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As The Townsfolk Of The Welsh Valley Town Of Llanelen Settle In For The Snowiest Winter In Twenty Five Years, An American Stranger Arrives Harry Saunders Charms The Ladies, One Of Them In Particular Evelyn Lloyd, The Town S Former Postmistress, Who Was Left Comfortably Off After The Death Of Her Husband After Mrs Lloyd Invests A Good Deal Of Money With Him, Harry Goes Missing, As Does Her Money His Body Is Soon Discovered Outside The Walls Of Conwy Castle, And Mrs Lloyd Is Implicated In The MurderAlthough Penny Brannigan And Her Business Partner, Victoria Hopkirk, Are Busy Overseeing The Grand Opening Of Their New Spa, That Doesn T Stop Mrs Lloyd From Desperately Seeking Penny S Help To Prove Her Innocence It S Quite Possible That Harry Made Other Enemies While In Llanelen And Penny S Investigation Unfolds While She Juggles Her Work At The Spa, Her Growing Relationship With Detective Inspector Davies, And The Christmas Window Competition That She Signed Up To JudgeWith A Killer S Christmas In Wales , Elizabeth J Duncan Delivers A Delightful Holiday Themed Mystery

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    I was excited to win this advance reading copy but when I got it and started , on a dark, gloomy morning the old jokey first line it was a dark and stormy night came to mind It started slowly and I might have quit but felt I wanted to be able to review it so I plodded through the first pages I am so glad I did This book was a warm, delightful blend of murder she wrote or the cat who books with the charm and wonderful characters of Rosamund Pilcher Once Into the story, I could not turn away Now I want to know about the characters and will be looking for the other books in the series and now I would love a chance to visit Wales Charming and highly recommended.

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    Read the advanced copy of this book and really enjoyed it This is the perfect book for those lovers of the whodunnit genre Also, I have always enjoyed reading stories where the backdrop is a foreign country, in this case the beautiful country of Wales Mingling the culture in the story line i.e, food, holiday traditions, etc makes the reader feel like a traveler After I finished the book I was looking forward for some mince pie and hot chocolate

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    Sometimes you just need a Murder She Wrote type book and this is one of those I really enjoyed cozying up with this book during the busy Christmas season I plan to read in this series.

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    I suppose I should start by saying this is the first book in the series that I ve read It was easy enough to get into and although a bit of the plot referred to previous events I didn t find it confusing Except Penny and Victoria s relationship puzzled me They re opening a business together but didn t seem to like each other much Unfortunately I didn t find the plot particularly interesting It s a quick read and the Welsh setting was nice there were a few words and phrases thrown in that I enjoyed Christmas was represented by snow and mince pies, but otherwise it wasn t much of a holiday story.The book jumped around between a number of POVs so that the MC didn t seem all that important till the end I never felt the characters came alive and it was hard to care much about any of them Other than hoping the scam artist would get what he deserved I didn t care who did it, either And in the end the solution was very quick and unremarkable and the killer s motivation didn t convince me at all I read it and thought seriously That s it So, though I might try another in the series some day, I won t be running out for them any time soon Too bad, I m always on the look out for cozies that aren t set in the US.

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    What is nicer than a Welsh village at Christmas time, where everybody knows one another and gathers to gossip and celebrate together Only a foreigner can break that peace of snow, carols and traditions, especially when he s a charming cheater who seduces lonely women and can provoke strong, negative feelings to the most sensitive, weaker ones Penny Brannigan, the heroine of this whodunit series, is just about to open her new spa when she gets involved into the murder investigation of such a man and at such a busy time, but she has to help her friends even if they re the very ones who raise a lot of doubts and suspicions in her.

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    I won this ARC through a giveaway here on Goodreads A Killer s Christmas In Wales by Elizabeth J Duncan 3rd in series The Synopsis As the townsfolk of the Welsh valley town of Llanelen settle in for the snowiest winter in 25 years, an American stranger arrives Harry Saunders charms the ladies and one in particular Evelyn Lloyd, the town s former post mistress who was left comfortably off after the death of her husband Harry convinces Mrs Lloyd to invest money with him Then he goes missing, as does her money His body is soon discovered outside the walls of Conwy Castle, a letter opener belonging to Mrs Lloyd in his back.Penny Brannigan is busy with the grand opening of her new spa, but that doesn t stop Mrs Lloyd from desperately seeking her help to prove her innocence My review As indicated, I won this book in a giveaway here on the site It is not a typical read for me, as I normally don t have the patience to read straight mystery However, the combination of the English village setting and the Christmas holidays theme enticed me into giving this a try.I know there are a great many people that enjoy these cozy, small town mysteries, and I honestly hoped to be one of them I will say that I am certain there is a built in audience for this series, and I have no doubt this book will be an all around winner with them Sadly, for me, that wasn t the case It wasn t a bad read, but it wasn t a terribly good read either The characters simply did not engage me Though I believe this was set in the present, the writing seemed terribly old fashioned to me To be very frank, I was bored I don t like to say that, but it s the honest truth.For those already loving this series, please, carry on My opinion won t, and shouldn t, sway you For those of you undecided Well, give it a try You never know until you do.

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    The heroine in this book Penny Brannigan, borders on being one of those TSTL cozy heroines She s restrained in this book, which leads me to be accepting of her small lapses in this book She does seem to get sidetracked into investigating the murder of a con man that came to town and neglecting her duties in the new spa she and her partner are opening But at least she doesn t just go off an interrogate everyone she suspects and doesn t put herself in what could be perilous situations She does end up being in a very perilous situation in this book, but at least its not a situation she rushes into as part of her investigation Peggy is an seasoned woman in her 50 s and I do enjoy her continued romance and friendship with the local police official He does seem to accept and welcome her insights and help They seem to have a mature and solid relationship and its hinted that it s heating up a bit in this book.For what I would characterize as a cozy mystery, this is on the high end of the scale A light, easy read, but without the recklessness and stupidity that seems to be in most cozies.

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    A Killer s Christmas in Wales is the third book in the series, but the first I have read The Christmassy village is described as the archetypal Welsh village in winter I was in Christmas heaven as the whodunit was played against a background of Christmas activities So much everyday detail cups of tea, decorated shop windows, holly berries, a village play yet the detail was not so great that your eyes glaze over in the minutia The person who was murdered was dispatched in a satisfactory manner stabbed and pushed off a wall in a castle ruin and the main suspect had every reason to kill When the murderer was revealed I was taken by surprise, but it all made sense The investigation took place with good humour, a sense of menace as the truth was about to come out, and a little bit of romance between the village policeman and the amateur sleuth All in all a lovely Christmas mystery

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    I really enjoyed visiting with Penny in her cozy little town in Wales She is in the process of opening her new spa when a new man in town raises eyebrows by getting close to an older woman When he is found dead, and his lady friend is implicated, Penny does what she can to crack the case This book was Christmas cozy, wintry, snowy and fun I loved it