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Now in one titanic tome the entire chart topping run of super team Joss Whedon and John Cassaday Winner of multiple prestigious Eisner Awards Whedon and Cassaday's Astonishing X Men was a smash hit with critics and fans alike from the very first issue winning praise from dozens of top media outlets including Entertainment Weekly Publishers Weekly TV Guide and New York Magazine as well as racking up nearly every major comic book industry award Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Whedon and Cassaday Captain America Planetary assembled a tight cast Cyclops the Beast Wolverine and Emma Frost joined by returning fan favorite Kitty Pryde and set forth a groundbreaking pace from the opening pages of a Sentinel attack to the unexpected return of a beloved X Man Then building on early momentum they ratcheted up the danger and drama with a shocking second year creating a must read book that can truly be called astonishing Collects Astonishing X Men #1 24 and Giant Size Astonishing X Men #1

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    Wow I'm going to go ahead be a nerd and say it This was Astonishing I haven't read much by Whedon so I wasn't sure what to expect but this was great The X men comics are some of in my opinion the hardest to break into because there are so many characters and they've been around for so long Whedon put me at ease by dedicating a few pages at the beginning of the book to highlight some of the important things that had happened over the years in the X universe This was a HUGE help to me so I suggest newbies seek out this editionThe story itself was really good but it's too long to go into everything in a review It is however an epic tale that is not to be missed

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    this book is having a strange effect on me maybe the pages are infused with some kind of mutagenic DNA altering CIABorg nanoprobe experimental devices? it's possible The X Men are people whose lives are drastically altered by extraordinary circumstance and their story is characterized by the very humanity they personify in their uest for acceptance They become in essence the caretakers of that humanity which they have been accused of not possessing This omnibus would be an outstanding addition for anyone collecting X Men As a standalone volume to someone unfamiliar with the X Men this extract of the ongoing saga would still be an exceptional reading experience the artwork is an evolutionary development from innovators of the form such as Moebius and the narrative has a depth of characterization one would not expect in a comic

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    Erg wow Is there another superhero collection that HUMANIZES the heroes this successfully? Because I haven't read it This series BLEW MY MIND

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    With a total of twenty four issues the 2005 debut of The Astonishing X Men feels like you're viewing one season of an American television show which is perfectly understandable seeing as its writer Joss Whedon is also the one that brought us TV gems like Buffy the Vampire Slayer Firefly Dollhouse and Angel This gorgeous omnibus edition collects all issues of Whedon's legendary run comprised of Cyclops Emma Frost Kitty Pryde Wolverine Beast and Colossus Truly engaging endlessly creative and shockingly sublime in the right places The Astonishing X Men has to be the BEST X MEN SERIES I've read this year with Jeff Parker's X Men First Class being the close second I would consider this as a rather a fine example of a writing that works phenomenally when it comes to telling a really engaging superhero story with a balance between plot and character developmentsLike I said it feels like the first season of a favorite show filled with stellar moments in the plot construction and the character arcs that make it float and stay on course Both riveting in execution of story and delivering some of the most emotionally meaningful moments about characters especially two female superheroes Joss Whedon's The Astonishing X Men is something I will recommended readily to a fan of the X Men films but has yet to read them in comics This is a great starting piece to ease newbies in while at the same time pleasing the long time crowd of fansThe twenty four issues are divided into four story arcs which are composed of six installments each We have Gifted where a scientist develops a cure for the mutant gene and the new team of the X Men band together to prove that they can be just as loved by the public and the media as the other superhero teams such as the Fantastic Four and the Avengers In Danger the X Men faces the threat of their most formidable foe yet; a sentient being who has lived in the Xavier School and watched them fight during combat simulation and is therefore than informed regarding their weaknesses For Torn Emma Frost a reformed villainness commits the unthinkable fracturing her teammates and certain important relationships within their group The last arc Unbreakable ties together all three previous plot stories with its own primary focus on the alien planet Breakworld which according to some prophecy is destined to be destroyed by an X Man The conclusion of that arc continues to the Giant Size edition whose ending was the most unexpected and stomach churning pay off I have ever been subjected to Just thinking about it again makes me very sad and very mad That being said Whedon performed consistently in his writing for each issue holding back no punches and making sure that each blow hurts enough to give you a lingering acheBut like most of Whedon's work he knows how to take characters to places and then he breaks and molds them into something better and enthralling even if it's fragmented with the kind of holes you can never mendThe two stars of his series are Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost Whedon's first issue began with seeing Kitty Pryde again as she walks back into the Xavier School for the Gifted bags in hand but looking as if she has never left the place at all What I enjoyed about Kitty in her appearances here in the series is the fact that she's a darling Really she is Inuisitive selfless but clever and brave to a goddamn fault Kitty always becomes the star of a story when a writer really knows how to commit her stellar characterization on paper I thought she had an impressive run so far taking on the responsibility of becoming an X Man head on even if she maintained that being an X Man does not always suit me In spite of whatever insecurities she had about her skills and role in the team she never lets it get to her and performs under pressure uite creatively and adamantly This isn't really the first time Kitty caught my attention In Claremont's X Men Forever she accidentally phased through Wolverine while a mutant got them stuck and when she separated from him he got a piece of his adamantium claw on her knuckle The way she dealt with that physical transformation was so riveting to watch because at her core Kitty remains the resourceful and compassionate kid she is through all of it In her first appearance after the Dark Phoenix Saga thirteen year old Kitty is inexperienced in so many ways but was eager to learn and prove herself This is around the time Days of Future Past hit and her older self and younger self merged to save the day It's such a shame that the movies don't put her front and center alongside Wolverine if they must insist considering Logan and Kitty have a good brother sister thing going on anyway especially when they cast a talented actress like Ellen Page for the role In any case at least in Whedon's Astonishing X Men she truly got to shineMeanwhile the White ueen has always fascinated me since her very first appearance in the Dark Phoenix storyline as one of the formidable henchwomen of the Hellfire Club It's worth noting that she and Kitty were introduced together especially here in Whedon's tale where the two are obviously at odds with each other Kitty has made it no secret that she has no love for Emma and does not and will probably never trust her And Emma knows this She understands people way than we give this cold hearted woman credit for The reason why she brought Kitty into the fold in the first place as revealed in issue #18 is because Emma is losing her mind because parasitic Cassandra Nova hijacked her telepathically and she knew Kitty would be the only one who won't hesitate to kill her That's a powerful thing to entrust someone with and it didn't help her already temperamental relationship with Kitty either But Emma had revealed to Kitty that she is capable of murder if she's motivated for the right reasons and such a startling revelation I know has shook Kitty but she's not able to deal with that for now Still I think in a twisted sort of way Kitty began respecting Emma and what she can do after that incident With little empathy and people skills Emma can be so easy to dislike and cast aside as a woman forever trapped in the villain role but Whedon had composed her here in such a validating perspective where she's finally vulnerable and in love with a man she feels she doesn't deserve That broke my heart as much as Scott Summers has thawed the frost in her heart She's so entralling in the story arc TORN that I can hardly keep up with her I really like Emma than I ever thought I would Her relationship with Scott is also worth shipping They're an intriguing pairThat's not to say that the male characters are slacking Cyclops was allowed to truly shine as he rediscovers his purpose as the leader of the team while Colossus takes on fate itself and tries to bend it to his own will Meanwhile we have Beast who gets to contemplate about his mutation and whether or not he wants to go through another painful physical transformation as Wolverine finds yet another young girl to become a promising protégé to train The variety of villains for this series has served their respective purposes short lived as they may be whole a few were certainly impactful and they only enriched the tapestry that Whedon has painstakingly and with great love care weaved for us readers There was even a motion comics series because everyone apparently came to an agreement that this is meant to be shown visually in another medium because it's just that damn riveting I recommend for you to check out said motions comics yourself which has copies online As I finish this review I literally can't think of a single disappointing thing about this series Well except for the Giant Size's ending concerning Kitty Pryde but even that wasn't enough to lessen my adoration for the entirety of the series I am still so duly impressed by the uality that Whedon has produced here This remains as a strong contribution to the X Men universe nonethelessOverall Joss Whedon's The Astonishing X Men has accomplished what it set out to do when it started to astonish the world A perfect mixture of sustainable action relentless twist and turns and resonant character insights and relationships this is a series that you will be a fool not to start reading at once The majority agrees that this is just bloody brilliant and a worthy addition to any fan's X Men collectionRECOMMENDED 1010DO READ MY REVIEWS AT

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    I've never been a big Joss Whedon fan boy I've never really understood the hype But after reading thisman he can write a mean X men story It can be tricky writing for the X Men especially these days with tracking so many characters and trying to keep it fresh and interesting but Whedon does an skillful job here in this 25 issue run that he had with the heroesWhedon shows a real love for the characters here and the book features some of the most creative seuences I've seen in an X Men tale Whedon takes these well known characters consolidates all of their best attributes and lets it all fly in this epic story He not only has a great sensitivity to each X Man's personality but he takes their specific powers and explores all of the possible ways to showcase them leading to massively entertaining seuences One great example is the way the book shows how powerful skilled psychics can be especially in the amazing seuence in the third volume Torn when the mansion is attacked by the Hellfire Club and telepathically manipulated by Cassandra Nova and Negasonic Teenage WarheadYou can also tell the love that Whedon as with many other writers has for Kitty Pryde Shadowcat She has many fans but Whedon really showcases all of the aspects of her powers here and it's all very fascinating What happens when Kitty has an orgasm? One of the reasons why the X Men are some of my favorite heroes to read is because of the specificity of their individual powers so I had a blast with all these little moments And the book also features one of the coolest character entrances ever with the appearance of ColossusAnd of course the witty dialogue and entertaining set pieces that Whedon is known for is on full display here showing that he might be one of the best candidates to tell superhero stories which he's proven here and with his popularity with the big superhero movie franchises And with this book run he set a good standard for X Men storytelling

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    Growing up in the 90s comics weren't really my thing so my love of superheroes came from the cartoons such as Bruce Timm's Batman The Animated Series and of course X Men Following the release of the average but somewhat disappointing threeuel of the X Men film franchise when I really start getting into comics I was recommended Astonishing X Men by Buffy creator Joss Whedon and Planetary artist John Cassaday Years later I got the omnibus which covers the entire run which is so far the only X Men run I've read so far Following Grant Morrison's New X Men Whedon takes what Morrison had established in the X world such as its characters and creates four distinctive story arcs in which Whedon and Cassaday make these characters their own Instead of doing the run through of the whole series I'll briefly tell you about the first arc Gifted When Kitty Pryde returns to the X Mansion as both teacher and X Man a mutant cure has been found which puts pressure on the mutant kind as well as some members of the X Men while an evil alien comes to Earth and wreaks havocWhile the plot of the mutant cure inspired X Men The Last Stand what Astonishing achieves at is the character dynamics through Whedon's witty dialogue as the heroic mutants are in conflict with one another whether it is about the cure or the teamwork they have to provide With Gifted as well as the other story arcs Whedon doesn't take things too seriously and like his cinematic Avengers the writer finds humour in places you don't expect with dialogue that very subtly references pop culture like Harry Potter Not perfect by any means as some of the ideas such as in the second arc Dangerous which deals with artificial intelligence are over emphasized so at times the story lacks action However whatever flaws this series has are minor due to the fun interactions by the X Men and their young students As we get to see a dysfunctional but moving romance between the team leader Cyclops and the former villainess Emma Frost while Wolverine isn't always the centre of things but does get his cool moments the true star of the series is Kitty Pryde who inspired Whedon's own creation of Buffy Summers as she is the youngest of the X Men but manages to stand up and phases against even a bitch like Emma Frost At its most moving moments is the relationship between Kitty and Colossus and despite their differences together they found loveAccompanying the great writing by Whedon is John Cassaday's beautiful artwork which mostly allows wide panels that give the action a very cinematic look with special plaudits to colorist Laura Martin During the publication of the series when they were monthly issues but due to Cassaday's attention to detail with his art the series went through several delays which was subjected to criticism However once reading the series and look at the realistic illustrations of the characters and the epic locations you can forgive a delay or two as you are instantly in love with the work of Mr CassadayWith this omnibus you get a set of pages known as X Men 101 which goes through the whole history of the X Men since their introduction in 1963; as well as the humourous emails between Whedon and the Marvel publishers As a fan of the X Men from the 90s TV animated series and the current film franchise Astonishing X Men by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday was for me a great introduction to the heroic mutants in comic book form If you were a fan of Whedon's spectacularly fun extravaganza of The Avengers this book was instant proof that the writer is Marvel's golden boy

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    This was a great X Men run so glad Marvel reprinted it Really great moments with Kitty Emma and I liked seeing the origins of Armor Would definitely recommend this to X Men fans or those looking to get into the group Would almost argue it’s better or at the very least coherent that Morrison’s previous run

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    A wonderful depiction of the X folks from Buffy's Whedon and Wizard magazine's Cassaday A surprise return numerous surprise enemies great art Brand and SWORD and an unbelievable exemption from all of Marvel's events that's right no crossoversI can never decided which I prefer Morrison's or Whedon's run and it always comes down to Morrison's series says FU to Marvel tradition continuity and 'rules' and was near genius; whereas Whedon's uses Marvel tradition continuity and 'rules' and still makes a near genius series Yes my answer is Astonishing A firm 9 out of 12 making it one of my rare FIVE STARS reads

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    I believe any fan of the Astonishing X Men line of comics will enjoy this colourful omibus regardless as to whether or not you've read any individual stories The plot is on the whole typical X Men brilliance with sacrifices psychic twists mixed agendas and a threat to the world There are many familiar faces in this book as well as a few new faces Fans will appreciate Emma Frost Cyclops Wolverine no X Men comic can go without Wolverine Kitty Pryde Colossus and even an appearance from Professor X And the artwork which was lush and vibrant really helped characterise them and bring them to lifeOf course this wasn't the perfect graphic novel selection There were a few moments where the book either seemed to go off on a tangent And there were moments where it would wander into the real of Deus Ex Machina and I would go Oh okayyeah noas ifStill the talents of Joss Whedon's writing are fully displayed for all to see And for those with no idea who he is shame on you I'll have to unleash some of Stephen's lightning down upon you He's only the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel Firefly and the directorwriter of the upcoming Avengers film And his full creative prowess here introduces new characters writes the old characters lovingly and provides a brilliant few closing linesI would say that this is one of the better X Men storylines I've read I'd already read the 'Dangerous' arc which ties into everything else but yet was impressed by how I could enjoy that stand alone and yet it linked back into a far grand and sweeping plotIf you enjoy your X Men graphic novels with some colour and interesting stories read this If you're interested in checking out the X Men read this it does start with an 'all you need to know' If you're interested read this In short just read this

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    This was a great read I spread it out over a week but it can certainly be done in a day's time Having a basic knowledge of X Men mythos would be great for this but there is a wonderful intro explaining everything you needed to know from over 500 issues of comics that preceded the story hereI really enjoyed the story and art Already a big fan of Whedon's work with Buffy and Angel I was planning to love the story humour snappy remarks and deep narrative that he gives through all his work The art was beautifully crisp and colourful and the perfect combination to the feel of the story The story takes place after Genosha's destruction just as good ol' Cyclops takes the helm the choices for villain's were excellent and I loved how strong and vulnerable the X Men were throughout; the chance for failure was there and that's what grounded the story for meThe Omnibus has become scarce nowadays and I was luck to grab a copy at a reasonable price; if you can manage to find one I'd the oversized trim is worth the extra money over the paperback; especially for the Giant Size comic that closes out this series