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How Do We Find Calm In Our Frantic Modern World Tim Parks Lifelong Sceptic Of All Things Spiritual Finds Himself On A Buddhist Meditation Retreat Trying To Answer This Very Question With Brutal Honesty And Dry Wit, He Recounts His Journey From Disbelief To Something Approaching Inner Peace And Tackles One Of The Great Mysteries Of Our Time How To Survive In This Modern AgeSelected From The Book Teach Us To Sit Still By Tim ParksVINTAGE MINIS GREAT MINDS BIG IDEAS LITTLE BOOKSA Series Of Short Books By The World S Greatest Writers On The Experiences That Make Us HumanAlso In The Vintage Minis Series Swimming By Roger Deakin Motherhood By Helen Simpson Work By Joseph Heller Liberty By Virginia Woolf I don t know that I liked this book very much It dragged quite a bit, even though it s less than a 100 pages long, but alsoI didn t feel Tim Parks experiences were genuine His first experience described in the book on a five day Buddhist meditation retreat to heal he had back problems and find calm and peace was interesting to read about However, when it came to his second experience, he began to lose me I felt like he wasbasically trying to cash in on his experience.He kept talking about not wanting to write about it, and all this stuff was being written in his head, but thenwellhe wrote about it anyway.I don t know if I believed him or believed in his journey to self healing. This Vintage Mini Modern is essentially a selection of excerpts from Teach Us to Sit Still, in which Parks recounts how he went from a lifelong skeptic to reasonably well accomplished at meditation through his experiences at several retreats.I mostly liked that it was super honest and that I could relate to it I also highlighted some great quotes, like, The person who perceives deeply that life is empty, must be morally admirable otherwise he could never have arrived at the concentration required to grasp this. An excellent and moving account of a meditation sceptic experiencing real progress through the practice Funny, thoughtful and honest.