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The armies of Persia a vast horde greater than any the world has ever known are poised to crush Greece an island of reason and freedom in a sea of madness and tyranny Standing between Greece and this tidal wave of destruction are a tiny detachment of but three hundred warriors Frank Miller's epic retelling of history's supreme moment of battlefield valor is finally collected in a glorious hardcover volume in its intended format each two page spread from the original comics is presented as a single undivided pageCollects 300 #1 5

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    A 85% | Extraordinary Notes Served up raw and bloody it’s red meat course to course a stew of myth in verve and pith an ambrosial tour de force

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    Are you ready for the 88 page long epic graphic novel inspired by the most famous historic last stand?Ahoo Ahoo Ahoo I hope everyone here chanted that with me Into the hell's mouth we march Set in 480 BC Frank Miller's 300 retells the battle of Thermopylae a battle that raged between 300 Spartans and allied forces against the full strength of Persian army And what a battle it wasThis limited graphic series is considered as one of the most acclaimed works of Frank Miller You'd know why that particular opinion persists when you read this book The story is so well written and you could actually feel the energy flowing through the words when you read the story The art is also beautiful in many panels But some were just average for meWe all love the movie 300 And now I can state confidently that the movie is one hell of an adaptation of its source material The movie not only absorbs the story faithfully but also manages to transcend the source material in many partsOverall if you are looking for something energetic Read this bookOnce again together now

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    Violent but gorgeous 300 is a fantastic comic book based in the doomed mission of the Spartans against the Persians Frank Miller brings his uniue style mostly known to me at least from the masterful Batman The Dark Knight Returns and illustrates the legendary world from over 2000 years ago with panache There was of course also an epic film inspired by this modern classic

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    As with many comics and graphic novels I've seen the movie before I read the book But despite the extreme pathos the floods of blood body parts and the ridiculous make upCGI abs I liked it Thus I wanted to read the graphic novelThe book is pretty short but it also has just the right length It's not historically accurate but I also didn't expect that since its purpose rather is to entertain shock corpses nudity and give a new coating to an already very well known point in historyThe art in this is gritty but beautiful Before seeing the movie I hadn't seen this style before what with the brownish colours everywhere and bright red as a shock alas since then many have copied it but this will always be the first and therefore original to me There was little enough dialogue Instead we are being told a story a tale as told by the one Spartan who was sent back and I can imagine telling this tale around a campfire That was a rather nice touch as well Plus the book had as I had hoped my two favourite scenes in itSo yeah despite the historical inaccuracies and the thick coat of pathos everywhere I enjoyed myself very much and understand why Frank Miller's work usually gets a lot of praise

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    45 stars Persians gasp and groan and gurgle and scream and stumble and tumble and fall Brains splattering across briny stone We Spartans laugh like fools and keep pushing No prisoners No mercy We're off to one hell of a good start King Leonides commenting on 'The First Day'Powerfully lean and mean just like the warriors of the title graphic novella epic is that even a thing? that is hyper violent but also ruggedly stylish Leonides and his trusted Spartan battalion are all that stand in the way of the waves of military forces invading the enlightened ancient nation of Greece Lots of crazy warfare scenes severed limbs and appendages than you can throw a javelin at along with terse but well written dialogue a tour de force from the talented Mr Miller

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    Spartans Tonight we dine in hell The original graphic novel that inpired the movie of the same name Graphics are amazing uniue and pioneer for their time; too brutal and too tale like Lines are as spartan like as they should be το λακωνίζειν εστί φιλοσοφείν talk as less as you can to be wise is the moto of these soldiers that fear nothing even death himself Η ταν ή επί τας come carrying this shield or be brought up to it is the other hesitate in front of no enemy moto Spartans and their sacrifice still inspires in many forms of art The graphic novel itself inspired cinematography for a new animation like CGI like Spartakos

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    I prefer to die on my feetthan live on my kneesEver since I've seen the movie adaptation of 300 LONG time ago I've been wanting to read the graphic novel and now I finally got a chance to read it I loved the movie adaptation of this I even liked the seuel and now that I finally read the graphic novel I can safely say that I loved the graphic novel as well I loved the art style the way the story was told and of course the characters But I have to say even though I loved the graphic novel I still like the movie a bit The reason for that is probably because every single bit of the graphic novel was in a movie but the movie just expanded the story Sometimes that can be a bad thing but here it made the story deeper and awesome

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    Though I'm a Frank Miller fan back in 2006 I somehow hadn't heard of his book 300 so I went to see Zack Snyder's film first and it completely blew me away Maybe because I hadn't read Miller's book or seen anything about the film beforehand but the film was shot in such a highly stylised way and the story was so utterly engrossing that I couldn't get it out of my head and is probably one of my favourite films ever Needless to say once I found out it was based on Miller's book I sought it out and devoured it in one sitting Years later I sat down with it again one rainy Saturday morning and after re reading it I decided to set down my thoughts to encourage anyone out there reading this review who hasn't read this book to go out and read it nowThe story is set in 480 BCE and is about King Leonidas of Sparta and 300 of his personal guard standing up to a massive Persian army many thousands strong led by the self proclaimed god king Xerxes What looks like a massacre based on figures alone changes when Leonidas chooses a narrow coastal passageway called the Hot Gates as the place he and his men will make their last stand They will die but not without taking a fair chunk out of Xerxes' force causing his army to stumble in their mission to dominate the civilised world and inspire others to oppose and eventually defeat Xerxes The story is ripe for drama and Miller milks it for all its worth setting up each of the five chapters perfectly so that not a single panel is wasted The dialogue is so memorable a lot of it was lifted straight from the book into the film This is blasphemy This is madness This is SPARTA Spartan Come back with your shield or on it Spartans Ready your breakfast and eat hearty for tonight we dine in Hell and so on There are so many excellent passages like when the Spartans meet up with the Arcadians or Leonidas' confrontation with Xerxes that the words will ring through your mind long after you’ve read it in my case years laterThen there's the art If like me you were blown away by the visuals in the film it's only because so many of the iconic scenes were taken straight from the book and Miller's imagination Every page is a master class in comics artistry from the night battle with the Immortals to the dance of the Oracle to the bottomless pit in Sparta to Xerxes' character design and the Spartans' iconic red cloaks bronze shields and helmets The book is printed on A4 pages with many panels taking up an entire page Miller doesn't waste a single inch of space filling it up with detail and action while his partner Lynn Varley elevates it with her colours to produce some of the most gorgeous art Miller has ever crafted in his career300 is an incredible accomplishment of art and storytelling and is one of the many reasons why Frank Miller is so revered in the literary world It's as exhilarating to read on the page as it is to see on the screen and the art is to die for I recommend this whole heartedly to anyone who enjoys to read but especially to comics fans who've not picked this up yet This is an amazing book this is a work of art THIS IS MILLER at his finest

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    Christ This is crazy Sparta's described as having this nightmarish culture where children are left out to die of exposure men are ritually abused by each other to demonstrate toughness the disabled are rejected in spite of their potential skills because they fail to fit into the military system and international law is null and void this is madness No one kills a messenger This is SpartaAnd yet Frank Miller would have us believe they're better than the cultured Athenians who're habitually described as boy lovers in spite of the Spartans being big macho maries themselves that they can rationally reject their religion the priests are painted as corrupt and that what they're fighting for in their battle against the Persians is WESTERN CIVILISATION ITSELFIn the end the invading Persians who offer to enrich Sparta in exchange for her vassalship sound a lot like today's America And the Spartans look a lot like today's Iran proud and smart enough to develop nuclear capability and cunning enough to abuse a few British sailors for the sake of political advantageHowever the stupid Americentric wankfest does read well shrug

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    The effort by Dark Horse Comics to make this hardcover edition of Frank Miller's 300 into a panoramic edition is appreciated This was the way Miller intended as the individual issues or floppies were a 2 page splash from start to finishMy only gripe is I cannot display it spine first on my shelf with my other Miller works But a great read nonetheless