was partly religious which I found difficult to understand

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    I liked Kohta Hirano’s manga HELLSING The manga is about the story of Alucard and his vampire hunting adventure The story is based in England It is about a vampire named Alucard He is a vampire hunter who kills other vampires to stop the human race from going extinct I really liked the part when Alucard fights the Paladin because the action is very entertaining I would recommend this book to the manga readers because as a manga reader I really liked this book