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Sam Fisher Must Save One Man S Life To Save His Own Country Eccentric Billionaire Igor Kasperov Owns One Of The Most Influential And Successful Anti Virus Software Companies In The World But When The Kremlin Orders Him To Unleash A Catastrophic Computer Virus Against The United States, He Is Forced To Flee For His Life Sam Fisher And Fourth Echelon Are Charged With Finding Kasperov And Presenting The American President S Offer For Political Asylum Because There Are Others Looking For Kasperov And The Only Thing They Will Offer Him Is A Swift Death AN ALL NEW ADVENTURE FEATURING SAM FISHER Based On Ubisoft S Bestselling Game, Tom Clancy S Splinter Cell

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    6 .

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    Could have been a shameless cash in and was half expecting it to be, however thanks to a generously long story line and some nice touches it scrapes 4 stars for me.

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    dead man running russian billionaire kasperov owns one of the most influential anti virus software companies in the world and is feted worldwide with a special love for the states then the kremlin orders him to unleash a specific computer virus that he has manufactured against the states that will cripple them and let russia take her place her refuses and has to run for his life with his daughter which is where sam and the fourth echelon come into play an unknown player carrying our orders of the president with no rules he has been offered political asylum in the states but is a question of whom finds him first plus the kremlin as a 3 point plan a well told novel with great characterisation and prose there r obviously prequels and sequels to this but it can still be read as a stand alone once again the weaponry detailing went over my head but i still came up smiling bev

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    4.5 StarsThis was possibly the best of the Splinter Cell novels A Russian software genius is ordered to unleash the worst computer virus ever created onto the world by a rogue group of billionaires He refuses and finds himself on the run, which brings Sam Fisher in to save him There s much to the plan however, as the computer virus was only the first step and nuclear terrorism was to follow So Sam and his team race to stop all of this from coming to pass, literally traveling all over the world in the process.Really great action adventure novel in the Clancy tradition I really wish this series had continued, as I really enjoyed them all.

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    And there ends another epic story I really, really, REALLY want a game on this.Peter Telep, the plot, at least for me, was absolutely epic At first I thought what the hell would a virus do to destroy a country, no matter how strong the virus may be, but then when it was revealed that the virus was just the first stage of the attack, and the third and final stage was something far dangerous than digital crime, it nailed my thoughts man This book is epic Had to be It s Splinter Cell It s about Sam Sam Fisher And it s about Fourth Echelon The team that s finally got into good terms You rock, Sam You re a legend.And quoting Caldwell s words from the game, this is for the Fourth Echelon We give thanks to the brave men and women who worked tirelessly to bring these terrorists to justice The world will never know their work Their names will be lost to history But their sacrifice will never be forgotten Epic Legendary MoreThanJustWords FourthEchelon SamFisher SplinterCell

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    Had low expectations for this book but was pleasantly surprised A riveting tale of political intrigue, covert counter terrorism ops and heightened tensions between the east and the west in the style of the current political climate It is recommended that you play the game before reading this book as it makes it easier to put everything in perspective and allows you to picture the characters and their different personas cogently.

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    This was an excellent reading Sam Fisher is back, and the author takes a refreshing approach in the writing of the story Forget too many details about Fisher s krav maga movements e.g he moved his leg 20 degrees up and 2 inches left, etc , and enjoy a compelling story that not only has the right amount of details but also flows smoothly and engages the reader plus you ll love Briggs, Korbin and to some extent Charlie His name is Sam Fisher Splinter Cell.

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    An amazing follow up to the Blacklist game storyline Had a blast reading it I finished this shortly after reading a Bond book and Aftermath certainly has its own flair Kasparov is a great character Snow Maiden is one of the most interesting Russian agent type assassins I ve ever read about The ending is well designed and keeps escalating every page.I highly recommend it to espionage fans and fans of the Splinter Cell game series.

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    Entertaining fan service for Splinter Cell geeks, something I m becoming since playing the excellent Blacklist Peter Telep delivers a solid technothriller that picks up where the game left off, fleshing out the main cast of characters a bit while nailing a handful of big set pieces that match the tension of the game itself A fun read that has me ready to dive into Sam Fisher s backlist.

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    I read the first two Splinter Cell novels solely because Raymond Benson wrote them I don t play videogames Those two novels I knew would be good, and they were They were so good that I wanted to read adventures of Sam Fisher and picked up SPLINTER CELL BLACKLIST AFTERMATH by Peter Telep Telep s even better than Benson, which is high praise indeed because Ray is fabulous whether he s writing Bond, Hitman, etc After I finished Benson s Operation Barracuda I started reading Telep s SPLINTER CELL BLACKLIST AFTERMATH at bedtime and got 62 pages in before sleep claimed me I woke up at 5 30, re engaged, didn t stop reading until I was done and immediately picked up Splinter Cell Conviction which Telep also wrote.SPLINTER CELL BLACKLIST AFTERMATH is filled with edge of your seat action that I can only describe using Stan Lee s overblown phrase pulse pounding A scene with Fisher Briggs on the side of a mountain and a rescue mission in a hotel had my blood roaring in my ears That, my friends, takes super writing chops Also there s a fight aboard a train involving a superb antagonist who also appears in the Endwar series that I wished would never end because it was so exciting As a qualifier I ve done some writing myself and words usually don t fail me, but I simply cannot articulate the buzz I got from Telep s wordsmithing Wished I d discovered him when he first started back in the nineties.Two years later I read this novel again It was just as good the second time around What especially impressed me on my reread was Telep s tech savvy, his understanding of geopolitics and seamless storytelling still a page turning yarn even though I knew what was about to happen.