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Once upon a time Jessica Jone was a costumed superhero But not a very good one Now a chain smoking self destructive alcoholic who is the owner and sole employee of a private investigations firm specialising in superhuman cases When she exposes one hero's identity her life becomes expendable

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    Four stars AKA I really liked This TPB collected the comic book issues #1 9 of “Jessica Jones Alias”Creative TeamWriter Brian Michael BendisIllustrators Michael Gaydos with Bill Sienkiewicz “Sidekick” sections David Mack cover COMICS FOR ADULTS It’s funny how comic books or any other format to tell a story is “made for adults” if there are f words smocking sexual scenes sexual preferences nudes etc even if they aren’t necessary to tell that storyI remember that when I was a kid I watched basically the same TV shows than my parents but now I honestly don’t know what TV shows can watch kids different than the kiddie stuff in the cable channels designed to show that Maybe not all but a large uantity of TV shows always have here and there some of the mentioned “taboo” elements making that kids not being able to watch those TV shows I don’t know in what state of mind the nowadays kids will grow up if they pass their childhood only watching talking trains dancing dinosaurs and retarted colorful beingsSure maybe TV shows like Airwolf Knight Rider and The A Team weren’t exactly proper conduct guiding programs to become a productive adult but a lot of fun but along with those I was able to watch also The Little House in the Prairie Eight is Enough and Highway to Heaven full of timeless lessons about life Back then I think that any kid can watch any TV showbut now? In the uest of “ matured series” almost any successful TV show includes various of the already mentioned elements making them “exclusive for adults” I noticed the same tendency in many films in the latest years curiously enough in those selected for the Oscars where you are watching a good story that anybody not matter the age should watch BUT since the production decided to include some of the already mentioned elements the kids will have to wait 10 years to watch those films that ironically most likely they won’t want to watch since by then those movies will be “something too old” for them A shameCertainly some stories need to present some or several of those elements but honestly I think that in many cases they aren’t necessary they only put them there “to be taken seriously” by the critics Adulthood isn’t a “licence to live la vida loca” it’s just another phase in life with its own priorities and responsabilities so I believe that it’s laughable to think that a story magically is “made for adults” only because they insert taboo topics in the middle of a story that isn’t directly related to any of those elementsI wouldn’t be surprised if many kids think that we adults are just a bunch a foul mouthed vicious perverts since almost all the material labeled as “recommended only for adult audiences” are full of drugs sex and profanity I am not a prude far FAR from it I am just saying that writers in any media format should ponder how really indispensable is to add a “taboo topic” in their storiesAnd believe it or not I am reaching my point hereThis first volume of Jessica Jones Alias is a really smart tale but it’s funny and not in the ha ha sense that you find a “Explicit Content” label on the cover along with the fact that the title is part of the “MAX” line of Marvel Comics designed to tell stories for “mature readers” that they can’t tell in its regular titles only becauseyes you guessed rightyou happen to find f words smocking sexual scenes sexual preferences nudesKids are smarter than you think and most of them can understand and enjoy stories like this one if you don’t intentionally make “forbidden” to read them just because they contain “adult elements” JESSICA JONES V JESSICA JONES DAWN OF MEDIA I bought this TPB because I watched the first season of Jessica Jones in NetflixYes the TV series also has all those wonderful “adult elements” Honestly I don’t know what decent TV show the kids can watch these days in the TV adaptation you have a LOT of sex and even fighting scenes than in the comic book at least in this first TPBJessica’s background is kinda different here that obviously is the original one since in the TV show she is an orphan that she was adopted later and that it’s a major issue in the storyline In the comic book she is an orphan adopted by Mr Jones and Mrs Jones so in the comic “Jones” is her adopted last name while in the TV series her “real last name” is Jones While in the TV series you have some very few characters from the Marvel Universe as support cast to Jessica Jones there is uite limited However in the comic book you have a lot presence of many relevant characters from the Marvel Universe And cool enough some of those appearances aren’t what you normally expected Jessica Jones has powers super strength and limited flight In the comic book she was once a super heroine named “Jewel” and even she had “contact” with The Avengers but her times of costumes are gone and now she makes a living as a private detective having her own agency “Alias Investigations” In the TV show it’s not clear if she spared some time in costume definitely she doesn’t met any Avenger but she is a private detective alrightYou won’t meet the main villain of the TV series Killgrave in the first TPB I understand that he will appear alright but in further volumes of the title BUT I believe that there is a small “cameo” if you know what to look and having the help of having watched the TV series and being aware of his “super villain” codenameSo while in the TV series Jessica Jones is dealing with the resurfacing of Killgrave and the dangers of his powers In the first volume of the comic book she investigates two different cases involving in an indirectly way the super hero community of Marvel’s New YorkFinally the TV series is a solid product with a good cast but I think that a whole season 13 episodes with only one villain was kinda tedious and don’t take me wrong it was a really good season but I think it could a lot better with villains andor separate cases involved In the comic book you have two different cases but I felt that Jessica was fooled too easy too often which isn’t a situation that you want to read about the lead character and about the first case it evolves in something so big way out of Jessica’s level needing too much help of others another situation that you don’t want to read about a lead character in her own solo title being not a team titleHowever this TPB is still a really good reading showing a very different face of the Marvel Universe I hope to read the rest of the run in the near future

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    This was a softer Jessica than I was expecting I mean I've read stuff with her in it before but I've never been able to get my hands on the original MAX title Alias I guess I thought she would be darker than she was?And yeah this is a dirtygritty version of the Marvel world and Jessica has her issues but this version of her is far less annoying and angry than her tv counterpartAnyway There wasn't really anything super special happening She gets caught up in a few cases that involve superheroes Captain America Rick Jones Daredevil but the big names are sort of a backdrop for whatever she's investigating Definitely not a capes n tights bookI didn't care for the art all that much The style went well with the dirty life of a gumshoe sort of tale Bendis was spinning but it wasn't all that pretty to look at and the faces took on a thickgummy uality in some scenesOverall I really enjoyed it though It felt like her story could happen You know if the 616 universe was a real place and all

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    A hard drinking private eye whose cases become explorations of the dark side of human nature is a character concept that has become a cliché of crime fiction Ah but what if the detective is a woman who used to be a superhero? Now you’ve really got my attention Jessica Jones used to go by the name of Jewel when she hung around with people like the Avengers but despite super strength and the ability to fly Sort of she never really felt like one of them and eventually hung up her spandex But a gal’s gotta eat and booze cost money so she tries to earn a living by getting the dirt on cheating spouses or locating people who don’t want to be found Despite her best efforts to leave her old life behind she gets a couple of cases that force her to deal with superheroes again when she accidently ends up with evidence of a famous costumed crime fighter's secret identity and looks for a missing Rick Jones who is an old buddy of the Hulk’sOne of the interesting aspects of a long running fictional setting like the Marvel universe is that it offers opportunities to explore different parts and ideas of it We’ve seen superheroes by the dozen in this world but with Jessica we get answers to interesting uestions we haven’t thought to ask What if everyone with powers isn’t cut out for wearing tights and punching bad guys? How do they deal with that realization? What do they do with their lives after that? How do you turn your back on abilities most people would love to have? Long time comic readers or people who have watched the Netflix TV series know that there are some dark reasons behind Jessica’s choices but we aren’t there yet in this volume Fans of the show might be shocked that there’s no Killgrave here yet since he was the focus of most of the first season but what we do get is this damaged woman navigating a world that feels completely beyond her while trying to do the right thing as best she can That makes for a damn fine comic bookMy one complaint is that I’m not sure about the art It seems muddy and all the people including Jessica come across as kind of ugly and distorted That’s probably a deliberate choice to separate this from the traditional look where everyone is gorgeous and I’ve liked this style in other things I’ve read especially Sean Phillips’ work in books like Criminal However there’s something about it that doesn’t set uite right with me At least not yetFair warning that even though Jessica is a Marvel character this is one of those comics that is not for kids or the easily offended There's plenty of profanity sex and violence You know all the things that make life worth living

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    Does somebody want to finish watching the Jessica Jones Netflix series with me?My family has given up Boring they say Glacially paced Not enough actionCan’t stand the actress who plays Jessica although they did like her on Breaking BadI agree up to a point but I’ve got OCD so I have to finish watching the show and don’t feel like doing it by myself Stop your gd damn whining Jeff You big baby Just tell us what you thought of the comic It’s very good It’s a lot of thisbut Bendis is one of the best comic writers when it comes to natural nuanced and entertaining dialogue so it’s easy to absorbJessica Jones has super powers and was once a costumed hero – briefly a member of the Avengers around long enough to get a cup of coffee – “Light one sugar Jarvis” Now for REASONS she’s grinding it out as a private investigator Those reasons are explored as she goes about investigatin’ Bendis inches the reader along as he slowly unveils Jessica's characterTwo story arcs are contained herein Jessica gets played for a sucker in the first one and she’s hired to track down Rick Jones best pal to heroes in the second The Jones story puts the spotlight on the hangers on and fringe players in the superhero gameBottom Line Nice PI superhero blend or is it superhero PI Bendis and Mack get the noir aspects and the redundancy sadness anger and confusion of Jessica’s life spot onAnd it’s a fking Marvel MAX title so uh keep it away from the kids

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    Jessica Jones Alias # 1 by Brian Michael Bendis is a 2015 MAX publicationWhen I first started looking into Graphic novels everyone said I should try this series Knowing I like detective stories and crime novels this one did seem like it would be a good fit for me Not only that my husband liked ‘The Defenders’ and now he has used my new curiosity in this genre to rope me into watching the Jessica Jones Netflix series I was a little surprised to learn this series has been around for a lot longer than I thought This issue of Alias was released in 2015 by MAX but was originally published in 2002 Jessica has opened her own detective agency and is no longer a part of The Defenders However this not your typical detective story as Jessica specializes in superhuman cases In this first installment Jessica is hired to investigate a missing persons case Sounds like a typical case for a detective agency but Jessica is soon in over her head Along the way she uncovers a conspiracy and the true identity of a superhero Attempting to contact her client she discovers the woman has been murdered and Jessica could be the prime suspect At first I wasn’t uite sure what to make of the graphics finding the artwork grainy and ill defined compared the few other graphic novels comics and manga I have experimented with thus far By the time I got sucked into the story I began to understand the illustrations matched the grittiness and the atmosphere of the story I see why this series is so popular and yes this was a great starting point for me and my newly found interest in Graphic novels I’m looking forward to the next issue 4 stars

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    5 stars So I recently watched the Netflix show and loved it so much so I watched it twice in a row I had never heard of Jessica Jones before viewing and I wanted to know My local library had this series available and I took a chance and I fell in love with itAlias is about Jessica a former superhero named Jewel who is now a private investigator On her most recent case she is set up by her client to accidentally discover the secret identity of another superhero and it puts her life in danger and that's all I'll sayNormally when I read graphic novels I am a naughty reader and I skim Yes it's awful I know but I didn't skim once when reading this book I was enthralled from beginning until end I love the grittiness of Jessica's world and the mix of superhero and normalness Plus I love her attitude I will say the show spoiled me on romance with Jessica and Luke Cage because there was none of that in this We only got a glimpse of Luke and I didn't like what I met Onto the next book

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    After my second sitting through Jessica Jones I found myself jonesing for Jessica and I had this slow burn going on to read some of her comicsI'm glad I did I had a great time But at least for this volume it shares very little in common with the TV version beyond some iconic glass breaking and the profession and the alcoholism It's full of very interesting superhero mysteries though Shame on you Captain Both of you I shouldn't be so impressed with all the mature audiences kind of thing especially as it's all pretty understated and clever and cutting with or without tossing your salad I really really love Jessica She's flawed sure but she has some really weird groupies that make me want to protect her Badly Power man has nothing on me

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    Brian Michael Bendis first made a name for himself as a crimenoir writer then uickly moved on to the financially lucrative superhero genre My favorite Bendis stories are the ones that combine the two genres though as it's the blending of both that allows for the kind of witty meta commentary Bendis excels at My very favorite Bendis story has always been Alias probably because protagonist Jessica Jones perfectly plays to Bendis' strengths You see she used to be a superhero but is now rather embarrassed by the whole thing feels she never really fit in with the superhero crowd Just not me These days she tries to make ends meet as a private investigator specializing in superhuman cases Living on the margins of the superhero community she has lots of interesting off beat revealing things to say about superheroes but also about people like you and me

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    Jessica Jones used to be a superhero “Jewel” but she’s put the bright outfit away for a grunge y grrrl look and opened her own private detective business Alias Investigations While her cases are mostly cheating spouses her latest one sees her stumble across an iconic superhero’s secret identity unwittingly becoming a pawn in a larger political game involving a Presidential candidate The thing that struck me the most about this comic from 2001 is how poorly it’s aged The “secret” the first storyline revolves around is people not knowing Captain America is Steve Rogers Everyone’s known Steve is Cap for so long that I forgot that once upon a time it wasn’t common knowledge same as Iron Man was originally “Tony Stark’s bodyguard” Even uaint old Avengers Mansion is still a thing in this book But it’s also the tech that really dates this Steve checks his beeper Jessica uses a camcorder to record footage on a VHS tape a character uses what looks like a Palm Pilot while one character asks another if they have an email address Jessica poses as a gay dude in a chatroom for work reasons and then muses “I wonder if this is the first time in the history of the internet that a guy was speaking to a girl posing as a guy?” ahhh the innocence The book’s strength is also its weakness namely Brian Michael Bendis’ dialogue He must’ve really fancied himself as the comics Tarantino because he has his characters natter on and on and on about nothing with the occasional swear as this is a MAX title so much of the fucking time I’ll give him that there’s a flow to some of it that it sounds convincing and it’s sometimes interesting but there’s too goddamn much of it Just when the story starts picking up pace Bendis chucks in a ridiculously lengthy conversation full of repetitive redundant dialogue to slow everything down again I just know a better writer could’ve said just as much in less than half the waffle Bendis spouts And yet through all of the obnoxious amounts of dialogue and the nine issue length of this first volume roughly double the size of most Marvel books I didn’t really come to know Jessica’s character that well Why did she stop being a superhero? We’re told vaguely that she didn’t fit in or something but that’s it Why did she become a private detective? Eh – Bendis wanted to write a crime noir comic with a former superhero as the lead She just comes off as a depressed dull woman hardly a compelling protagonist The first story is an elaborate conspiracy mystery full of the usual twists you’d expect from the genre even the clichéd crooked politician trope is trotted out but the second was so very slight and overlong for what it was Four issues for that? Come on Bendis’ characters are just blathering on again stretching out nothing I didn’t really like Michael Gaydos’ ink heavy artwork or the way some of the characters rather than appear natural looked like gargoyles But the layouts of the book are really clever There’s a good mix here pages without dialogue pages stuffed to the gills with it wide panels splash pages tons of little panels repeated imagery negative space it’s a very creative way of engaging the reader and telling the storyThe first volume of Jessica Jones Alias is a decent detective comic fairly well executed in the classic noir style but with a girl detective Maybe if I’d come across this ten years ago possibly a bit I’d have been impressed with the rapid dialogue approach but I’m looking past it now and seeing a lot of extended scenes where there’s little else but the writer in love with hearing himself yammer on I can see why people like this one – it’s chatty accessible and breezy but the creative team’s style and aged flavour kept me from enjoying it as much; as it is it’s just an ok relic but not enticing enough to keep me reading the series

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    I feel like I have to point out that this is ten years old And aside from what's going on in the Marvel U around Jessica it hasn't aged a bit It's really amazing how fresh the storytelling and dialog still is a decade later The dialog in particular usually a strong point with Bendis is particularly natural I read this once before soon after it came out and I didn't really appreciate it then Maybe I just needed to have a better understanding of just how much this sticks out from the standard Marvel offering and not just because of the uncensored curses Or maybe my tastes just needed to mature a bit