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Dark Horse presents new editions of the entire Hellboy line with new covers beginning with Seed of Destruction the basis of director Guillermo del Toro's blockbuster films Hellboy is one of the most celebrated comics series in recent years The ultimate artists' artist and a great storyteller whose work is in turns haunting hilarious and spellbinding Mike Mignola has won numerous awards in the comics industry and beyond When strangeness threatens to engulf the world a strange man will come to save it Sent to investigate a mystery with supernatural overtones Hellboy discovers the secrets of his own origins and his link to the Nazi occultists who promised Hitler a final solution in the form of a demonic avatar Hellboy is a brilliant example of how to elevate the comic of the future to a higher literary level while achieving a higher pitch of excitement Robert Bloch from his introduction

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    I love this series I have for years That said I haven't been a faithful follower of the books I don't read comics in single issues I read comics once they're collected in trade paperback and even then my purchases are erratic But earlier this year I went on a Hellboy binge I bought everything that I didn't already own and read it all in just a week or two Both the main storyline all the side arcs and the BPRD series too About 30 books in all How do I feel about it after glutting myself? I still love it If anything I love it than before because I have a much better appreciation for the entire story arc that's been taking place When I try to think how to describe Hellboy I find myself a little stumped I want to use phrases like Mythically robust but that's a wankerish thing to say and it really doesn't do the series justice If forced to summarize this uick and dirty give it the elevator pitch so to speak That's where you pitch a story to someone in the space of time it takes for your elevator to reach their floor here's what I'd say Imagine Sandman Leave in all the clever trans mythic brilliance but remove all the emo bits and replace them with punching and snappy one liners Garnish lightly with Nazis That's Hellboy God That's awful This is why I don't review books I'm terrible at this Even worse it implies I don't love Sandman which I do Sandman is in my top three And I'm well aware that it's not emo it's tragedy Don't fill my inbox with hate Okay?Okay Let's move onSimply said if you haven't read this series You really owe it to yourself to try at least the first three trades It wasn't until I read The Chained Coffin that I really came to appreciate what was going on in the series in terms of storytelling It's marvelous

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    Outstanding concept but lacked deeper characterization This trade paperback edition collects the comic book issues “Hellboy” #1 to #4 which it’s the beginning of the series Also including the two previous illustrated short stories published as promos for Hellboy the main characterCreative TeamCreator illustrator and story Mike MignolaScript John Byrne HECK BOY If I have a real name I’ve never known it I’m called Hellboy Hellboy is one of the strongest comic book titles in the area of Indy Independent comics and some proof of that can be counted in the four movies two theatrical live action two direct to video animated which they have been positively praisedAnd you know that Hellboy is something out of the ordinary when the famous Horror author Robert Bloch writes the introduction to the trade paperbackThe premise of the origins of Hellboy the main character and the Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense BPRD the organization where he works are indeed outstandingHellboy appeared as a “baby” in an abandoned church in a British town during the final days of the World War II due a satanic summon made in a distant different location by a special team assembled by the Nazis An Allied team was already in the church waiting for the product of the Nazis’ paranormal operation so “Hellbaby” was taken under the care of Prof Trevor Bruttenholm pronounced “Broom” The Nazi High Command thought that the mission was a failure And for like 50 years Hellboy and the BPRD have engaged a never ending battle against demons monsters and forces of darkness keeping safe humanity from all that kind of paranormal threats WHAT THE HECK? I’d be the first to admit that I have no shortage of faults There is some odd elements and lack of characterization in this first storyI know there are stories in the series and further development but nevertheless I still think that some odd elements and deeper characterization should be done hereDue the action shown here Hellboy’s BPRD’s existence aren’t secret or confidential since there is a scene where Hellboy shows in the open and his partner Liz Sherman flashed a BPRD badge Cool no problem with that but if some dude like Hellboy a big gorilla like red skinned demon walks in the open why Abe Sapien uses a disguise to hide his out of the ordinary apperance? I mean if people isn’t shocked or scared watching somebody like Hellboy surely Abe Sapien won’t do any differentThe heroes are astonishig Hellboy Elizabeth Sherman and Dr Abraham Sapien The three of them are agents of the BPRD The three of them with skills and powers beyond the mere mortals However during the development of the first story I didn’t feel that I could be able to know about them precisely beyond of their skills and powers I know about them due the movies and some internet research but honestly I think that’s author’s job to make me to get to know the characters in the story and not due outside reference I want to know how are their personalities how is their interaction between each other and while there is obviously interaction between the characters is the very basic one and strictly to the mission People aren’t their jobs And not matter how cool looks to be agents of BPRD at the very bottom is a job so I wanted to know through the story presented in the book what kind of people really are Powers and skills are narrative’s gimmicks to solve troubles and to sell easier the books Jobs are what pay the bills So at the end it’s author’s ingenuity to develop in the story not matter if it’s prose or illustrated a way to make possible to the readers to understand what the characters have inside of their hearts and mindsOnce again I know that this was only the origin story and you can’t expect to know everything about the characters since the beginning but the thing here is that besides a reading of their profiles establishing their powers and skills during the narrative of the story I wasn’t able to get inside of the character and feeling that at least I started to know about them Nope Zip Zero You get the mission and the basic interaction between them dealing with the mission But beyond that Nothing else And while authors can’t give away everything about their characters I think they should give away something I guess that I know the characters due their presentation in the movies but are they like their movie counterparts? I don’t know This first story didn’t give something personal about them to compare withHaving interesting stories is good But being able to get to know the characters in the middle of what is going on is what make good stories into great stories RAISE HECK There’s all these frogs in my room After the brief events in 1944 showing the “birth” of Hellboy the action moves to 1994 where Professor “Broom” calls Hellboy to tell him about a doomed civilian expedition in which he sadly was part ofNot matter that 50 years have passed Hellboy thanks to the fact that he is some kind of demon while obviously is now an adult he isn’t “old” in the sense of showing any physical deterioration Hellboy is still in his primeThe revelation about the expedition and some WAY unexpected violence tied to it leads to the formal investigation about the weird elements linked to the doomed expedition which they will get to know soon enough that it was just the latest of many others before that oneHowever nor Hellboy or his partners are prepared that after 50 years of battling all kind of evil paranormal menaces finally they are dealing with one directly connected to the reason of why Hellboy is in our dimensionA patient mysterious villain that the narrative will tell you who is was waiting for the right time to accomplish his real goal not what the Nazi High Command thought what he was doing for them BUT what he really was doing for himand which Hellboy will have a key roleWhile Seeds of Destruction has an aceptable closure in its narrative you have a “final scene” leading into a kinda cliffhanger which will be resolved in the story Wake the Devil I didn’t mind this since I want to read other TPBs of Hellboy but I would be fooling you if I wasn’t expecting a real ending here and realizing at the ending of the reading that I’d need to buy another TPB to get the full story So while I honestly think that the premise of the series shown here is outstanding my rating to this TPB was due the lack of development in the heroes’ personalities and having a not definitely ending to the storyBut again certainly I want to read other comic book TPBs and some prose novels of this series

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    After the movies I didn't expect much from the comic They were fun but a bit cheesy The film's director Guillermo Del Toro tends to make films that are all flash and no substance like Blade II and Pan's Labyrinth I assumed that the Hellboy movies were just executed better but I now realize that the movies fell far short of the source materialThe comics are moody charming and uniuely stylized The dramatic inking and chiaroscuro lighting combines with the simple evocative lines to create a fiercely dynamic visual experience It's interesting to note that even though the films concentrate on visuals they still never reach the stark beauty of the comicAs lovely as the art is what's remarkable is the depth of the story Few artistauthors combine the necessary skills so adroitly Few names suggest themselves for comparison Winsor McCay Frank Miller Bill Watterson Will EisnerThe strength of Mignola's stories is his knowledge of myths and legend From Norse Sagas to English Fairytales Christian Apocrypha to Russian Folk Stories Cthulhu to Nazi conspiracies the breadth and depth is impressive What may be impressive is Mignola's ability to combine these disparate threads into a cohesive whole and to present these bits of cultural history alongside a giant wisecracking red guy without the losing the comic's serious even terrifying toneIt's no wonder that the films ended up goofy than scary since maintaining this careful balance is difficult at best Mignola keeps a strong undercurrent throughout his stories Instead of simply combining esoterica into an unwieldy mass like Grant Morrison Mignola makes the fables themselves the undercurrent of the story and lets the characters coast atop the strangeness not unlike LovecraftUsually cross genre stories like this end up losing me when they sacrifice plot and character for the sake of oddity Mignola however rarely forgets to center his stories around straightforward plots and character motivation Mignola doesn't really hit his stride until later in the series but the first entry is still strong and enjoyable My Suggested Reading In Comics

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    It's been a number of years since I first read Seed of Destruction the first Hellboy book and having read all of them at this point I decided to go back and re read the first book because my memories of it were hazy Well as I suspected it's not a great first volume but Hellboy is an incredible series so don't be put off by this shaky start The later books get better and better and better But this first oneI had completely forgotten that Mike Mignola didn't write the first Hellboy book John Man of Steel Byrne did That one surprised me I'm sure Mignola had a hand in the story but the script is entirely credited to Byrne which explains a lot Hellboy doesn't uite sound like Hellboy in this he's less charismatic less witty and sober than in later books Here he talks like a generic tough guy than the Hellboy we've come to know over the years Professor Bruttenholm pronounced broom is killed early on in the book and Hellboy barely bats an eyelid Not a single tear just a cursory he's dead over the phone To be fair the relationship between Hellboy and his adoptive father the Professor would be elaborated on in later books so it's interesting to see that in this first volume Mignola had all but dismissed Bruttenholm as a character in the Hellboy universeSeed of Destruction is only barely related to the first Hellboy film The beginning of the book and the film are the same in that it's set during WW2 on a remote island where the Nazis and Rasputin are trying to summon forces to turn the tide in the Nazis' favour and a baby Hellboy shows up But that's only the first few pages and the film and book separate from there on out The haunting Cavendish house the generations old curse and the frogs that take up the rest of the book aren't in the film at all so don't expect Seed of Destruction to be the first Hellboy film in comics formMignola's art is the best thing about the book I love Mignola's style all solid colours and figures verging on the abstract plus Hellboy's character design is just genius some sketches at the back show how the character evolved from his inception in 1991 to his final design in 1994 and is one of the things I miss about the later Hellboy books It's interesting that Mignola wasn't confident enough to both write and draw the book which is ironic as Mignola would become a much better writer than Byrne in later books Byrne's writing is far too descriptive so the panels are filled with text while Hellboy's inner monologue is too clunky and expositional these aspects would later disappear once Mignola took over writing dutiesAll of which is to say that Seed of Destruction isn't a great Hellboy book but is a solid horrormystery story with plenty of cool moments There are lots of horror elements many of which are Lovecraftian like the tentacle monster at the end and the frog monsters throughout not to mention the doomed expedition in arctic climes and the overall gothic feel of the book Plus it's great to see Mignola slowly putting together what will become a massive universe gingerly introducing Abe Sapien and Liz Sherman while only hinting at what the BPRD isIt's a shame this is the first volume as many new readers will read this and some will be turned off from reading by Byrne's clunky writing and characterisation and therefore miss out on one of the greatest comic book characters ever created as Hellboy will become in later volumes Seed of Destruction may not be an ideal first book but readers who persevere with the series will be rewarded with some of the richest comics you could ever hope to read

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    Ah This was uite good The art suited the pulpy vibe of the story perfectly And it is a good story too underscored by Lovecraftian influencesThere really isn’t much I can say other than this it’s much better than the filmRecommended Even to readers who don’t particularly enjoy the graphic medium

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    My very first Hellboy comic I have seen the two movies and have to say that they were pretty good Funny with great make up and costumes very good CGI and the atmosphere they created was fantastic Thus I wanted to know if the comics could invoke the same feelingMany story elements in this comic reminded me of the first movie Like how Hellboy comes to our world who brought him from his world to ours the Nazi story his relationship with a certain scientist his two rather unusual companions the enemy and ultimate battleA few elements were unknown to me but all were worked out wonderfully Noteworthy is as a contrast to the movies that Hellboy is not an oaf as he often appears on screen He doesn't just smash things around but also reflects on an almost philosophical level Other than that the story brings great history combined with a lot of fun actionThe art in this is glorious Dark with stark colour contrasts and sharp edges and many details which was especially pleasant in regards to shown ruins and history elements something that will always draw me in I love history and mythology and both seem to get mixed wonderfully in the Hellboy comics which was my motivation to watch the movies and now to read one of the volumes Two actually since I'll read another one tonight

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    I watched the movies when they came out and I though they where ok but nothing to write home aboutAfter it I had some interest in comic but not enough to put it high on my to read listMy interest rose significantly after The goon Hellboy crossover and now after finishing available New 52 Batman comics I finally started this seriesAfter all this time time I should have learned that movies rarely have much in common with comics they are based on Movie is classical colorful hero movie with classical movie plotline mandatory schmuck added to set of characters Comic on the other hand has strong pulpy Lovecraftian atmosphere supported by illustrations in dark pastel colors Protagonist is also lot different overallYes he is still wisecracking but he seems less childish and balanced flashed out as characterOverall great start to the series and this is probably series I will continue in following weeks

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    This is the second time I've read this the first being around the time the first or second movie came out but I remember not bothering with reading the rest Why? I honestly don't knowThis has a great Cthulhu vibe to it mixing old Nazis Rasputin private eyes sea gods and even a misspelling of Ereshkigal Sumerian goddess of the underworld What's not to like?Well maybe I was just in a mood then or a mood now but by the time I finished this volume today I'm in the mood to keep on going and enjoying the series It's Hellboy Didn't we all enjoy the movies? lol

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    The first book of Hellboy can best be described as The X Files in Arkham Totally relevant to my interests For the most part it delivers The villain is a little monologue y but that seems to be in character for him I liked Hellboy's narration and the art is striking Aside from the main storyline there are also a couple of short action packed comics there are pretty fun to read

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    I love Mike Mignola's art style chunky and dark with occasional flashes of brilliant colors In this story Hellboy goes up against a Nazi sponsored Rasputin but Rasputin has his own plans The only weak point in this story is that it isn't really clear why Rasputin is doing what he is doing other than he's just evil