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As a part of the acclaimed DC Comics—The New 52 event of September 2011 Barbara Gordon is finally back as BatgirlThe nightmare inducing brute known as Mirror is destroying the lives of Gotham City citizens seemingly at random Will Barbara be able to survive her explosive confrontation with this new villain as well as facing dark secrets from her past? A new chapter in the riveting adventures of Batgirl continue in stunning fashion with script by fan favorite Gail Simone and stellar art by superstar Ardian SyafThis volume collects issues 1 6 of Batgirl part of the DC Comics—The New 52 event

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    B 78% | Good Notes It elicits introspection from the shadows of things by contrast and simile in bespoke villains affinity recall and trial

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    I enjoyed this book and loved the graphics Absolutely loved them The story line was great as well I may come back later and add pictures but you can look at all the other reviews I liked certain other characters put in appearances in the book as well Of course now I want to collect them all and there are so many that I want and I DON'T have the winning lottery ticket so

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    Babs is back And better than ever?Well noAnd maybe yes See I'm one of those who has been rooting for someone to stick Barbara Gordon's ass in a Lazarus Pit for years Get her outta that chair So the thought of the original Batgirl finally coming back made my inner geek do somersaults YayYeah I liked Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain but I wanted Barbara Nobody could take her place Ever And I finally got my wish Except be careful what you wish for'Cause now I miss OracleI guess I should explain that a bit but let's start off withThe GoodGail Simone I love her She manages to write female superheroes who are a tad realistic than some of those written by her male counterparts By that I mean that 'occasionally' men tend to write women the way they see them Or maybe the way they wish they were Overly sexy Overly frigid Overly frumpy Overly sexyAhemOk I'm not just bashing boys here A lot of female writers do the same things to male characters Look at all the emo guys wandering around in YA novels snort Yeah it's realistic for a teenage guy to want to Wait For Marriage RiiiightI'm getting off topic though What I meant to say was that Simone is a great voice for women in comics She made Wonder Woman cool and she's doing the same thing for BarbaraBut here's why I miss OracleThe Not As GoodWhen Barbara Gordon was Oracle she was a badass with a headset Constantly jacked into everything that was going on she was the go to girl for information She was calm under pressure She was mature and sure of herselfNow? EhhhhAnd I guess that's what I missThe story goes like thisThree years ago the Joker shot Barbara leaving her paralyzed from the waist down There is no mention of her being the Oracle in this book so I have no idea if that happened or not It doesn't seem likely because Barbara still seems pretty young and unsure of herself No Badass with a Headset sort of attitudeEvidently Jim Gordon finds out about some long shot surgerytreatment and lo' and behold Barbara can walk again canned applauseUnfortunately Babs has some PTSD to deal with when it comes to guns Well who wouldn't right?She's also trying to take out some lame Gotham villains on legs that aren't uite up to par Yet However as she mentions in the opening pages she's got upper arm strength like a mother In the end I think Simone did a good job with what she had to work with and I have a feeling that these books are just going to get better and better as the newold Batgirl finds her footing againRecommended

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    The Joker shooting and paralyzing Barbara Gordon is one of those iconic moments in comics Sick twisted yet memorable The New 52 Batgirl iteration treads on dangerous ground by having her legs restored and having her don the cape and cowl again but Gail Simone makes it work in one of the few New 52 revamps that had some legs at least in this volumeThe cure itself isn’t dwelled on but the trauma still haunts Barbara and getting back into crime fighting shape isn’t easy The bad guys still hit hardAs Batgirl attempts to get her mind and body back in the game she goes up against Mirror a villain who wants to take back miracles that were visited upon Gothamites Bastard Simone creates some nice symmetry between the anti miracle Mirror and Barbara’s gratitude for her own medical miracleBottom Line A decent New 52 Batbook; it goes down easier than Batwoman Vol 1 Hydrology It kind of loses momentum with the second story in this volume but still worth giving a look Will someone please press the damned elevator button already?

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    Barbara Gordon is back I had heard that there was a story were Barbara Gordon was paralyzed from the waist down This story picks up after that and she is now walking again She decides to take her new mobile freedom and go back to fighting crime where she can get hurt again We have a running commentary about what is going on in her head Also she and Nightwing used to be a thing of some kind and now we don’t know where they stand There is also tension between Barbara and her new roommate The first bad guy up is Mirror man who makes you look at yourself Then some woman who can hypnotize men There is some silliness but overall I really enjoyed this little comic It’s certainly better than many other New 52 stories out there I didn’t like the Batman comic It’s interesting Bruce Wayne shows up in this story and Batgirl gets to save Bruce’s butt That was a nice scene they came up with The art is a comfortable dark and it looks grand There is plenty of action and the characters are fun I need to see if I can check of this series out Our library is great about getting tons of stuff but they move it out if it’s not being read and several issues in series have already been gotten rid of and I can’t complete them without an ILL Thank you for the recommendation

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    Good story great are work I became a fan of Ardian Syaf's art work from his work in Superman Earth One vol 3 and the Batman Superman recent issues His art work every bit as good hereBarbara Gorgon is back as Batgirl This is not a complete reboot in the new 52 The events of the Killing Joke did happen The Joker did shoot her in the spine she was wheelchair bound for a number of year Now finally through a mix of physiotherapy and an experimental new surgery she is back on her feet However the psychological effects of her ordeal are still very much present I like the contradictory thoughts that go through he head in the middle of a fight but outwards she has the make jokes and uips to project confidence she does not feelShe also has come back with something to prove to herself and her closest colleagues There is a good side trip story of her and Nightwing Batman makes a guest appearance in the last story final 2 issues but he lets this stay Barbara's stroy The title is well named because as Barbara is making her own comeback she is facing 2 villains who were one heroic people in their own right but their own violent traumas have turned them bad The only reason I did not give this 5 stars is because I felt things in Barbara's personal life were a bit rushed However a really did enjoy the series and am looking forward to the next volume

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    When DC first announced New 52 I didn't understand the reasoning behind it If they were going to reboot their superhero universe why do it halfway? Why not jettison decades of overly complicated continuity and start fresh?That uestion went double for Batgirl Barbara Gordon hadn't been active as Batgirl in the DC Universe for over 20 years and she absolutely deserved a starring role in her own contemporary comic But again if you're rebooting continuity why preserve the events of The Killing Joke that paralyzed her put her in a wheelchair and cut short her crimefighting career? Why not just let that storyline rest along with Barbara's years as Oracle and spotlight a version of Batgirl who had never been forced into retirement in the first place? Why saddle her with the same baggage as post Knightfall Batman a martial artist who was crippled by a spinal injury and then miraculously returned to perfect peak performance health?And then I finally got around to reading this hardcover volume collecting the first 6 issues of New 52 Batgirl and I received my answer Gail Simone Writing about Barbara Gordon as a very real person recovering from a life altering injury at the hands of a psychotic madman Gail Simone has resurrected Batgirl as one of the most compelling heroes in comics Given a second chance in life that she acknowledges as nothing short of a miracle Barbara is a completely human character filled with doubts fears and imperfections that make her relatable to the readers that will be rooting for her to succeed even as they empathize with the pain of her failuresIt's easy to see why Simone is one of the most popular writers working in comics and why there was such an uproar from outraged fans when she was ever so temporarily removed from the Batgirl series by DC who thankfully realized the error of their ways and reinstated her sooner rather than later For me at least she single handedly justified the creation and existence of the New 52 universe that I had been than willing to dismiss

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    Okay this surprised me and I like it I only read it because 1 Lauren recommended it to me as one of the strongest entries in the New 52 ugh and 2 because I will likely teach another YA GN courses next summer and want to read stuff I didn't use this summer Barbara Gordon the comish's daughter once paralyzed by the Joker is back on her feet And strong thanks to Simone and the artwork is solid She's complex has survivor's guilt and has to face Mirror in a couple ways as villain and self reflection Good concept and just okay villain but good overall like 375

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    We used to chase each other like this Two kids flirting in a way only a handful of people on Earth could ever match He with his acrobatics and me with my balletEveryone else can go home basically

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    Barbara Gordon is back as Batgirl As most people know her character was shot in the spine and crippled by the Joker in Alan Moore’s “The Killing Joke” and for years afterwards was in a wheelchair becoming Batman’s tech support as Oracle With the New 52 relaunch last year she was controversially taken out of the wheelchair to become Batgirl once again Interestingly the events of the “Killing Joke” still happened but 3 years of physiotherapy and pioneering surgery has taken Barbara from the wheelchair back onto her feet Mentally though she’s forever scarred and she’s still not 100% physically fit and this book re introduces her character for a new audience to get to know her Barbara is the best thing about the book Getting to know her character seeing her back in action as Batgirl it’s all handled superbly by Gail Simone who gives Barbara a genuine voice and depth In a city like Gotham where Batman has such a firm grasp of the city it’s cool to see Batgirl carving out a niche for herself as another caped crusader while navigating the complexities of her own personal life That said the book is let down by sub par villains The first is called “Mirror” a former army guy whose family died in a blazing car fire which he somehow survived The incident snapped his mind leading him to somehow take revenge on anyone who’d miraculously survived a terrible event It’s not the most logical route to becoming a villain is it? I mean if he was that distraught wouldn’t he just kill himself? Putting on an elaborate mirrored costume and enacting the “Final Destination” films is just too much of a stretch The second is a villain who got her psychic powers over men after being shot in the head and surviving Really? Anyway the book is still a great read with enough going on to distract from the hows and whys of these oddball villains showing up just tell yourself it’s Gotham City the home of the performance artist villain I’m conflicted over the decision to take Barbara out of the wheelchair as it seems a bit of a cynical decision and what was wrong with Stephanie Brown anyway? but Gail Simone’s written a fantastic book that gives Barbara GordonBatgirl an energetic and fun re awakening