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Tony Chu is a detective with a secret A weird secret Tony Chu is Cibopathic which means he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats It also means he's a hell of a detective as long as he doesn't mind nibbling on the corpse of a murder victim to figure out whodunit and why He's been brought on by the Special Crimes Division of the FDA the most powerful law enforcement agency on the planet to investigate their strangest sickest and most bizarre casesCollects CHEW issues #1 5

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    nom nom nomwhy on earth did it take me so long to make my way over to this series? plenty of people were telling me to kat stark straight up recommended it to me with her words and there were the passive recommendations in the form of glowing reviews from people like anne and jeff and that big bear melki who has read 450 books this year and that's just crazy you have to trust a bear that reads books than there are days in which to read them and then there was a crossover event between this and my beloved revival series the point is sometimes you gotta stick a horse's face in the water before she figures out how to drink and now that i know how to drink i'm ready for a bender i've bought the next two volumes already and i cannot wait to dive infor those of you who haven't read this all you need to know is that tony chu is an fda agent in a world where fda agents get the opportunity to be badass than they do in our world a typical day can involve some of this or this or this see chicken has been banned for human consumption after a bird flu pandemic made it a sketchy foodstuff and there's all kinds of chicken speakeasies to bust up and chicken smugglers to bring down and YES I SAID 'CHICKEN SPEAKEASIES' I KNOW; IT'S AWESOME RIGHT??? but on top of all that poor tony is also cibopathic which is an unenviable condition where whatever he eats he can see its paaaaaaast so he can see the tree from which an apple grew or he can see the last suealing shudders of a pig's death throes and a lot of times it's better not to know what's been done to your food but then he finds a way to put his condition to good use because his skills aren't limited to food or to look at it another way anything or anyone is food to something grinso i loved it i love amelia mintz i love mason and i looooove tony chu and considering how uickly things escalated in this volume from no i don't wanna to sigh okay then to nom nom nom imma GET you i am super excited to see where this thing goes i mean any book that has this kinda decadence that leads to this kinda houseparty aftermath is my kinda book cannibalism is just the icing on the human remains cake the way communism is just a red herring and i cannot wait zero of which are direct uotes mind youcome to my blog

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    This book was so much fun Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Wait you can't have chicken dinner Because the bird flu hit three years ago and now chicken is outlawed Tony Chu is a detective that happens to be a Cibopathic He can get phychic readings from whatever he eats He gets brought into the FDA special crimes units for his uniue abilitles and is teamed with a fellow cibopathic Now this gets completely gross at times Blood cannibalism craziness abounds Buckle your seat belts and don't plan on eating while reading this one

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    Nutritive but overcooked This is a TPB edition collecting the first 5 issues of the comic book title “Chew”Creative TeamWriter Lettering John LaymanIllustrator Colors Rob Guillory HORS D’OUEUVRE Chew is an indy comic book title focused on the character of Tony Chu a former cop and now an US Government of the FDA Food and Drug Administration Tony Chu has a very special skill he is a cibopathic which means that he can perceive images and getting info from anything edible that he’d taste The only kind of food that he can’t perceive anything from is beet In this reality the US Government declared a prohibition over poultry due a bird flu allegedly the reason of millions of deaths not only in US but also around the world SOUP The comic book title has a lot of originality making it a fair option to readers looking for a different type of stories in this kind of reading format The narrative is engaging and the artwork is striking ENTRÉE I’d heard about the comic book title and I was able to read the first issue thanks that I got a free copy of it in a comic book event in an already closed local comic book store I read it and I was astonished about what I read on that first issue and I knew that I wanted to read at least the first story arc eventually MAIN COURSE Now that I already read the whole first arc I have a better picture of the comic book titleI still think that Chew is a very creative work with a vision of originality like few current comic book titles in the market haveBUT I found several negative elements during the reading experience with this first TPBWhy only chicken is prohibited by Federal law? I found that odd and kinda pointless It’s like having the “Dry Law” but only affecting beer and therefore you can still buy and drink wine whiskey etc I can’t eat chicken and due that Is there a black market to get chicken? I don’t see why I’d risk to be arrested and imprisoned for getting chicken if I can still totally legally to buy beef pig and fish Sure I do like to eat chicken but it’s no big deal to resist eating it if I have the rest of meat options legally available I’d found interesting if all kind of meat would be prohibited by Federal law People would be genuinely desperate enough to break the law risking to be arrested for getting meat I can see that Buta ll that fuzz only for chicken? Nope I don’t buy it I am sure that there is a reason for selecting only chicken but sorry I read the whole first TPB and I wasn’t informed of that mysterious reason so I still think a wasted idea the whole deal of prohibiting by Federal law to be used in a very specific kind of foodTony Chu isn’t one of kind I already explained that Tony Chu the main character is cibopathic A kinda disappointing element is finding out that he isn’t the only one with that kind of psychic type power I won’t say who else is don’t worry I won’t do spoilers but I think that the concept of a person able to get images and info when eating something is totally awesome and truly original therefore I’d expected to have Tony Chu has someone really special for that Being one of kind since honestly this kind of power is so bizarre like to think that there can be other people like him Sure eventually in a future TPB would appear someone else with the same power but not since the beginning It’s kinda the same disappointing feeling about “Tris Prior” in Divergent when you think that she is truly special for being “divergent” and then a whole bunch of people is like that too Yes like Tris Prior is a special kind of divergent here Tony Chu seems to have a remarkable acute level of cibopathic power but still I’d prefer to have Tony Chu as truly one of kind at least for one volume in the seriesUnnecessary additional plots With the stuff that you read in the first issue you already have a wonderful story Truly original and different to the rest of load in the comic book market Even the previous two exposed points they wouldn’t matter if the creative team would have stuck to the basic premise BUT when you keep reading the rest of the story arc you will find a couple of additional plots that I think they are totally unnecesary when you have such story so creative so original and the worst part is that those additional plots couldn’t being cliché I won’t spoil with details I’ll only say that those plots are in the areas of outer space and paranormal kinds Why? Why? The creative team already had a tremendous title full of creativity only to overfill it with mundane elementsSpoiling fifth cover While this is a TPB collected edition you have the arts of the original covers of each comic book issue in the arc I always like that to be included the covers of the original comic book issues However the creative team made a too spoiling cover for the fifth and final issue in the arc I won’t detail it but you have to be too dumb for not deducting who’d turn to be not what supposed to be A poor choice for cover art DESSERT I liked enough reading this TPB but definitely it could be a heck better if the creative team would keep the arc on the basic premise which was truly original instead of complicating it with overused cliché elements Also you hardly can feel a sense of closure in the arc Sure the status uo drastically change at the end of the volume but you still are totally clueless about what is going on Yes it’s a series and you can’t have all the answers in the first TPB However you don’t get any answer at all about the main plot

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    OHGREAT MAKER OF SWEET SUCCULENT GOOEY GOODNESS just when I thought that all of the inventive and interesting psychic powers had been used up and tossed away like my faith in the economy the tasty brilliance of John Layman shines like a heat lamp in fast food burger joint bringing me In the future after a “mysterious” and catastrophic epidemic of bird flu has killed 23 million Americans all bird and “hoof” meat has been outlawed by the Farmland Security Amendment to the US Constitution think Prohibition for meat Now the Food and Drug Administration has become something akin to the FBI and has complete authority over enforcement of violations of the FSA Primarily this involves cracking down on black market restaurants called speakeasies after their Prohibition counterparts and smuggling operations involving contraband foods Meet Tony Chu a police detective for the Philly PD Tony is a Cibopath pronounced See bo path Now what you ask is a Cibopath? Well go ahead and take a look at this and then I will fill in some details So as you can see Chu is basically a taste psychic who chews on an object in order to absorb the entire history of said object The power is not something Tony can turn on and off it is always on and so he is unable to eat most foods as the experience is simply too traumatic for him For example if he bites into a piece of bacon he would see in his head the entire process of its creation slaughter preparation etc The only “kryptonite” to Tony’s power is beets Why beets? Beats me but beets it is and so Chu eats a lot of beets With me so farcause here is where it gets turned up to 11 So this is going to me a minor spoiler but since it happens in the first 10 pages of the first issue I don’t think I am giving up the goods here Anyway a chef at a black market chicken speakeasy cuts his finger while chopping veggies for a soup he is preparing Tony later samples said blood infused soup and is able to read in the chef’s blood that he is a sick sadistic serial killer who has tortured and killed over a dozen women Chu proceeds to stop the killer andvoilaso long Philly PD and hello agent Tony Chu of the FDA Special Crimes Division From here the rest of Volume 1 containing issues 1 5 deals with getting to know Tony and the future world while Tony and his new partner try to solve the murder of a NYC health inspector The writing is very good and doesn't overly rely on the gimmickry of Tony’s unusual power in order to tell a good story Of course Tony’s gastronomical magic does provide for a host of fairly significant “gross out” moments when he is forced to “chew” on some rather disgusting items but I won’t go into that now coughdecomposing human body partscough Can you say HOLY YUCK that is just icky with a capital WTF Oh and if you thought Tony’s cibopathy was the only food related power in this tasty series you would be wrong It just so happens that Tony has a mad crush on a food reporter named Amelia Mintz who is a Saboscrivner This means she can describe food so accurately that anyone listening or reading her descriptions will feel like they are actually tasting it Tony is infatuated with Amelia because her ability allows him to experience foods without the side effects of his own power Plus it leads to some serious comedy near the end of the volume Now there are apparently several food related abilities but since they appear in subseuent volumes which I have not yet read their disclosure will need to wait until a subseuent review As for this one liked it a lot and am looking forward to Volumes 2 and 3 which I just purchased HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 40 stars

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    Detective Tony Chu is a cibopath meaning he gets psychic information from everything he eats When he and his partner bust a black market chicken operation he finds himself recruited by the FDA But his new partner Mason Savoy is than he seemsI've had my eye on Chew for years and finally bit when the first volume went on sale for six bucks It was well worth itAs somebody who thinks about food uite a bit the core idea behind Chew intrigued me Imagine finding out where your food comes from when you bite into it The only thing Chew doesn't get information from his beets so he eats a lot of beets Anyway Chew's world is one where millions died of bird flu and it's illegal to sell or eat poultry Or that's what the government says Intrigued yet? Tony Chu finds himself in hot water when he's caught biting a dead suspect's face to learn the names of his victims The FDA recruits Chu shortly after and it's off to the disturbing racesImagine tasting a finger someone found in a sandwich to figure out where it came from Or taking a bite out of a dead dog to find out what happened in the apartment where it lived? Yeah Chew is not for the faint of heart That being said I liked this crazy shit uite a bitChu is an interesting lead He's not brave not great with the ladies but he's a good detective and a good man The setting is pretty novel a world where the FDA is in charge of a great deal than it is in ours cracking down on illegal chicken and things of that nature I even like Mason Savoy uite a bit Oh and fuck Applebee Chu's bossJohn Layman's writing plays things surprisingly straight for the most part even though some ridiculous shit happens Rob Guillory's art reminds me of Sam Keith's on The Maxx uite a bit something I'm a big fan of John Layman and Rob Guillory created something special here something that easily could have been a one and done affair but are clearly playing the long game with Chew I'm in for the duration Four out of five stars

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    35 starsHmmmmAfter the first few pages I thought I was going to have to reach out and cyber smack Mike Gavin and 'kris for suggesting I read thisbut it sort of grew on me Disclaimer I don't mind violence or gore in the books I read but I also have this thing about putting gross stuff in my mouth Call it a phobia if you want but just the thought of anything icky coming near my mouth makes me gag and heave Take food for exampleI constantly sniff any food that I think might be even a little bit iffy Then I make my husband sniff it And usually even if he says it smells fine I end up throwing it out Becausewho cares what he thinks? Once I think it it may be tainted it's got to goIt's Mentally Tainted Food therefore I can't eat itAlso I thought Chew was just a clever title I ordered it from my library on the above mentioned recommendations of FRIENDS and didn't bother reading the blurb My badSo Bird Flu has made chicken into the new moonshine Which once I realized what was going on was pretty darn funny I mean bootleg poultry? That's hilarious And the new FDA is like the FBI CIA and NSA all rolled into one Forget Homeland Security if you want to be where the action is you join the Food and Drug AdministrationBad ass health inspectors? BwahahahhaAnd Tony Chu get it Chew? Har is one of the guys who puts his life on the line everyday to keep the world safe from contraband chickenHis partner ends up getting hit in the head with a meat cleaver in the first few pages and to catch the bad guyTony eats a portion of one of his minions Don't worry it makes sense in the bookWhen he's found at the scene cannibalizing the guy who split his partner's skull open he gets fired and institutionalized Because that's NASTYThe EndOk noThat's not what happened That's just how my gag reflex rationalized the sceneWhat actually happened was that it put Tony on the radar of another government group that utilizes people with his skillHis skill is to be able to get a clairvoyant reading off of anything he ingestsEven veggiesAnd if he had only eaten vegetables throughout the book I and my stomach would have been much happier thank you very much But he didn'tHe ended up reluctantly eating all kinds of horrifying things in order to solve his casesThat vacuum sealed dog almost did me in GAK GAK GAK Again Thank you for that guysHere the thing I honestly got interested in what was happening to the entire cast of wacky characters I was so nauseated but I couldn't stop reading And then they left me with a cliffhangerSo When I recuperate I'll read the next volumeGet this review and at

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    Warning Don’t read this book right before eating while you eat or right after eatingThat said this book has everything bikini clad Russian assassins cannibalism with a higher purpose a woman who when she writes can evoke any eating experience from rapture to nausea a fat dude with a monocle government spending gone amok a government agency the FDA gone amok dark humor llama sex Vincent Van Gogh meta humor beets The skinny Tony Chu is a cibopath so whenever he takes a bite out of something whether it be animal vegetable or human he can immediately see the history of the bitee Good for crime solving not so good when images of the slaughter house pop into his head after taking a bite of steakHighly recommended but sadly not appropriate for the kiddies

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    First volumes are like television pilots 9 times out of 10 they are the worst part of a series It's hard to set up a world introduce characters develop—and be engaging throughout Chew Vol 1 definitely did a good job at all of that It was fascinating and grotesue It was easy to follow entertaining and had a self contained plot that was satisfying while lending itself to a much bigger story to follow Overall I'm really pleased with this one My only issue is I didn't realize it was 12 volumes long and now that I've bought the first one I'm going to want to own them allapologies to my wallet

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    Some interesting concepts here especially the main one of cibopathy Detective Chu is one of the rare and secret few who can eat something and know all about how it was produced the person who prepared it or the person who is it an obvious boon in law enforcement If you don't mind a little cannibalism Of course it doesn't make mealtimes much funMirror inverse of Chu's ability is a reporter who can describe food in such detail that her readers can actually taste it Naturally Chu falls in love with her because through her he can finally experience flavor without side effects She doesn't know him from Adam and he doesn't know her except the writing thing and her hotness but that's okay because Chu doesn't really have a personality He is an earnest young cop who sticks to the rules that's really all we get Both characters' abilities are increasingly fraught in a future where the FDA has power than the FBI or police and black market chicken is a major criminal concern Chicken has been banned since a major avian flu epidemic are other fowl banned? they are not mentioned but there are those who believe that this is a government cover up I found that premise interesting and plausible What I found less believable was the extensive illegal chicken crime network Maybe this is just me but if chicken were outlawed I would just eat something else If you think chicken is the best food ever and would risk potential death and jail time please respond belowI also wasn't sold on the reporter's ability I could envision a marginally plausible scientific explanation for cibopathy it's like psychometry with physical connection right? but the effect of any writing on different individuals is so subjective that her talent seemed too much like magic But it and her character don't get a lot of development here so maybe that comes later Guillory's drawing style isn't to my taste but I did think it was well suited here If you liked this comic there is a short story in the anthology Masked that I would recommend to you if I owned the book and could look up the title But you'll figure out which one it is when you read itLastly

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    If you're looking for something weird to read then Chew is the graphic novel for you Weirdest and probably the most gross graphic novel that I've read in a good way Something new for meI really enjoy crime novels so I was expecting to really like this This first volume focused on the character development rather than the main plot The characters were really good but for me the plot still lacked that impact that a good crime novelgraphic novel should have For a first volume read though this was pretty amazing Tony Chu is a Cibopathic It means that he gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats Imagine not being able to eat anything except for beets for the rest of your life unless you want gruesome images inside your mind This concept is new for me I haven't read anything like it before so I'm expecting a lot improvement in the next volume The mini plot twist in the end was really well executed and it didn't seem like it was forced just for the sake of having a plot twist What I want to see though would be the cibopathic ability of Chu and crime scenes This first volume had a lot of fillers that shouldn't have been there Too much character development but I can't complain much though considering this is the first volumeWhat I liked best about this would be the artwork It has to be one of my favorite artworks out there today The artwork was vivid and it was full of life It had this cartoon feeling to it that was done remarkably The drawings were spot on and gruesome scenes were truly horrific I'm hoping that the artwork would be consistent throughout the series455 stars I really enjoyed this and I can't believe it took me forever to finally read it Can't wait to dive into volume 2 already