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Winner Of The Cross Sports International Autobiography Of The Year AwardIn The S, Diana Nyad Was Widely Regarded As The Greatest Long Distance Swimmer In The World And Set Many World Records, Such As Circling Manhattan Island And Crossing The Miles Between The Bahamas And Florida But One Record Continually Eluded Her Becoming The First Woman To Swim Between Cuba And The Florida Keys Without A Shark Cage Finally, In September , After Four Failed Attempts And At The Age Of Sixty Four, Diana Completed The Crossing After Two Days And Two Nights Of Continuous Swimming Consecutive Hours, Miles Millions Of People Watched Her And Cried And Cheered And Were Dazzled And Amazed By Her Tenacity And Courage Her Memoir, Find A Way, Is A Dramatic, Page Turning Account Of The Epic Endurance Quest That Led To That Moment, And Is Also A Galvanizing Call To Live Life Boldly, In The Moment, Fearlessly, Passionately, With No Regrets What Makes This Book Special Is That It Not Only Recounts An Astonishing And Hard Won Triumph, Though It Does Tell The Story Of An Extraordinary And Improbable Victory What Makes This Book, And Nyad Herself, So Incredible Is The Fact Of Her Monumental Courage In The Face Of Failure Nyad Failed, And Failed, And Failed, And Failed, But Never Gave Up, And This Memoir Shows Her Unwavering Belief In The Face Of Overwhelming Odds It Is About Perseverance, Tenacity And Commitment On An Epic Scale

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    Brilliant inspiring book It s made me get back into swimming after a few years of not doing much Every time I go for a paltry 30 minute long swim in the sea I think of Diana and I marvel at her courage and persistence Such an interesting book from a biological point of view also re jellyfish, currents, sharks etc Would recommend it to anyone swimmers and non swimmers alike.

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    I wanted to love this but I still haven t finished it because it s just a struggle to get through There is no doubt that Diana Nyad is an amazing woman but the book is hard work.

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    Hero or nutter Either way a bloody fantastic read Beautifully written account of a single minded individuals dream realised only with the expertise of a small army.

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    I have not finished this book yet but it s messages are superb A very honest account of a flawed human who isn t afraid to show all sides of herself Diana talks candidly about her life traumas, relationships and aspirations leaving the reading inspired all the way through A great read for anyone going through life struggles.

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    Incredible read, I m not an ocean swimmer but you don t need to be, as there is so much than just about the sport Just a brilliantly inspiring book Can t recommend enough

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    A story hard to contemplate, how could anyone stand such pain and difficulty Well Diana did and one can only marvel I found the book better than any films of this I have seen.

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    Great read, very inspiring

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    Really great read about a very special lady This book is not just about a great swimmer it is lesson in how much self belief plays a part in our lives.