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A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERAs a part of the acclaimed DC Comics—The New 52 event of September 2011 Batwoman's new series finally begins The creative team of JH Williams III and W Haden Blackman launch the ongoing Batwoman series as Batwoman aka Kate Kane faces deadly new challenges in her war against Gotham City's underworld–and new trials in her personal lifeWho or what is stealing children from the barrio and for what vile purpose? Will Kate train her cousin Bette Kane aka Flamebird as her new sidekick? How will she handle unsettling revelations about her father Colonel Jacob Kane? And why is a certain government agency suddenly taking an interest in her? These are some of the uestions that will be answered in this long awaited seriesThis deluxe hardcover colllect issues 0 5 of Batwoman part of the DC Comics—The New 52 event

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    B 76% | Good Notes It effuses poetry in luscious evocative art yet loses lucidity and form in the ethereal gloom of its smoky dreamscape

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    Three and a half starsYes the art is wonderful Fabulous It pushes the boundaries of comic art It’s outside the box At times the styles are even mixed from page to page Too bad it’s at the service of an incomprehensible plot that involves view spoilerghosts I hate ghosts hide spoiler

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    Batwoman not to be confused with Batgirl is a pretty interesting character I love that she isn't affiliated with Batmanor at least not yetAs much as I enjoyed the plot what really made it stand out so much to me was the incredible artwork Every page was absolutely beautiful in it's own way TrulyI only have one complaint Or maybe it's just a uestion?Why the hell is Kate Kane so freakin' pale? No Pale is not the right word here White And not like Hey look at that white girl dance No As in she looks like the Joker had an illegitimate daughter WhiteEveryone else in the book is a normal human colorand she looks like someone colored her in with a crayon WHY?

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    Batwoman is Kate Kane the wealthy daughter of a retired army general discharged from West Point Military Academy because of her homosexuality under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and turned to a life of vigilantism after the untimely deaths of her mother and sister Artist JH Williams III turns his hand to writing with co author W Haden Blackman and the results are pretty good The book opens with an interesting introduction to Batwoman through the eyes of Batman before introducing the book’s villains and plot And here’s where the book for me falls down Like the last Batwoman book I read “Elegy” she is still chasing after a criminal organisation called the Religion of Crime and thrown into this mix are the were animals where human and animal DNA are fused to create some strange looking creatures New for this story arc is the main villain a female murderer ghost avenging the deaths of her drowned kids and a talking skeleton called imaginatively Mr Bones The problem I have with Batwoman is not the extensive macabre and supernatural elements that go into her story but the lack of a strong nemesis She doesn’t have a Joker and the dull villains she fights aren’t that well constructed making for a weaker story overall I mean ghosts and talking skeletons – what is this Scooby Doo?As with other “New 52” titles I take issue with DC claiming they have rebooted the franchise It doesn’t really introduce the character to a new audience so much as it assumes the reader has prior knowledge and goes from there This book is best read after reading “Batwoman Elegy” which explains her current relationship with her father in “Hydrology” as well as who the doll like girl haunting her is In fact “Hydrology” could well be “Elegy”’s seuel JH Williams III’s artwork is as always the highlight of the book His imaginative layouts and stunning art lifts this book up immeasurably and makes it stand out from other comics Superb artwork and serviceable story aside I’m still waiting for Batwoman to become the series it has the potential to be it’s just missing some key elements like a strong main villain and defining storyline As it is “Hydrology” isn’t bad but it’s not the masterpiece some reviewers are making it out to be nor is it particularly the best place to start with this character Check out “Elegy” before coming to this

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    The Batwoman run of JH Williams III in the New52 is hugely unappreciated taking a back seat behind powerhouse series like Snyder's Batman Azzarello's Wonder Woman and even John's Auaman and Green Lantern But once you get to read this Kate Kane Batwoman you cannot get enough of itHydrology starts the four volume series written and drawn by Williams And this I am very serious about these four volumes is as good as it gets Batwoman is awesome powerful broken and again awesome Damn cool Kate Kane is JH Williams III's panels are beautifully constructedThe first thing that you will notice here is the artwork Williams sure has the talent to draw unconventional panels that perfectly complements the occult supernatural story of this arc The way he draws Batwoman she's super sexy yet not objectified There is grace and sensuality in all her movements a stark yet eually effective contrast to Batman's sharpnessKate Kane's lesbian sex aspect is seen here yet it is not overemphasized that I saw it as a natural and grounded part of the story instead of being pretentious and preachy I don't know really if her personality is gender accurate but all I can say is she's a damn strong womanI recommend Batwoman Hydrology if you want to a good story with some great artwork

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    Tale opens with Batman watching a new superhero of Gotham named Batwoman and it's a good narrative flow because all the Gotham veterans have some familiarity with the structure Not surprisingly Batman figures little into this and we focus on Katherine Kane and why she became a crimefighter Kane deals with her somewhat lame sidekick Flamebird a ghost like woman stealing children and whether to join Batman's organization or stay solo Amazing artwork I especially liked how a page or two had one panel with several smaller panels scattered over it The x ray version of attacks and the bones hit was a nice touchArtwork by JH Williams and written by him as well as W Haden BlackmanA great start for the 52 reboot I am not entirely certain why Kane is super pale with red hair Is she just Goth or is this some indication of her having some similarities to the Joker? The vote is still outARTWORK PRESENTATION A minus to A; CHARACTERSDIALOGUE B plus; ACTION SEUENCES B plus to A minus; STORYPLOTTINGPANELS B plus to A minus; GOTHAM MYTHOLOGY A minus; WHEN READ early October 2013; OVERALL GRADE B plus to A minus

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    For the longest time I wanted to read this series because of the things I heard about it This will make you a Batwoman fan and yeahthey were right So Kate Kane is Batwoman You didn't know that? Got confused about Batgirl and Batwoman? Don't worry this book will fix that So this Batwoman is dealing with hunting down someone or something who is taking children and kidnapping them ON top of that she is also training a girl to be a warrior a fighter and of course things get a bit confusing there Then we also have the copsdetectives hunting down Batwoman while Batman tries to recruit his cousin to his Batman INC Good The dialog is pretty great Everyone feels human with major flaws that make them super interesting The art is beautiful as well as the fights themselves The main villain is a sad one and not the typical shit you expect The ending is both intriguing and interesting lead to the next part Bad I'd say sometimes the panel layout is a bit confusing I also have issues with Kate's skin tone It makes her look like a zombie it was distracting Overall great first introduction to Batwoman Makes me want to read a lot A 4 out of 5

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    Solid 3 starsNot much to say about this one except MehThe artwork was fantastic and I really like the contrasts with the redblack color scheme Ms Kane chose for her costume I'm not sure about the whole ghostly white skin though Wouldn't that give her secret identity away?The story was okay but I have one uestion When did the Bat family of books start moving to outright mysticalparanormal mysteries? the main storyline in this volume dealt with trying to find a couple of children abducted by a ghost It was all very out there and well beyond what I remember the World's Greatest Detective handlingI'm not sure I'll continue this series unless it's on sale or on a deep discount

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    My brother loaned me a few books to introduce me to The New 52 a massive relaunch of DC's titles that seemed crazy at the time but has actually I've heard led to some really good stories After reading this collection of Batwoman stories I do not feel in any way introduced to the new status uo of the DC Universe but I love this bookEven though The New 52 was supposed to create a great jumping on point for new readers this book is a direct continuation of the story in Batwoman Elegy the fate and secret identity of the villain of that story have huge impacts on the way this story goes and the emotional places it reaches I don't recommend opening this book without devouring Elegy first Once a reader has that experience with Batwoman though this book becomes terrific There is a story kind of But this book is about art and emotion not so much about plot comprehensibility Kate Kane is trying to forge her identity as Batwoman pressured by multiple parties to join organizations when she's of a loner pestered by her overconfident cousin for sidekick training navigating an intense new romance with a GCPD detective and pursuing a lethal urban legend to find some missing kids and stop from disappearing The art though is the real star of this book Silky painted images mindblowing panel layouts distinct visual styles for each subplot The book is simply a joy to gaze upon as you flip the pages Gorgeous JH Williams also takes great advantage of his water based villain to play around with panels that look like splashes of water and his fire based sidekick character to play around with panels that burn at the edges In most cases I like reading books that have stories I care about but when the art is this phenomenal I'm fine with the story just existing to give emotional weight to the images Hydrology is a visual triumph

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    I have mixed feelings about this It was different and really artistic but I wasn't that enad with the story and Kate as a main character I'm not familiar with Batwoman so this is a very new character for me I think that people interested in GLBT characters will really appreciate it It's a favorable profile of a strong empowered lesbian woman However at the same time Kate has some issues She's got major survival guilt and an anger problem She's dealing with her angst in some ways that aren't healthy I picked this up because I saw the La Llorona storyline As a folklore enthusiast I'm familiar with the Latin urban legend of a woman who comes back as a ghost and haunts and lures mensometimes children to their death due to her need for vengeance on a lover leaving her and her subseuent drowning of her children and suicide by drowning It was an interesting take on the legend There is a twist at the end that sets up a continued story I'm not sure right now if I will continue this I'm not that in love with Kate as a lead characterThe artwork is interesting and visually arresting The characters are drawn in a very distinctive way I liked that about it It's a dark story so you have to be in the mood for it Pretty good We'll see if I get back to this series